Friday 2 March 2012

The Devil's Christian Departments

by Chris Welch on Friday, 2 March 2012 at 12:34 ·
There are 2 Devil departments subtitled Church and Associated bamboozlements.
In department one they are skilled in the endless rehearsal of sin and a fake Cross. Here they install either a visual Cross, or in the newer churches a mental one, set out tons of chairs for people and demons, kick back their shoes after a hard day's luring, and watch videoplaybacks of their activities, deriving double the Schadenfreude(a great german word to describe joy at someone's pain). They really get off on our pain.

Down the hallway is another department where there is gospel without any Cross. This takes two or three main forms. Either modernist denominational churches which have no need for the Cross . None of the clergy are born again at all. Then there's the FGBMFI type gatherings which spell out the Baptism in the Spirit and getting fresh believers in, but the gospel that is preached is not the one in the Bible which says unless a seed fall into the ground it remains alone.This is similar to the gospel online which preaches returning to our authenticity, but does not spell out clearly the exchange that took place on the Cross, in case it puts people off, and which may or may not include the experience of the baptism in the Spirit.
The demons in this department have more patience than the kiss me quick demons in the other room. They are equivalent to long term investors. So they are not going for the instant pleasure of daily video reruns of shame, they are incredibly evil. By pushing a complete Crossless gospel, they set their watches, biding their time until the incredible multiple agonies of family breakdowns, divorces, suicides, acute stress and brokenheart related illnesses...because, again nothing ever changes in people's lives.
Both departments ABSOLUTELY hate Jesus actual ministry of the total exchange at the Cross coupled with Divine Anointing in the genuine Holy Spirit. A good example is when Legion was cast out by Jesus from the madman at the tombs. He was found later fully restored in his right mind.
What both departments absolutely insist on is that no person in its charge should ever be found totally restored and in their right mind. They should on no account "catch hold of" : For this purpose was Jesus made manifest , to destroy ALL the works of the evil one. If it 's a choice between this and healing someone's legs in a FGMFI meeting, they will reluctantly let go of the legs, as long as the whole of the rest of someone's internal parts remain in Darkness, which they can pull into torment another "Religious Cross -filled" or "Cross less day".
In no way must any human trespass anywhere near the No Go zone of Genesis 3. And corporately, anywhere near the True Jews, since that spells the end of death on planet earth. For this purpose a complete decoy department has been set up of Caballist Jews, directly under Lucifer's command himself, to make sure no gospel gets anywhere near the God fearing Jew.
For this reason do the Caballist Jews take command of half the world's money through banking,all major commerce, military and government. They also fully fund and undergird the adoption of a Crossless Christianity, and if not that at least a Religious Cross, which more resembles water revolving around a bath plughole, leaving every person more bereft than when they entered church.
(And yes I do vaguely remember something about the Screwtape letters by CS Lewis)
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