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Job's Bold Stance

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Job's was a bold stance : In my flesh I shall see God. And because of Job chapter one I am seeing more and more the link with the Ephesians phrase 3:10 that the manifold wisdom of God now be made known to the principalities and powers.

1.A wager in heaven.
2.Saints throughout history who like Job, have taken this bold stance, and been given entrance to the line of the Messiah, and consequently His book. And found themselves making known the manifold wisdom.What manifold wisdom?
The wisdom of an administration of a mystery, verse 9, which for ages has been hidden in God.

What is an administration?
NHS is an administration in the UK of Government funded healthcare. From the payment of all the "suppliers" of care, supplies of materials,suppliers of infrastructure : purpose built buildings and maintenance down to those who maintain the systems that run everything. The whole package is the administration.If the end goal of the above is healthcare, what is God's end goal?  The reproduction of Himself in human form. In My flesh I shall see God. So on earth what is the administration?

In the Old Testament, and sadly most of the last 2000 years, the administration has involved the preparing of individuals who carry the Divine Seed through to their nations and on through the generations. The sad bit, is that the administration is built into God's idea of church,and real church is so little known. A Kingdom of priests after the Order of Melchizedek.People without Spirit of God eyesalve will read church administration in the same way IBM reads IBM administration, just with more churchy bits.God calls His administration something different.
It is the Divine process by which claypots of practically no strength at all, are made into Dwelling Places of the Most High God.  Unlike supermen, they can , like Jesus, be surrounded, and strung up on a Cross, and they really bleed and die. But it is still God in their form being put to death. And the corresponding results of any intercession, not just death,are MIGHTY, not because of the pot, but because of the INDWELLER.

The Net
The Net for me is incredibly stretching, because so many people are speaking incredible revelations from God, but on the other hand they go onto say things I dont find anywhere in scripture. For example, that the devil does not exist.
If the devil does not exist, you have to impugn and slur the wonderful creation of God with crimes of origination, like burning humans in ovens, like putting Jesus the Son of God to death, and you have to find a reason why Jesus was left alone for 30 years, but the instant He was baptised in the Spirit all hell broke loose to try and destroy Him.The devil does exist, and although it is not openly stated, he has made some kind of wager with God, that God cannot by His Word alone raise up a generation that will run him off the earth. The Church itself, like a seed, since Christ came,has gone into the Earth and died. Once in a big way, such that at its lowest point Martin Luther had to remind people of the most basic of all redemptive facts. that Salvation is not of works but it is a gift of faith.But again and again since, the world has assumed the death of the church, then it comes back even stronger from nowhere, with YET MORE strength and revelation from the Heavenly Tabernacle template!!!This happened in my teens, and in another cycle is happening right now across the Earth, even here online.One of the other things I do not buy from the "grace movement" is some kind of inferiority of Old Testament figures. These statements are made by people that do not understand the Eternal Now. The administration I have described above, God's administration, can clearly be seen in many many stories. Moses,Jacob, David to name a few. Norman Grubb did talks outlining the three stages of growth in all these believers.You see the ADMINISTRATION of the Glory of God in Man involves 3 perfectly aligned and Spirit organised stages of growth. Key church people can kick up fuss all they want, but they just continue to express their ignorance.Now continuing into the last 2000 years, because we are rebellious and hard of hearing, the DIVINE ADMINISTRATION  has continued externally and internally upon a believer, largely still in INDIVIDUAL FORM.But the plan of God is not that. The Administration of God is Church, but absolutlely NOT in Chutch as we know it and have experienced it. Church that has had Divine seed laid in it by people willing to work with the administration of God on earth as eunuchs for the Kingdom, as midwives. The Administration of IN MY FLESH I SHALL SEE GOD.

It involves: Not by Might nor by Power but by My Spirit says the Lord.
It involves the full revelation of what it is to move as Kings and priests in the Order of Melchizedek.

To such are given the participation of the admistration of the bringing forth of God Himself in flesh.
Anything else is NOT GOD's SEED, nor HIS ADMINISTRATION.  The message of the True Gospel is really quite particular and lacking in fulness in many here on the net.
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