Thursday 3 January 2013

Eyes Wide Shut

ALL WRONG ON THE EARTH is in these words "then were the eyes of Adam and Eve opened."
What eyes?
I used to think it was at our centre. Or in our conscious thinking.Unfortunately it's subconscious, somewhere in between the two. And we are the last to know about it. But it is no less real. It powers our entire life. It is that portion of our life , that like a cancerous tumour, is like a God-given part of us that has overexpanded falsely to become a useless ugly clump, yet it draws all evil upon us, from getting us to do all kinds of wrong, to drawing the very thing we fear in towards us. Satan himself operates us from here. If we are Christians our actual identity has changed already at the centre of our being, but this area of false seeing which is above our real self,can literally continue for decades. Our best friends can often not tell us. Our parents probably already tried.
Now here's the thing. God's love ,Hesed and Agape (Hebrew and Greek)is covenantal. Marriage is covenantal.It is a love framework that is based on unconditional love. Churches are meant to have this love too, but they don't yet. Third Level Christianity is about Covenant Love. It is laid out in John 17:21 that they all may be one, as Thou Father [art] in me, and I in Thee; that they also in us may be one, that the world may believe that Thou didst send me.
Marriage need not be covenantal. A piece of paper doesn't necessarily change everything. But "Living together unmarried", where you haven't made a public commitment of any strength to each other at any time, may not be a covenantal framework strong enough to mutually provide unconditional love.
Whether married or single it's this cancerous seeing...this GOD PLUS SOMETHING "seeing" that causes all sin.
Covetousness is "seeing something as yours" that God isn't giving.
So is all theft. Adultery is theft.
Sin is doing something that the One Life that is in the Universe ISN'T doing. What actual LIFE is doing is what young people call "Keeping it real", and what Caribbeans call "that flows man".

Unfortunately if enough people have the same type of cancerous seeing, they begin to gain a momentum that has nothing to do with the LIFE of the Universe. Romans 12 says "Be not conformed to this world but be renewed according to the spirit of your minds."
Notice it doesn't say change your thoughts.
It says change the spirit driving those thoughts.
Change the subterranean thinking area. Where you are "seeing" more than God going on.

So there's two types of stilted behaviour going on.
There's a stilted behaviour that is a manipulation of what people "want" to happen, but God isn't actually doing it.
But there's a second type of JOLT which is where a person who IS living according to God's LIFE suddenly addresses your wrong seeing.

An alcoholic SEES "drink". Things get a bit stilted when someone who has spent years accommodating this illness suddenly addresses the other person and says...."You either get that alcohol problem sorted or I'm outta here."
The alcoholic gets quite shirty, because in his or her world they are seeing "DRINK" alongside everything else in their nice existence, but not taking into account the devastation caused in the trail of the effects of excess alcohol.

In churches we are currently addressing PYRAMID leadership, the carnal tradition that says that one man should be in charge of a church. We are also addressing the carnal notion inherited from Catholicism that God still demands a tithe for some non existant Levitical priesthood.

If we were just addressing ideas it would be a simple job. But these are not "ideas". They are the visible tip of two enormous interlocked icebergs underneath in the subconscious minds of Christians as to the very idea of what Christianity is and what a church is.

Those notions of false seeing are rooted in Satan himself. They are cancer within the church.

The New Covenant talks of GIVING but doesn't specify.
And All Ministry is to train and instruct people in Christ in Us the hope of Glory. How when and through whom is up to the Leader of the Church, Jesus Christ Himself. Elders are in the frame. Different ministry gifts are in the frame. But nowhere do we see one man at the top of a local or extralocal pyramid saying "this is my church". James seems to have been some administrative head in Jerusalem, but all the apostles went from house to house sharing.

The other way this subconscious false seeing affects churches is like this. Now you have all heard of builders trying to get their clients to rent another house, or get the lady of the house out of the way when they are renovating.
There are times when carers are lovely. There are times when carers are fascists . Ladies generally like clean tidy kitchens. Builders need to change electrics, lay floorboards,replace worktops, retile, put in walls, drill huge holes in things....everything these mums of the house hate. Yet to achieve the goal, they have to do it.

In the churches are caring pastor ministries who see primarily how things are on the surface...even if it's being sensitive to emotions and situations. They are made like that. That's what they do.
Prophets stare unblinkingly at the false areas of seeing in people and like looking at cancerous tumours, are well aware that if that person doesn't lose that false seeing pretty darned quick...then
churches split
people divorce
businesses fail
children are smashed up for life
people get sick......

Eventually, by knowing people long enough, pastors also learn this, but often it's by this time caused no end of trouble already . And the pastors shrug their shoulders in their non-committal fashion as they do, as if to say "What me guv" ...."I'm sorry, how was I to know...I just didn't know."

So like the building work, sometimes you have to send these fascist carers out, in order that the disruptions begin, as people get to grips with the hidden areas of "false seeing" in people's lives.'s the problem. You'd better be 100 % right in your prophetic seeing, or you're tearing at someone's TRUE CELLULAR makeup and not at CANCEROUS growth. And yes,immature ministeries do this. That's why there is a third level. So we are all mature doing what Christ in us does naturally.

We're going for every area of each of our lives where it's GOD PLUS SOMETHING.

Anybody can GIVE what they like voluntarily...anywhere from 0 to 100%. But it has to be voluntary.
Benny Hinn has no New Covenantal right to demand a tithe.
Because the New Covenant is free. You freely received you freely give.
If you teach to be a Christian you have to tithe, you are saying the same as to be a Christian you have to be circumcised.
You DON'T Have to ADD anything to the salvation you have in Jesus.
To Add any more is Jesus PLUS. Or GOD PLUS. It's cancer.
You are commanded to be baptised in water to TELL YOUR BODY what it's like to have gone into the grave with Jesus.
You are commanded to break bread and drink wine to tell your BODY what it is to take and eat and drink the very Body and Blood of Jesus. No, not transubstantiation. But to tell your body that right now in the heavenly places your own flesh and blood is right inside the actual flesh and blood of Christ in His resurrected form.
How can that be? I dunno. It's called the mystery of the Body of Christ!!!!

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