Sunday 20 January 2013

"Meer" History

History taught by secular people is hilarious in that they try to get the religious elements sorted, but really have no idea. The point is God is real. His presence is real, so when He moves He is frankly terrifying to a people who have put Him inside a cage marked God and "delusion".

 In Exodus 8:26 the people of God sacrificing to this real God were an abomination.It's not that the Egyptians didn't like it. They couldn't stand it.

TheIsraelites themselves were terrified by "God on the mountain". They said "Ummm..You go up Moses! We're staying right here." God only has to flick His fingernail and men are hiding under the bedcovers. He has slowly been revealing His Heavenly tabernacle.

 One tiny advance, and the people of my hometown Amersham were burning six Lollards at the stake. One tiny realisation that actually ummm we don't baptise infants according to the Bible....and the whole of England is in uproar screaming " NONCONFORMISTS!" Quakers weren't allowed near Oxford or Cambridge. Baptists were fenced off 100 metres from main thoroughfares!. Ummmm, but what had God done? Simply reminded man, that to enter into must be at least old enough to make a decision. And smoothing it over later with Confirmation....didn't count! God wants people to KNOW physically that they have passed from death to life...and the best, least traumatic way is WATER...because it...BENDS!!!!

So come the 20thCentury and by now we're starting to enter that bit of the heavenly sanctuary called the Holy Place by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. In other words rediscovering that Acts 2 never died. God gives His Holy Spirit so we might really really experience Him. Just this advance freaked out all the denominational churches everywhere who like frightened meercats ran for cover, isolating this new group as Pentecostals. Black Pentecostal music on the other hand got some of these meercats out of their wardrobes, as the music filtered trough via bordellos, and jazzclubs, into mainstream pop. The rest though still write worried notes on the internet in very authoritative tones as if they know what they are talking about.

 So incrementally, not to scare people off the planet, God cautiously uncovers the next bit of Jesus Christ. The Holiest Place. by now people are screaming "Stop Stop." This is Jesus Christ AS YOU.....Yes Little old YOU!!! The one that thought they were so far from God....but it's not true because that's ofcourse how powerful the BLOOD OF JESUS IS !!!! Including even David Starkey,Simon Sharma and yes, Richard Dawkins himself....all the secular movers and shakers trying madly to airbrush this LIVING GOD out of their imagination of what history should have been,if we were really independent souls, captains of our own destiny, deciding all our collective fates.....
when really history is about a collective bunch of scaredy cat meerkats...bumping around together in the curtains, and generally falling for every trick of war and politics and illusion that richer men dream up.

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  • Gail Cochrane Chris, you have such interesting thoughts. I wish Julian and I could sit down with you in person and have fellowship in Christ! I am sure we would learn so much from you!
  • Beloved Carol Grace Robinson The blind leading the blind?
  • Carolyn Graham Chris, no offense, but I don't think I'm "brilliant" enough to understand without really concentrating....I can see creativeness there, but my blonde brain is unable to fully appreciate. I feel like the kid with nose pressed against the glass. I know...I'm simply basic. My friend, Carol must have "gotten it"~or, maybe it's the meerkats~this girl DOES love the wildlife!
  • Colin Lagerwall Even if a droplet of water has been served up as a flake of snow on the highest mountain, and no matter how much it might think it is on it's own, it is still part of the Ocean ... (good thoughts Chris !)
    Those Surricates are so cute, unfortunately we don't have them in this area where we live, but we have had the pleasure of interacting with them when we traveled to a different part of SA
  • Chris Welch don't think I'd learn more from chatting with you two?
    Carolyn,in a nutshell history is taught as though we're evolving,so that makes us eminently better than those "poor geezers of yesteryear.The ones who believed in religion and God and th
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  • Colin Lagerwall Suricata suricatta is their official name, they are part of the mongoose family as opposed to the cat family (meerkat is their Afrikaans name, meaning lake-cat .. which is odd because they generally live in arid regions, and they are not part of the ca...See More
  • Chris Welch That's true Colin,isn't it.

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