Sunday 9 March 2014

Extract from a Charismatic Bible Handbook

This is a spoof but
Kenneth Copeland and  Rick Joyner are both encouraging people to join together with the Catholic pyramid structure under the Pope.

Addendum  My position
I am not in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
I am taking the role of the Angel with Joshua who asked him "Oy you , whose side are you on?" And the angel said "No." in reply to an either/or question.
I am taking the Shulammite position in Song of Songs 6:13 as she dances between two armies, two positions.
I am in the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ.

The protestant position is as useless as the catholic's position which is something Gerald Coates and George Tarleton were trying to get over in the 70s.

If we try to take up a permanent position like Jonah, and the other party changes and accepts the grace of God, who are we to stay weeping under a tree?

So I say to the Pope as I do to Kenneth Copeland, while you peddle 0 level,1st leveland 2nd level Christianity you have not even started to deal with the fly in the ointment, the leaven in the Bread, all the Genesis 3 curses which keep you behind the veil. Our message is the Body and the Blood of Jesus...but not as rite, but rather as lived and discussed in John 6 under anointing by Jesus...who caused the same offense that day too.

We do not connect with the Pope, with Rick Joyner, with Kenneth Copeland , with Chris Welch. We connect solely with Christ.
If my life is hidden with Christ in God you will bump into me there.
If their lives are hidden with Christ in God, you will bump into them there. But fixing an organisation down here and calling it the church, and especially adding military overtones, as do Catholics ,Anglicans,and Lutherans, is to erect a tombstone right there.

The Communist iron curtain did not fall because of some catholic militia, it fell without bloodshed because Polish Catholics and evangelicals had had enough, and were desperately connecting with the throne of God about it in their many prayer meetings, followed by subsequent peaceful solidarity protest.

I am Church and you are Church only just as long as you or I are in active connection to the Melchizedek Order, and like the servant in Psalm 123, watching keenly for the slightest motion of the hand of His Master.