Monday 31 March 2014

What really is choice?

Facebook Post by Mikkel Thomsen today

So this brings us to the fundamental principle of opposites which condition a person.....
We know and we desire and, 
as we are forever confronted by
we choose. 

Knowledge and desire
lead us to choice. 

The "autonomy of our freedom" is what the world today is so busy defending, 

yet that freedom 
involves the necessity
of making choices. 

We are free, but we must choose.

 Freedom is not some vague, windblown thing 
which floats about anywhere and everywhere.

 No, freedom must make choices. 

It exists to make choices, 
because life is only life
 by the interrelation of its opposites. 

Those who have tried to escape 
to what they conceive 
as ultimate freedom
by some mind-blowing drug 
only arrive at 

Life consists of making choices.
We have to choose. 
But the curious effect is 
that we are all slaves to our choices!
We choose to go to a meeting: 
we are taken over by the disciplines of that meeting. 

We choose a profession: 
we are taken over by the know-how of our profession. 

Our freedom has become a slavery! 
But because we freely choose, we enjoy our slavery.

So now we see that to be a person means we have desire and knowledge and will. 
Yes, we must make choices... and want always controls will.

from Chapter 4 Yes I am by Norman Grubb

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