Saturday 29 March 2014

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Chris Welch
Imagine how painful Peter James and John would find it relating the Transfiguration on Facebook. Half would claim they were trying to appear spiritual. Michael Hardin would call them gnostics. The scientists would all point to some illusory state caused by psychosis. How hard it has made things now everyone looks out of eyes which mirror bitter and hardened hearts.

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Michael O'Hara "Then answered Peter, and said to Jesus, 'Lord, it is good for us to be here online with you: if you will, let us build here three websites; one for you, and one for Moses, and one for Elijah."
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Chris Welch In Jesus day He had the overview to see He was building lives with Himself...not buildings. Is such a thing possible online? The disciples had all sorts of form of Word coming at them including ,where necessary rebuke....this generation online dont or ...See More
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Chris Welch In Jesus day He had the overview to see He was building lives with Himself...not buildings. Is such a thing possible online? The disciples had all sorts of form of Word coming at them including ,where necessary rebuke....this generation online dont or cant or perhaps are worth more than mere black and white anyway we're at an impasse. There is no church online....only a tarty community that tries to be nice to each other....but there is no thirdlevel church offline either yet. One is limited by the media. Offline is limited by paucity of mature Word that Jesus gave. And nope.. I currently have no answer. But clearly without worship and seeing each other move in that context any form of deeper relating is viewed as completely skewy..with a similar accuracy level of perception as an 8year old boy considering why he would ever kiss a girl and get married. People are visual and first Jesus then 12 disciples in Acts 2 modelled their believing......their new consciousness. Doesnt really work online
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Michael O'Hara It IS a "social media" and it's hard to escape that cultural atmosphere. I've been on a few subjects over the years whereby those on it seemed anointed and we sort of "clicked" but very few in many years. Sometimes we are called to speak word (s) and leave it there but we get pulled into a discussion and lose the clarity. (Heavens like Paul said "I am the chief of sinners" in that capacity.
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Chris Welch I have often compared this section of my life to Paul's time in the forum expounding "his gospel". He never did it that way again. I don't think I will. But what it gives you is an extreme crash course in how different people believe. None of us set out to start huge rucouses, we only see our corner on truth. Paul's corner on truth has outlasted every other historical empire as yet because 1. it plumbs the depth of who humans really are and who they are lays a foundation of Christ's actual Person and 3.the vehicle which is the only one sanctioned by God to properly propagate the message: THE CHURCH made up of local churches of sold out individuals to the grace of God.

Rich Novek
Your Word is a LAMP to my feet And a LIGHT to my path. Psalm 119:105

A lamp is not a flood light, neither is it a 100,000 candle power flashlight. Christ IN us as our lamp provides just enough light to our feet to take the next step.

How else would we ever know what it means to walk by (His) Faith and not our sight?

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Christie Trabazo Gibson Amen Amen & Amen
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Lori Rockriver Amen
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Merle Rutherfoord-Jones Love it Rich it makes such sense
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Breck Rubin To see Him leading the Way as Provider.
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Chris Welch Here's another difference. The reference to light in the gospels is the one about setting it on a is not to be hidden. Now in the Spirit I can see two completely different uses of the Light.
For one set of people it is all about having enough light in this world of darkness to be able to function in our agendas. Have a job,a good living, a good house, a good car, pay our taxes...some to relax with....and just to achieve these things requires some Light to get around with. This however is like using a lamppost to see up your driveway. if you are that worried about your driveway, I would suggest a houselight. At least that would be more honest.
The Light of God is a HIGHWAY. It is a HIGHWAY of HOLINESS.
The Light of God is to put out all Darkness on the Earth for all time.For this reason was the Son of God manifest to destroy all the works of the evil one."
It is a totally different agenda.
One person uses Light to just about get by.
The other person sees the Light and believes Jesus words
"The Gates of hell shall not prevail against my congregation."

While I was working this morning I had this phrase go through my brain
Church that satisfies all our homely requirements and keeps the ladies happy.
It is a totally different form of church to the one espoused in the book Wild At Heart by John Eldredge.
I think the Union Crowd are a bit of a Ladies Circle Church.
Fred Pruitt puts up a few roaring lion noises every so often.
I suppose many men long decided about Facebook as a social medium it is a ladies's domain and what else can be expected.
I'm only on here and my blog because any realworld environment was completely closed until 2008.
It comes as agreat shock to me as a bloke who wrote off Facebook from the start as not for us guys....that I'm on here.
Well we've had a bash. But the power of the Jezebel spirit here disguised as kindly women with beaming faces, is pretty strong, and already the men are beginning to look like emaciated waifs who dare not speak above the Politically Correct speech of the Ladies Circle. Even if our generation never make it, and I intend to.....the next generation down will see straight through these women and the result of their version of Gospel Lite. LIGHT.
See LIGHT has a 12 tribe spectrum. And for ladies it is enough for there to be a 6 tribe core agreement. I don't know if it's a man type thing. It DOES SEEM TO BE A THIRDLEVEL THING...but the only ladies I know that can handle anything like 12 tribes worth of spectrum are already in all Christian bookstores.
people like Corrie Ten Boom. Mother Basilea Schlink. Mother Teresa. Whether they can articulate it properly or not, it does seem that built into man's ribcages is the FULL KINGDOM spectrum. Whenever you see churches of largely female congregants, you should steel your self as soon as you enter, especially if you are the one preaching. Hidden behind those welcoming smiles the reason will soon become apparent as the spirit of Jezebel attacks you full on to try and pare down your gospel to creepy crawly worm size, instead of the threshing sledge that is in your chestcavity. BEWARE BEWARE O MAN the LADIES CIRCLE CHURCH.
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Rich Novek Too late Chris, most Christian men have been completely emasculated by the lie, so what's the alternative?
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Chris Welch shopwindow mannequins!!!

Chris Welch I actually don't have a problem with women not handling all tribes worth of material, because perhaps that is the wisdom of God in order that they be what they are good at. My problem with women is when their collective agenda closes down the work of God as it advances in this generation. Nowhere is this more apparent to me than in those having the closest gospel to the one in the Bible, namely the Union crowd. Because none of them have the vision of the Church, we are condemned to this slow drip drip, decade long advance. And largely for no other reason than those of this generation who were quicker at picking up Norman Grubb's discoveries happened to be women...but they never completed the job. It seems to be outside the scope of what they can handle or imagine.
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Chris Welch A good way of discovering what women want in a man is to look at eunuchs or gay men. In the UK we have a fashion stylist called Gok Wan. As he is gay and interested in clothes and high street life, he is the archetype of all that women would seem to want in their males. Kind of like a plaything. A fount of relevant female information. Absolutlely no threat of hankypanky as that is the last thing he wants to do with women!!!

It's very similar online. Christian women want these playthings. Furry little purveyors of Biblical insight and knowhow, plus someone to pray with them in the problems of the week or the odd real crisis's. For years this has been their relationship with pastors. In no unreal sense has it been a scapegoat for their own spouse who is often perceived as a farting, snoring, skiddie producing person who does supply some of the house income, but also has this annoying insight into the psychology of the wife, and she just isn't interested because some of it at least could be negative. So in churches everywhere, the glamourpussies avert their gaze to pastors like Joel Osteen or other Joseph Prince doe eyed candy...especially when they repeat the glorious childhood food of Romans 3 to 5 on a weekly basis. You can see it is infinitely more pleasurable.

But none of it is covenantal relationship. It's brush back my locks Gok Wan, relating.
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Chris Welch So in short, has facebook worked? Well it is surprising what we have been able to share in only 4 to 6 years, which up until then was absolutely impossible in the larger world, which is so entrenched in the Genesis 3 lie from the atheist in one corner right through to a church as prophetic as Havant and IHOP and Toronto Vineyard and Bethel,Redding.
Are there drawbacks? Yes. Like the manger in the stable, and born with no human proof of a Father...this was not ideal humanly speaking for Jesus when He began ministering. So in the same way, a social medium largely perceived as a gossiphouse for women, isn't the ideal venue for credibility for rolling out the Royal Highway of Galations 2:20 living. Especially when the agenda of most Christian women is spiritually speaking at least (And I have not had any of the other I must really speak clearly here to protect others) non covenantal. Apart from ladies such as Annalize Mouton who recognise the seriousness of what the Body of Christ is, most other christian women haven't a clue. They are in it for themselves and their small parochial eyed view of the world. The exceptions are magnificent. Like Elaine Waterfield. Most Christian women today just weren't around for when God was rolling out the covenantal vison of Church as community in the 70s. It's a glorified coffeehouse, and Facebook is absolutely superb for breeding this view of what Christian relating is. In the week that I have heard of a man drop dead in the UK after deliberately not heeding an apostolic Word, can I just say that this whole idea of men as Christian playthings is not just false, it could prove deadly. The Bible puts it this way "rightly discern the Body of Christ...for in not doing so are many now sick and some have even died." We are dealing with the House of God. Whether a manger, or Facebook is ultimately the best is the House of God we are dealing with.

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