Friday 7 March 2014

Do we have to pray about absolutely everything?

Reply to an email from Bonnie Morris....don't worry too much what the question was!!! How many herring can you fit in a kitchen sink ? What's the greatest ladenweight of a piano trailer? Oh, I remember, I was talking how we don't always pray for everything...because if we tried to cover everything...well we'd never sleep and never get on with "the real " next thing God has called us to by His Spirit. So God adds a lot of these "other things " to us.

There's no real rules Bonnie!
When you consider the vastness of the undertaking upon the whole Body....let's look at some
bringing all nations into the obedience of the faith
bringing helps, finance, solutions to the poor downtrodden
bringing healing to every condition on earth
abolishing death
ruling and reigning in every activity
praying constantly without ceasing
studying and by it being approved
training all our senses according to righteousness
being fruitful in every good just doing the good works...but making sure they are so infused with Word and Spirit...they are laden with self replicating potential at all levels that that may imply
Having all wisdom
being fully creative like our Creator Dad
Being as superskilled at reigning in the earth as in the heavenlies and just living the two realities at once with the same ease as Jesus
Lifting up the downtrodden and bruised reed with the same care and Spirit attention as we tear through money changers in religious systems and challenge them back to being Houses of Prayer for all nations....etc etc

And that is just off the top of my head....from a few of the injunctions in the New Testament

Now , apart from running a job and family...yer average member of the Body can really only just about
focus on a handful to a general degree....and maybe only one as LIFE CALLING.

So luckily,Jesus takes the pressure off by simply living His life through us and putting on our hearts the "next thing" that we have to do....
And the rest of the picture HE ADDS TO US according to His righteousness

Or in computer game terms....when you have completed the bit that you have to do in one level, you find the programmers build all that you need for the next themselves and magically add it to you when the first dragon is slain....or when your frog has been able to cross the first road without getting squished!!!

So some are called to focus on healing everything in sight...others just hope God keeps sustaining their health while they focus on what other thing He has them in.

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