Monday 17 March 2014


As great as this guy is, and as true as the dangers are lurking around Jesuits, I'm sorry, I don't actually believe this guy would have got on well with St John. So today, having done the Jesuits last week, let's blast this side of the church. Evangelicals will patronisingly allow musicians and artists to function among them because it makes them feel like they are giving everybody a chance. There is a slight problem though. No , let's call it a major problem, a crack right through the Body of Christ. It works like this. The tribe of Judah, for that is what musicians/prophets /creatives are in themselves are the weakest most useless bunch on the planet. They won't mend your car for you. They are peculiarly prone to living in another world, and when you ask them a simple question, they reply with about 6 tangential statements instead of a yes no answer. In short, for all practical purposes ...useless. And worst still, like Judah himself, they seem peculiarly prone to the worst possible scandalous activities. So why not exterminate them all? Because God has chosen this tribe...this useless bunch of can I not shock you with this...TO LEAD.

But it is not ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIP . It is "spiritual seeing" leadership. And since the Kingdom is all about "seeing what's next on the materialisation agenda"...all the other tribes have to lump it. God's Calling is without repentance. So Evangelicals patronisingly trying to investigate Spirit things on Youtubes, when they themselves wouldn't know a vision from a trance if it was on the BBC News at 6 o clock. They are NOT baptised in the Spirit. They absolutely have rebelled against God's word in Proverbs 3...because when God says to not rely on your own insight, well, they are too religious to do a V sign to God, or to use the fourletter word beginning with F and finishing with off....but this is what these rebellious evangelicalse do all the days of their life. They SIMPLY WILL NOT HAVE THIS MAN TO RULE OVER THEM....namely their for the rest of their days on earth they remain toddlers in the Spirit as in 1 John 2. THE PROBLEM ISN'T CONTEMPLATION. THE PROBLEM ISN'T MEDITATING. In that sense God is allowing Catholics and a whole host of New Agers to try all these things out. The problem is Genesis 3 separation and both charismatics and evangelicals are steeped in it. Apart from when they worship, for all practical terms of the rest of their lives, they could be atheists. Yes they can recite the Bible backwards....but if any of their brethren said to any of them as Jesus brothers did in John 7..."Are you going up to Keswick this year?" or whatever evangelicals do nowadays...probably see John Piper or something....they would reply "ofcourse". The mechanics of what Jesus was doing in John 7 are just not going to happen to an evangelical even if the moon turned to cheese. They deny artists/prophets the right to lead...actually, mostly once they are out of patronising mode, they actually deny their brethren's right to exist. They are far too indecent for evangelicals! St John's writings would have been declared New Age by this guy.

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