Thursday 21 August 2014

Are Jews Really Worse?

Everyone makes a big thing about Jews missing Jesus. But the fact is all of us miss God stuff all the time. The very friends you may have now might have begun as your enemies. You may have hated the sight of them. How about the God stuff that was meant to have enriched your life but because your spouse said it you completely ignored it....cos you know better ofcourse. or the God truths spoken by your kids...but you didn't listen. How could they know anything? or the God opportunities staring you in the face but because you'd have to move...or change jobs, or learn something new, or go to a different region, or get to know new just said no. How about the Anglican church as a whole saying no for a 100 years now to the greatest single factor that has changed Christianity in the whole world....the experience of Baptism in the Spirit or before that the experience of being born again. As a whole the Anglican church is really catholic and is part of the Order of St John Jesuits, but it is kept hush hush by the Queen who is the UK head of the order. Jesus Christ turns up in the UK again and again with revival after revival teaching all the heavenly tabernacle truths to generation after generation and what do the Brits do? Kick em out to America!
Jesus Christ turns up in our day teaching the third level truths of the tricks of the trade to do with the Holiest Place and how to live there continually....what do all the UK denominations do? Carry on in exactly the same way running their conferences in the same way they have for decades. So no....there is nothing out of the ordinary about the blindness of Jews!!!

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