Tuesday 19 August 2014

Head and Shoulders

THIS POST began as a couple of Facebook posts having heard a message by Danny Silk (who works closely with Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton of Bethel at Redding California). Don't let me put you off the message on the apostolic gift....he says some tremendous things here.you can order the complete set of this year's messages here
It was in the 1970s Bible Weeks with Ern Baxter that he told us about the HEAD AND SHOULDERS GOVERNMENT leadership of King Saul who became increasingly mad. Ern ofcourse referenced the largely unbaptised in the Spirit leadership that was mostly the mark of all churches in those days.

But ofcourse the terrifying thing about the Saul and David story is that BOTH were anointed by the Spirit.
Like the disciples before the Cross and the first generation of apostles today, these leaders have not really properly passed through all stages of 1 John 2 Growth. People speak with greater or lesser experiential insight into the Father stage....but the key description is : they KNOW Him who is from the BEGINNING. There's a deep knowing....a fusion....a UNION  relationship actually deep in the heart of this level of believer.
Psalm 84.5 How blessed is the man whose strength is in You,
In whose heart are the highways to Zion!

Have just heard message of Bethel in Harrogate. Mark Stibbe got zapped up there and had a sniffable heavenly fragrance on him for a good while.
Much I could write and much I have already written about apostles. Danny Silk was sharing and his heart is on the right direction of the message of the gospel being our adoption as sons by the Father of whom we have had such a fractured image. The anointing of the Spirit is evident on Bethel...and also the younger mystic move through JOHN Crowder (not in these meetings). So there is a moving of these men towards third level realities.....but like an exsmoker I hate the cloying infrastructures that they don't realise that cling like B O to the charismatic phraseology........ a bit like Harry Enfields Smashy and Nicey DJ speak in the otherworld of DJs. Until yyou've properly drunk independent self delusion to the dregs it's still in everything you say and are....so even talking about apostles still has a yukky head and shoulders Saul Governmental sound.
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Cal Thompson Wow. I'm surprised how closely I share your opinions. Very interesting. I must say I Love and honor both bethel and Crowder. Have been off there sauce for awhile so I am not certain of where their transformation is now. I can't imagine people with as great foundational values as they would not also be moving even more quickly toward s perfection. Whatever that is. Kudos
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Chris Welch Well whatever that is is Jesus Christ doing His stuff. Perfection that is. We are in a fascinating time....because up until our time everybody has been trying ever so hard in religion. We are the first corporate bunch ever (cos there have always been individuals who have grabbed it) but we are the first set of people to look anything remotely like the prophecy in Psalm 24 and psalm 110. That is learning the trick of the trade that it is not me as a selfempowered soul who live after all!!! it's Christ in me fused and in union to my spirit which makes its intentions known through the spontaneous "fountains or issues of life" of our hearts.
So we've had to do at least a couple of things there in our metanoia.
Switch out of a leftbrain locked existence...or controlling and confining what we do to what we understand....that was one leap of Spirit.
Proverbs 3.5-6 don't rely onyour insight but acknowledge Him in all our ways....watch what He is doing...Psalm 123....watch how He lives our life.
Secondly through going into our inner room and meeting with the Father in secret....and listening to His whispers before getting out the megaphones from the rooftops...we've had to learn that the REAL US, the authentic us....below all the bluster and the fakery....is our spirit man fused in God....and all this time our soul was only the butler after all who was masquerading as Lord of the house, like he owned the place!!!!

Danny Silk made this great point about ecostructures. This concept must be doing the rounds and is heartening. He used the example of the disciples being formed into apostles in only 3 years. In the circles I move which is third level realities people prefer things to be real than put time dates on things. So someone like Fred Pruitt who learnt so much off Norman Grubb the WEC co-founder goes around sharing one to one....but the thought of three years isn't even a concept with him and they generally don't expect total reality until people are 60 70 or 80. Which is slightly disturbing to me who grabbed this stuff when I was 30 but direct and in the context of seeking God corporately in Emsworth under another missionary titan...Ed Miller and his proteges. So Danny used ecostructure to mean spiritual environment which was a great point. He had observed how in three years or so disciples can train at Bethel....be totally hot for the Lord then go out back to other environments and really affect them....for a while. BUT.... the power and frigidity of the infrastructures would eventually overpower those who were hot until they had cooled right down.
Any evangelist like Elaine Waterfield will notice this procedure and to keep hot they have to remain parachurch ever reaching out as Jesus says we must. In Bethel's case where qsupernatural healing is in the bedroom furniture....disciples will have to choose also as they move out.....do I remember the anointing that is now a part of me or do I just return to the infrastructures of the fridge environment of the rest of the church? Jesus had to put people out of the room to be able to pray for deeper needs.
But here is the cracker that Danny Silk was saying: our whole culture acts like a fridge ecostructure in THIS MANNER. Fatherlessness. So as fast as we get new converts even faster the very infrastructures in the world are creating a ton more injury and fractured souls.
In 1975 in the Kansas City Shepherds conference the tie up between spiritual advance and ecostructure was never made as overtly but part of the reason for the huge impact of the conference in those early days was it's unique character. Ann Arbour Michigan leaders were as represented as the Fort Lauderdale brothers. Now the Catholic brothers were already onto this stuff and contrary to popular opinion the first Fatherhood type revelation book did not come out of Toronto....Or in 1989 out of YWAM....but it came out of Ann Arbour Community, kind of a Catholic Reddingtype mother church hub in the 70s. What particularly appealed to Martin Franke who is a Spirit filled German Catholic and I was that this conference had a peculiar breadth that also was the Gateway for Ern Baxters door opening and epochmaking Word "thy Kingdom Come". Check it out on my blog left-hand column.
But here is the missing bit in what Danny Silk was not saying. His charismatic worldview like mine in the eighties has the church bit and it has the heavenly reality bit, but it doesn't have a trace of FritzSpringmeyer's discoveries. In other words just identifying like Mark Stibbe that there is a Fatherlessess in our culture is like the daily line up that Israel made routinely with Goliath. But it took David to fully identify what was really going on in the Spirit and engage with Goliath regarding the situation as ludicrous.
The church as a whole do not engage with the how of fatherlessness. They ignore Barry Smith, Fritz Springmeyer, Grant Jeffrey.
It was my German friends in strange German whispers started to relate about the European Castle where babies are daily sacrificed. Only 35 years later have I found on the internet that it is in Belgium. It was or still is owned by the owner of Prozac. It is in some way connected to royalty....has 365 Windows one for every day. And there they also keep 1000 candles burning for the great overarching plan of the 1000 points of Light. To us....darkness. All of Life has been divided into 1000 sections and notch by notch plans are implemented over decades since 1776 so gradually we cannot see it all accelerating to a point of welcoming in the Antichrist in Europe and Jerusalem.
 The point isn't even the Castle which was,so in some way connected to the Dutroux case and international childtrafficking and paedophilia. The point is there is a real human level of Darkness that the charismatic church is totally ignoring. Mainly because it is the very Pharoah where people themselves live....and just as Romans 6 and 7 means facing the world the flesh and the devil on your own insides.....you are then able to see...more willing to see how psalm 4 works on the outside. Not conspiracy theory. Conspiracy fact. How the fridge ecostructure actually works. About this Danny is totally silent. It isn't even in his frame of reference. He is like the Israelites.....facing Goliath as theory....ludicrously daily....having sandwiches he has made for him....but absolutely no engagement at any real level.

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