Sunday 17 August 2014


Do you believe in arcs?
I'll say what I mean.
Of course you believe in two arcs because everyone cannot get away from them.
24 Hours is an arc. The earth rotates.
The year is an arc....One rotation round the sun from whence we derive seasons and harvest.
But our lives are an arc of believing and consciousness. No matter how atheist a person is.....roughly by age 50 or 60 a lot feel much more at home in their skins.....much more understanding of their identities....of who they are and how life works for them. This is the life arc of internalizing outer precepts into inner consciousness and the "how to" of life.
Well there is a bigger arc. The arc of world consciousness......which it is prophesied.....must FULLY test out its freedom to discover first through abandoning complete atheism.....for fuller consciousness and New Age with Satan disguised as a friendly figure of Light at its centre.....before finally crashing Proverbs 1 style into desperation then Rest....finding its source in the One True Unalloyed Centre of Life.....which is the Word through whom everything was made. Could we see it all....we'd find atoms and subatomic and Melchizedek particles in the self same arc.

Winter gives birth to spring. As Genesis 1 describes God's arc of a day begins Night first......and there was evening and there was morning....One day. Our lives begin in the dark. In a womb. It's just the way of things. Dark is good for generating....nay accelerating inner growth and inner sight. And consciousness is inner stuff. You can't speak things into being with outer have to have the inner stuff then speak it.

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