Monday 25 August 2014

We're Baby Boomers

(describing most of  my Facebook friends)
We're baby boomers. We're either children of Rockn Roll or in my case the Beatles. About 10-20 years younger than the real movers and shakers themselves. That is I am too young , just, to be an ex hippy. i couldn't really "get" why Bob Dylan and John Lennon were so important. In a way I was a perfect product of them because I couldn't "get " other words I was already normalised. It was my music.
I couldn't understand why Bob Dylan was so silent and monosyllabic in that iconic 1966 interview. Anyone remember the big one? he basically was refusing point blank to identify with the Pathe News patronising voice news media.....and really....although it took some that interview he smashed it. He smashed the old order. Almost like the quiet resistance 20 years earlier that Ghandi adopted to smash the British Empire's hold of India.
We were convinced new ideas ruled.

We were also convinced in the atheist post -Auschwitz generation that there was no room for God and religion.
We couldn't know that ....for yes , in fact ,we were....we were part of the fairy story.
And here I refer to the fact that the Grimm's Fairy tales turn out to be the real world, and what we deemed the real world is an enormous construct.
Good and evil really exists and is in a life and death struggle, and the winner will take all.
New Agers deny evil as a spiritual person and relegate it to bad thoughts, bad intentions, selfishness,bad karma,selfish agenda.
Perhaps rightly they are irritated by the pentecostal "out there" view of evil. ' The devil made me do it.'

My intention here is not to make a big thing of this point, but simply so you know, express my belief in a paragraph.
In the Good corner
is the Goodness of God being expressed daily through all creation, and to a greater or lesser extent through every human...
but in purity as the Triune God , individually by union with our spirit, and corporately in the Living Body of Christ actively in union with Him.
In the bad corner is "the world, the flesh and the devil."
So the devil as fallen angel through principalities and powers, pulls on our flesh as individuals, and corporately as the "world system" or matrix.
In Greek there are two words for world...this one is kosmos.
But in psalm 24...the earth is the Lord's ....representing the whole thing...even allowing for the effects of demonic squatters pulling their weight in and by humans!!!

So us baby boomers strode out convinced we were different.
Values of love.(Hippies etc)
Responsible business.
Fairer pay.
Wanting a meritocracy....if someone had the ability they should rise and take their place.
Free expression.
Freedom of thought and belief.

So what have we now?
The Jim Hensons...if not dead...are coralled in to Hollywood and big money.
David Gilmour who wrote Money...Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon...yup he actually did give away his London house to a homeless charity and went to live on a houseboat. Now he lives in a big estate next to some friends of ours.
Google "Do no evil" is now part of the megabillions world of control.
Bill and Melissa Gates retire and wish to distribute billions of profit via vaccines, but reports are coming in about the extra additions to the vaccines.
Council On Foreign relations seems to be more about splitting the world into opposing tensions
The religion behind the United Nations is Lucis Trust, which used to be called Lucifer trust before people got scared.
Right here on Facebook are Support Israel groups.
But St Paul was clear about an Israel without Jesus. He called them children of Hagar. Bond slaves. NOT BORN FROM THE JERUSALEM ABOVE.
The German group supporting Israel that I have been asked to join obviously looks really great. After all wasn't it Germany who housed the concentration camps of extermination? Someone in the group just pasted that Mystery Babylon is Mecca.

Do you know? I doubt that. I think Mystery Babylon could well turn out to be Jerusalem. She is at present a locked door with Arabs holding key parts. But scriptures in the Bible are flooded with phrases which indicate Antichrist wants to mimicJesus Christ, who was allowed a full earthly ministry of 3 and a half years. it would seem he has demanded equal rights and wished to take over the Temple at Jerusalem.
So that's what I mean. Us babyboomers wanted to create the world after our own ideas of a secular bubble....not knowing that we have perfectly been used to walk the enemy into the most perfect fulfilment of scriptures this world has ever known. And that without trying...because we have, like the Russian Communists and Chinese Communists, and Hitler's Germany, denied the rule of God as there is no middle realm....we by default become the glove puppets of the devil.

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