Saturday 16 August 2014

3 Strands

The world has three main strands.....but remember when something is in component parts it's just not integrated yet. God stores everything somewhere while people figure out that He really is our Joy Source. So anyway....
One part say there is no right brain...and laugh at people who do.
The second part have discovered the whole of their brain but are as equally adamant they aren't gonna let any God tell them anything. The third and present few believe and act on psalm 119....I will meditate day and night on your Word O God. All three strands should be one thing and the Word says they will.....but until then things are a bit clunky in the earth. People who try to access Word in their leftbrains only are some of the world's least appealing people. We access the power, the relationship of Spirit. More in Corey Russell the Ancient Paths.

Ancient Paths by Corey Russell

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