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Briars 15 :THE ILLUMINATI & ORGANIZED CRIME: the clandestine side of globalization

By Fritz Springmeier. Facebook article 6/12/14

Though I have often mentioned the connections between the Illum. & org. crime, never have I written an article specifically on the subject. If the threat from organized crime were simply counterfeit Amer. made shirts & prostitution rings, they would pose no major threat. But org. crime is secretly supporting Illum. kingpins, moving slaves & body parts, and corrupting govt. & business leaders. They drive legit business people out of business. For example, they will bribe a govt. official to get a construction contract. The connections between the elite & org. crime are woven throughout human history; for instance, in the early middle ages the nobility would hire bandits to rob travelers. The House of Commons in 1346 petitioned King Edward III to outlaw the nobility from doing this. However, new laws were ineffective. This post will discuss the how the modern Illuminati uses organized crime & are generally above the laws.

The Triad leader had asked to move into my cell because I was educated & intelligent, something the Chinese value. After we had a good report going, more curious than cautious I pulled out my Bloodlines of the Illuminati book, & asked him to read the Li chapter about the Triads and tell me if anything were wrong. His eyes were big as he completely read it. His reaction, although silent, was a validation of the Li Illuminati chapter and its discussion of the Triads. Another inmate, who had been the go between the Mafia in Hawaii & the Li Illuminati family spoke at great length about his experiences and the what, when & who of it all. Unfortunately, a guard threw my yellow legal pad of notes away, or I would share some of the details in this post. Moving to many prisons, and not being connected to any group gave me the opportunity to get to know lots of people. Besides these two involved w/ the Chinese, I spent time visiting with a host of other inmates who had been involved in organized crime…Vietnamese, American, Columbian, Mexican and Russian to name some of their ethnic groups.
 I had a number of experiences observing the Illum.’s organized crime activities here in Oregon. An Illuminati Ipssissimus, whom I met, was using the Mexican mafia to do the dirty grunt work. This is so typical of operations everywhere. Black gangs that violently defend their turf in Chicago in the projects are street grunts for Illum. kingpins…but who would know the connections. In Chicago, one Mafia lottery operation (ran as a franchise) used blacks for the grunts, & Japanese bankers. The mafia families overlap the Illuminati families; Illum. kingpin Giuseppe Mazzini initiated the Mafia. So you will see some mafia who are programmed multiples with Illum. trauma-based mind control. There are so many parallels. A mob board of directors called The Commission has ultimate authority (w/ the combined power of senators, supreme court justices & a corp. bd. of dir.). Like the Illum. Council, they will discuss 40, 20, 10, & 5 yr. plans. Under the Commission are 24 families (only 10 families if Mafia snitch Jimmy Fratianno is believed), & each family has a boss. (This parallels the Illum. structure which has a family king/head.) In the Italian/Sicilian families, the boss will be called “Il Cap”, “Don”, or “Rappresentante”. His underboss is Sottocapo. Loyalty in the Illuminat & the Mafia is “to the family”. A mob’s extended family may be 4,000 strong, with up to 250 soldiers. Soldiers may have operations with employees on the street who don’t know who they are working for. Hell’s Angels, perceived as a California phenomena, have a club in Moscow, and are run by the elite out of the financial city of London. Who would assoc. a mean nasty biker with a suit & tie banker in England?

The Rockefeller’s United Fruit Co. (UFC) in Guatemala (Central Amer.) asked the U.S. govt. to overthrow the democratically elected President Jacobo Árbenz. He had replaced a brutal dictator who had given special privileges to the UFC—they didn’t pay taxes & owned most of the country, incl. its railroad, telephone & telegraph service, and its major port. Árbenz had ended the UFC’s brutal labor practices & planned to give unfarmed land to the poor that the UFC coveted. In Sept. ’51, the U.S. govt. acting under the Rockefeller request, directed the CIA to overthrow the Guatemala govt. The person of the U.S. govt. directing things was Sec. of State John Foster Dulles—who was married into the Rockefeller family, and the CIA (called by some insiders “Central Investment Agency” as it makes money) was run by his brother Alan Dulles. The head of the Dominican Republic pledged help for the CIA mercenary army if they assassinated his opponents… which the CIA did. The Illum. run International Banking House of Brown, Bros. had previously been given Nicaragua by the U.S. military, so Nicaragua’s govt. cooperated. On 18 JUNE ’54, a 480 man CIA mercenary army overthrew the legitimate govt. of Guatemala and installed the military regime of Carlos Castillo Armas. The new regime would murder tens of thousands of dissidents. Here we see the Illum. working w/ intelligence to carry out organized crime. The propaganda spin was that Guatemala was a communist country the CIA saved for the free world. Ironically, when the Rockefeller family would visit communist USSR, they would be treated like royalty with crowds lining the streets greeting them passing in their limo.
The British elite-created, Illum.-run OSS during WW 2 got the Mafia (Lucky Luciano & Meyer Lansky) to work for them. During WW 2, the OSS were already running dope, and after the war Lansky moved the operation to Miami. Paul Helliwell was OSS chief of special ops in Asia (dope) & he operated a CIA front in Miami called Sea Supply, Inc. He opened special bank accounts for mobsters in Miami banks, and later opened the Castle Bank in the Bahamas to launder drug money from Thailand. He also used Swiss banks to launder mafia money. Helliwell is an example of how org. crime, intelligence, national govts. & the Illum. all connect. He also is an example of how big drug dealers have their own banks! After the OSS was disbanded, the CIA took over the Asian drug running in the early 50’s, moving opium from Burma to Thailand & Taiwan. (More on the CIA Asian drug running later.) In WW 2, as the U.S. army pushed the German army out of Italy, they placed Italian Mafia & Freemasons into power throughout Italy. When the Cold War replaced WW 2, the CIA made arrangements with the Corsican syndicate (at the big French port of Marseilles) via the Guerini bros. to work with the Corsican organized crime. The syndicate would be legally protected and supplied with money & arms. In return, the Corsican syndicate would attack Communist unions & kill French policemen who were communists. The Lebanese warlords (heads of families) sent their hashish to Marseilles, and then the Corsican mob which networked with the Italian mob in NYC would ship opium (coming from Turkey, Iran & SE Asia) to NYC. Here we see an example of mutual assistance pacts (alliances) between different org. crime groups.

My Illuminati informant talked about how her great uncle Gen. Earle Grant Wheeler (of the Collins Illuminati family) was head of the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. (By the way, this was written up in the Bloodlines book.) She said that the Illum. had had long range plans on how they wanted to create a drug culture in America. The war in Vietnam was designed to rotate lots of American boys over close to a source of drugs, and then they would return as drug addicts, and the Vietnamese crime syndicate would come over as refugees to help bring in the drugs from the Golden Triangle. Her father Leo Wheeler would be on the American side of things when the drugs would be flown into Norton Air Base in Calif. Up to 50 lbs. of heroin could be placed in a dead G.I.’s body. When army inspectors discovered this, the army brass covered it up & transferred them to combat duty. So here we see the CIA (operating Air America from the Golden Triangle), Green Berets like Bo Gritz, & other dirty Military brass and the Illum. working together to smuggle drugs in from SE Asia to America. Actually, some of the CIA & military were also Illum.

One ex-Illum. informant talked about her father, an Illum. kingpin/mayor of Penn. city, who created the first drug hot line in his area—why? He staffed the hotline with his people and it allowed him to take out all of his competition. 32 degree Freemason J.Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, for many years told people there was no such thing as organized crime in America. Only after it was ridiculously obvious did he quit denying it. Many of the cops are Freemasons. Scotland Yard is not only a Masonic enclave, but it was infiltrated by members of organized crime. The head of the Moscow police publicly acknowledged that 95% of his cops are corrupt & on the take.

One friendly Russian mobster offered me, “What do you want, I can get it for you.” And this simple statement reveals a great deal. Under communism the people of the USSR to survive had to resort to black markets. The Communist Party was not a party like our Republican party—it was really a ruling elite that used terror & took what they wanted…in other words, the Party bosses were like crime family bosses. The Party was really a large criminal syndicate…so when the Iron curtain came down, and the USSR was dismantled, the growth of the Russian Mafiya was simply the growth of what had been hidden behind the secrecy of the Communist Party. The corruption was systemic in Russia long before the Communist Party fell out of power. Today, eye witnesses have described to me how the Russian mob runs everything, and virtually all small businesses in Russia pay protection money to some group. If you need a hammer, you go to the local mobster to get it. That makes Putin the boss of the criminal bosses. Moscow is home to an incredible no. of wealthy mobsters. And much of this started under communism when blackmarket supply & demand networks were created by people doing favors to each other to survive. Since the State owned everything…no one felt guilty stealing from it. A cement driver for the state would swap some cement for some coats for his kids. When the KGB disbanded, some began making guns in cottage factories. There are about 4,000 organized crime groups in Russia doing one-on-one exchanges like the friendly Russian mobster offered me. Now you know why Yeltsin described the country he ruled as a “mafia state on a world scale”. They have now exported their mafias worldwide, and these Russian crime groups have tens of billions of dollars in foreign banks.

The Vatican, P2 Freemasonry, organized crime & the intelligence agencies, which were all in bed together, were exposed when the corrupt Catholic Banco Ambrosiano was exposed and had to close its doors. David Yallup in a great book “In God’s Name” gives the details. “God’s banker” Roberto Calvi was suicided on 6/18/82 by being hung at Blackfriar’s Bridge in London. (By the way, the Illum. cont. to “suicide” bankers, and get totally away with it. These deaths are all written off by the controlled police as suicides!) Masonic symbols were even left at Calvi’s death site. Anyway, this article is plenty long, & I am going to wrap it up. While there is still plenty to say on such a vast subject, hopefully the reader has a clearer picture of how all these groups network. If it has clarified how they have operated, then you have learned something of how the real World works all around us.

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