Friday 26 December 2014

Stinky Fingers in Uganda and other places

The issue in North Uganda is similar to the UK in reverse. UK have made Anglicanism the Law when it comes to territory. I think most if not all the shops in Chichester lease their land or pay overheads in some way to the Cathedral.
North Uganda seem to want to enshrine the Muslim faith into their Law. Even in the southern Iganga region the church headed up by Kisa Emmanuel have to find £468 pounds or 2 million Ugandan shillings for some infringement or other that would be no infringement at all in a Christian country. Even the most ludicrous European countries like Germany and Italy and others where all inhabitants of certain regions are forced to pay taxes to the church whether believers or not, would never goes as far as Muslims in forcing people to believe in Christ. Everyone in Europe is possibly TOO inured to preaching to understand it as something with no freedom to choose. In actual fact the command goes out in the Spirit to ALL MEN to repent, as no other religion ever claimed that God Himself came to redeem by dying and resurrecting 3 days later. No other religion dare be as stupid. And only the power of God sustains real believers in the face of almost total media agnosticism if not atheism. But that's the point. The command to repent must be heard on our insides. Me standing over you extorting money out of you should not be necessary if God is real. So for me there are several political voices.
Atheism. Fake churches that extort, but are positioned by Law. Other faiths like Islam that do the same. None of this is the rule of Law. Neither to enforce atheism.
To command payment from Chichester traders. To extort taxes out of Germans, nor to arrest and imprison leaders of Christ 38 times for preaching or leading a church as in Iganga , Uganda
Everyone naively thinks there is no devil and that humans naturally do all these stupid things. Well, what I say just try to change Germany overnight, Chichester Cathedral, or Muslims in Uganda, and try to tell me that all this is just human and political. It's all got exactly the same STINKY FINGERS behind all of it. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with Freedom and Jesus Christ.

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