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Eve of Persecution I - Mother Basilea Schlink

Why is this book important? It was written in 1973 long before many of us had come across Barry Smith,Grant Jeffrey, Fritz Springmeier, Dr Coleman,Henry Makow, and so many more in addition  online today. Until 1975 the spectre of Chinese communism loomed large, Basilea herself I believe playing no small part in engaging Chairman Mao  in Throneroom intercession while I happened to be in Darmstadt in summer 1974.

Until recently, none of us could have known that all the world dictators of any importance were trained by Tavistock Mindcontrol, so whether Hitler had been successful or whether Communism had achieved the upper hand was absolutely immaterial to the globalists. Even now after the Fall of the Berlin Wall the internationalist plans stride forward regardless, and the same covert steps that are identified here are still being further developed.
Quite simply at every level this is a fascinating document

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The Eve of Persecution  (now entitled Strong in the Time of Testing)

A Well-organized Plan
Top-secret Communist training information with instructions for agents, which was carefully guarded only a few years ago, is now accessible to the public. One book on this topic, for instance, states the most important tactics for the political and intellectual conquest of a nation, saying, 'By psychopolitics* our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression and scientific turmoil." With these aims in mind, trained secret agents sow their ideas in all government institutions, universities, schools, hospitals, military colleges, as well as Christian organizations, and above all, in mental health groups. To this end every existing form of Christian ministry must be swept aside; the foundations of the Christian faith under­mined. Agents are commissioned to turn every professor, teacher, doctor, psychiatrist, politician into a tool of the Communist psychopolitical doctrine – with or without their knowledge. Agents must labour until they have control over the minds and bodies of every important personage in the land.
* 'Psychopolitics is the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaux, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through "mental healing"."
Everyone under control? – But how? Modern training courses, conferences and lectures are being held, adapted to the milieu – whether it be an econo­mic council, church conference, religious retreat, Christian youth group, teacher training college, the army or even a primary school class. In all areas of society Sensitivity Training* has found its niche.3 Everyone is being introduced to it and in each case this corrosive psychopolitical drug is packaged and labelled differently 'Developing mutual understand­ing in society'; 'Improving interhuman relationships'; `Creating equality between nations, races, classes and in families'; 'How to win respect'; 'How to become well-adjusted and more sensitive to others'; 'How to turn your group or fellowship into a well-functioning organism'.
Most people are ignorant of the true aims of Sensitivity Training. It appears to be a party game. It is new and interesting. It seems to provide an acceptable way, at last, for the ego to receive sym­pathy and understanding. The initiators, however, know better and are out for more. For many of the trained group leaders, Sensitivity Training is part of the change-over programme in a world-wide, atheistic scheme, known as psychopolitics. These leaders manipulate the opinions of the individuals and of the group in such a way that most of them do
* Cover names for Sensitivity Training: T-Group Training, Group Dynamics, Auto-Criticism,Operant Conditioning,Human Relations, Synanon Games Clubs, Basic Encounter Group, Broad Sensitivity, Class in Group Counselling, Management Development, Leadership Class, Self-Honesty Session, Self-Examination, Interpersonal Competence, Interpersonal Relations, Self-Evaluation, Human Potential Workshop, Transactional Analysis (T.A.) ...
not realize it. Although a feeling of guilt is awakened in the participants (which will make a Christian, for example, admit that he has failed to live as he should) the person is told that he is not at fault, but rather the
 11 environment – his parents brought him up wrong/ the structure of society did not let him develop his personality; the Church and her teachings made him inhibited, etc. Consequently, feelings of aggression are elicited. Having been 'liberated' from the former moral standards and other codes of life, the participants are all made uniform and arrive at common understanding. Such brainwashing is effective. No longer inhibited and bound by loyalty to the family, church or faith, and deadened to their consciences, people begin to be useful tools of Comnunism by carrying out the ideas with which they have been indoctrinated. The manipulation is in progress Today people are being turned into revolutionaries! Tomorrow they will become impersonalized `worthy citizens' ideal for a world-wide Communist star under strict dictatorship. (Chris Welch...the Communist Star IS the Luciferian star, whether it still has the communist tag or not)
Later, in order to set up this world government those in key positions who are opposed to Sensitivity 
Training well be brought under suspicion of insanity, In mental institutions a person can be made incurably mentally ill, through shock treatment or brain surgery. Consequently, he is deprived of all rights and his resistance is broken down.
`Religion must be made synonymous with neurosis and psychosis.'5 The psychopoliticians are working for the day when the public will be convinced that the Christian standards for good and evil are the main causes of mental illness. Plans were made for dedica-
ted Communists to infiltrate all health institutions posing as qualified advisers in order to ensure that these institutions join in the campaign against religion. `While we today seem to be kind to the Christian remember we have yet to influence the "Christian world" to our ends. When that is done, we shall have an end of them everywhere.'6
In 1945-6 in Warsaw a very extensive Communist plan for infiltration was conceived .7 The main tactics were to avoid any direct action against religious groups in future; to stop persecuting Catholics and Protestants; but to use the indirect method instead, by forming an alliance with the enemy of Marxism, weakening it and destroying it from within. Students with strong Communist convictions should enrol in seminaries to become priests and win the confidence of the superiors through excellent scholarship, diligence and assumed devotion. After their ordina­tion they should strive for key positions and begin the work of destruction.
A 'Secret Document for the Party's Activities Abroad' from Office No. 106 of China's Communist Party, dated February 12, 1957, reads: 'Catholicism and Protestantism are two organizations that work for capitalistic imperialism. Our comrades must make every attempt to penetrate their heart, since these two churches that are established throughout the world are spreading the poison of their teachings against socialism everywhere. All leading comrades should remember that the Church is an instrument of imperialism and for that reason it must be completely annihilated.' In the nine items of the 'Secret Docu­ment' specific instructions were given. Agents should
obtain places in church schools to mix with students; ll
deliberately take part in church activities. They
should be baptized in order to become members of the Church; join Christian organizations under false pretexts; use high-sounding words so as to win Christians for themselves; refer continually to the love of God and defend the cause of peace in order to create a radical division between the different groups of believers later. They should make contact with the clergy and spy on their activities. But they should carry out all these instructions maintaining an air of extreme friendliness, according to the precept, `Conform to the enemy in order to crush him. 18
Another method is being applied to obtain world dominion; it is conceived by the hatred of God, which is the source of Communism. Whoever hates God hates His commandments; so from the very outset the dissolution of God's commandments has been part of the battle. Communism intends to dis­pose of the 'old-fashioned, petty bourgeois morality', the Christian standards of good and evil.
The 'Secret Document' of February 12, 1957 also states that the comrades should enter the heart of church activities, and in order to make headway they should take advantage of the seductive powers of the female sex. Similar instructions can be found elsewhere, declaring that through sex a person can be made to do anything. Sensitivity Training and sex are the two blades of the pair of scissors being used by one and the same hidden hand.
The Communist Party of Italy informed its mem­bers in the film industry of its policy to advocate pornography, condone homosexuality and promote
films of this nature. 'We . . . praise actors in such plays as champions of freedom ... They are in effect ants working voluntarily and without pay for us as they eat away the very roots of bourgeois society.'9 The Italian and French film industry, controlled by labour unions that are highly Communistic, are deliberately producing pornographic films and foist­ing them upon other countries.10
The move towards the breakdown of morals has also become obvious in the Communist infiltration of the Church during the past decades. Nowadays even within the realm of the Church sexual perver­sions are approved of." In a pamphlet issued by the National Council of Churches in the United States, entitled, Called To Responsible Freedom, The Meaning Of Sex In The Christian Life, that was designed for young people looking for a guide to the relationship between the sexes, it states, 'For the Christian there are no laws, no rules, no regulations . . .'12 Referring to the Commandment against adultery, for example, it concludes that Jesus was 'seeking to set men free from this sort of legalistic bondage."-3
No Need for Camouflage
The day of secret handbooks, counterfeit goals, and secret instructions is almost past. As early as 1970 in Britain posters were distributed with the challenge: 'Prepare for Revolution!' 'It is our intention to take power away from these persons in authority and to put it directly into the hands of the British worker ... We shall do this by organizing and enlisting support for a General Strike ... we shall defeat the Govern­ment and take control of all administration.We are an organized, revolutionary and representative com­mittee ... We have the militant qualifications and the funds necessary to carry out our task ... Our country is in the hands of the capitalist swine including Labour Party millionaires . . . We have only ourselves to blame for having been slow to change the structure of our society. But it is not too late for us to take power into our hands ... Prepare for Revolution! ... You can help to create chaos in your place of work. You can do your part by defying authority in every way ... Pass this copy round. Let everyone read it in your place of work.' 14
Shortly afterwards a new poster appeared: 'We need to have a change of system and to do that, we need a Revolution ... This time, it will be the biggest TAKE-OVER BID we have ever seen. It will be a TAKE-OVER BID by the working people and there will be no prison in the land large enough to accom 
modate all the millions of honest working people on General Strike everywhere against the capitalist Labour Government . . . Prepare for Revolution! Prepare to occupy your factory!' 15
In November 1971 in West Germany leaflets with printed membership cards were distributed by the 'Anti-imperialism League' in many households. The leaflets read as follows: '. . , The time when a handful of imperialistic robbers could pose as masters of the world is finally over. In the vast territories of Asia, Africa and Latin America, where two thirds of the world's population live, militant revolutionary movements among the people are gathering force. They are growing increasingly violent, gaining one victory after another, and drowning the imperialists and their lackeys in the sea of civil war. Today the heroic battle of the peoples of Indochina is a glowing example of nations fighting for national freedom and independence. Their battle has demonstrated . . . that a people, when it has the courage to begin an armed, revolutionary battle and to take the destiny of its country into its own hand, can win the final victory over an imperialistic world power
This 'Anti-imperialism League' promises to institute work groups and training sessions. It intends to
devote all its energy to make headway in all classes of 
society and create a broad unified anti-imperialistic front. Indeed, wherever we look, plans that were once held secret are now being openly propagated.
What Dimitri Manuilsky, leader of the Comintern, predicted years ago is being fulfilled before our very eyes. In 1931 he declared, 'Today we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in thirty or
forty years. In order to win we need an element of surprise. The bourgeoisie must be put into a coma. One day we will begin to set up the most theatrical peace movement that has ever existed. The capitalistic countries, stupid and decadent, will work with pleas­ure towards their own destruction. - They will be completely deceived by a new opportunity for friend­ship with us and as soon as they are off their guard,
we crush them with clenched fists.'16

Last Stop before World Communism
Capitalistic countries are working towards their own destruction? This happens, for example, when governments pass legislation allowing certain tenden cies to gain a foothold in the educational system. In West Germany more and more nursery schools are to be government-run and the Christian ones will have to close down. As a a result children will be re- moved from a Christian influence. On the other hand, the door is being opened wide for the infiltration of the anti-authoritarian and Communist thought patterns that are pervading education today.
A letter from France: 'A great number of our teachers are Communists, Trotskyites and Maoists. The private schools, which are mainly church-affiliated, are to be taken over by the state. Our epoch reminds us of the one directly preceding the French Revolution.'
In Hesse, a county in West Germany, a battle is being waged for the radical reform of the school system. A socialist teachers' union in Frankfurt recommends socialist literature for children. Five Fingers Make a Fist is the title of a book for children three years of age and older, whereas children over nine are given a provocative story against landlords.
Extreme leftist terror groups – for example 'red cells', 'black cells', and 'anti-authoritarian militant groups' – are springing up like mushrooms. They
thrive especially well in the university climate. A leaflet circulated at an SDS* meeting in America reveals the typical guiding principles of such organizations. 'Until the student is willing to destroy TOTALLY and JOYFULLY those repressive structures — to, attack and destroy the bourgeois social order — his student movement will always be just that — never truly revolutionary . . . The buildings are yours for the burning, for until they are destroyed, along with civilization ... YOU will not live.'
And words are translated into action. In America, for instance, a young extreme leftist involved in the bombing of a campus ROTC building said that he felt a moral obligation deep down inside of him to destroy what he hated. Otherwise, he would have felt guilty.
Communists are setting up front organizations with the aim of seizing power during large-scale riots. In city districts and industries, cells are being formed and newspapers for young people are published. Today there is open talk of the 'day of take-over' and all opponents — not just the political ones — are threatened with violence and retaliation after the take-over.
Other Communist groups, for the time being, have assumed a gentler tone for tactical reasons. To the public they appear to be 'quite respectable organizations', according to the press — until an opportune moment arises when it pays to use terror and violence. Then they will launch into action as a sharp weapon of world Communism. We are being threatened on
* SDS — Students fora Democratic Society.  ROTC — Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
both sides — by Maoist and Soviet Communism.
Delegations of the Communist parties of France and Italy met in Rome in May 1973 to plan Com­munist undertakings, to seek common enterprises for Communists and Socialists as well as representatives from Catholicism.
In the past ten years Communism has made such headway that it has subverted the Christian nations. Young people in particular live in the philosophy of Marx and Mao and put it into practice, as the student revolts during the past five years prove. Mr Horchem of Hamburg, President of the Committee for the Protection of the West German Constitution, ascertained in August 1973 that 'the Marxists have already succeeded in keeping most of the West German universities in a constant state of turmoil. Although only fifteen per cent of the 670,000 students are politically active, most of the activists are Marxists ... They control almost all of the student councils at the sixty-seven universities and technical colleges in the country . . .'111 Even in many of the German high schools there are extreme leftist groups in the student body. The objectives 'of Communism have been attained to a great extent. As early as 1962 the Venezuelan bishops wrote in a pastoral letter for their country, 'With extraordinary dexterity and doggedness Communism has penetrated all areas of national life, placing its adherents in key positions.' 19
Indeed, Communism has not only introduced its ideas in government institutions and organizations —universities, schools, labour unions, hospitals, etc. —but it has many church institutions under control
through Communist agents, or persons who are commissioned to work for them or who are unwitting tools of Communist ideology. Arrangements are being made for the day of take-over, and this day will come soon.
Don't Be Deceived!
Do we realize what a take-over by Communism involves? It means that we are standing on the verge of Christian persecution, for war against imperialism is war against the Church, which Communists regard as 'an instrument of imperialism'. And this war, Marx proclaimed long ago, justifies the use of vio­lence. What used to be pure theory is increasingly being put into practice. Bloodshed and acts of violence are growing more and more frequent. A group of young Christians involved in outreach and evan­gelism in Scandinavia was followed by a Communist who told them openly, 'You Christians.... We have planned your end!'
Persecution of Christians is about to break out throughout the world and it will come soon — before the world disaster is touched off by a nuclear war. What Christian persecution entails nowadays is apparent from reports from the USSR and other lands behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains where millions have been liquidated. War against Christians, since it is ultimately war against God, is an integral part of Communism, whose main tenet is the equalization of all men and the overthrow of all authority. But the Supreme Authority, who in turn institutes every true authority on earth, is God. Communism lives and works zealously for the deposing of this divine Authority, thus concentrating its hatred on the Lord of lords, God and His Son, Jesus Christ, for as Marx wrote in the preface of his disser­tation, 'The Creed of Prometheus': "In a word, I utterly hate each and every God !"20 It necessarily follows that one of the maxims of Communism is that every Communist must be an atheist; each one is obligated to work for the 'abolition of religion'. Not only the Christians will come under this attack, but also the Jews, for this hatred is directed at all who believe in the living God.
Yet a haze of deception and lies seems to have spread over mankind, including the Christian world. People dream of peaceful co-existence and co-opera­tion with the Communists, deluded by their apparent sincerity. Many naively believe them when they declare their programme for unity and world peace, a golden future, true brotherhood, the uniform distri­bution of goods, liberty, equality, justice – a utopian state ... Many believe these Party slogans, although the dreadful truth about these attractive offers is known. Authors opposed to the regime disappear into mental institutions; millions are suffering in concentration camps. Over 120 million people have been killed – 44.5 million in Russia, 34.2 million in Red China (not including the 40 million said to have been liquidated during the Chinese Cultural Revolu­tion), and 3.2 million in Eastern Europe .21.
What do the Communist slogans mean in practice? Instead of freedom – suppression of opinion and deadening of conscience. Instead of equality –dictatorship, a ruling class, possessing all the power and resources. Instead of justice – cruel despotism and even torture. Instead of paradise – hell on earth.
Thus the methods for bringing 'emancipated man and a 'new society' into existence can only have the same origin. If a person does not conform to the system and agree with its objectives, he can be made to comply by the PDH method (pain, drugs, hypnosis). Undernourishment, privation of sleep, torture and drugs weaken resistance before hypnosis
applied .22 Thus, concentration camps, prison torture and the most ingenious methods of hypnosis are all part of the scheme.
Such horror awaits us when Communism taken over – especially, if we are Christians. There is enough information about Christian persecution in Russia, in other countries behind the Iron Curtain and in Red China to give us a vivid picture of what the future holds for us. In order to evade the issue ( such future suffering, many of the Christians who have not changed their loyalties merely close their eye The truth is suppressed; deception is preferred ; the need for preparation is ignored.
The real danger, however, is not the political concept of Communism. There are other powers at work that are behind atheism, instigating hatred again God and Christianity. Communism and capitalism form an antithesis, but they have a common denominator, for the roots of atheism are present in both These two main ideologies stem from godless materialism, which aims at a life detached from God and in opposition to His authority. While Communism uses mass terror to force people to comply capitalism, in its quest for power, seeks the highest profit and greatest progress in science and economics Behind it all is the great adversary of God, a fact
which mankind in its blindness fails to see.
But God intends to open blind eyes. He does not want us to be deceived by promises of a golden future of freedom and justice – promises which will bring us destruction and terror, hell on earth and in eternity instead. To open our eyes, He lets Satan emerge from his concealment today and show his true face.
Satanism — Religion or Politics?
On May 1, 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Professor of Canon Law, founded the 'Order of the Illuminati' in Ingolstadt, Bavaria. Five years before that he was initiated into alchemy and witchcraft, and under the cover of the Freemason Lodge in Munich he carried out occult practices. However, the Order of the Illuminati that was established as an atheistic institu­tion not only practised occultism and Satanism, but also pursued political goals:
(1) the overthrow of government and abolition of all religions, especially Christianity;
(2) the instigation of chaos by revolutions and wars in order to seize power and set up a totali­tarian world government with Satanism as the compulsory state religion.
Was Weishaupt a megalomaniac who came to a miserable end, leaving no adherents behind – a man of no significance? Indeed not. He was a stone in Satan's hand to start an avalanche rolling – an avalanche of widespread death and horror.
The members of his order were, for instance, Voltaire, Mirabeau and Robespierre. In France the most fanatical group of Freemasons, the Jacobins, joined the Illuminati. They were the instigators of the gruesome French Revolution, which ended in the
blood bath of Christians. Weishaupt, later called 'the patriarch of the Jacobins', was known as `Spartakus' in his own order. Later this name was to reappear in Germany after the First World War as the name of a Marxist group, the `Spartakists', who caused violent riots in 1918-19. One member involved was the phil­osopher Herbert Marcuse, who still wields great influence. In 1919 the Communist Party of Germany grew out of the Spartakus League, and today there is a Marxist student movement afoot in West Germany that calls itself `Spartakus'. The most important ideologies that developed from the philosophy of the Illuminati, their Satanism and their hatred of God and the Christians, are Communism, anarchism, National Socialism and Fascism .23
Today a sudden jet of water is spurting from the underworld, spewing its fiendish poison high into the air. The connection of this new diabolical trend with the past is unmistakable. A high priest of Satan called the 'Black Pope', Anton LaVey, who started a Satanist movement, substantiates his theses by referring to those of Weishaupt, whom he calls a `practising Satanist'. LaVey drives a car with the licence plate 'SATAN 9', has a black house in San Francisco with a 'ritual chamber' for Satan. He has written The Satanic Bible, a mixture of magic, socialism and sex. At Satanic weddings and other rituals the altar is a naked woman. In the initiation ceremony the prospective member must sign himself over to the devil with his own blood. Sacrilegious and blasphemous services known as 'black masses' are held; records are then made of them and put into circulation. On such records the sound of a crucifix
being broken and people swearing allegiance to 'our lord Satan' can be heard.
Just like the preliminary stages initiated by Weis­haupt the Satanic cult is not merely an insignificant oddity. Satan's influence today is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. LaVey himself said that the Satanic Age started in 1966 when God was declared dead, when the Sexual Freedom League came into prominence and the hippies formed their free sex culture. 14
From that point on Satanic cults have expanded in every major city of the United States. At the begin­ning of 1971 in a small town in America 450 Satanist priests were ordained. At Easter in the same year 4,000 people gathered in Chicago to worship Satan. `In Michigan, one book store near a college is selling 100 copies of the Satanic Bible for every one copy of the Bible.'"
There are Satan worshippers in other countries apart from the United States; in West Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France – indeed, through­out the world. Even years ago in England parts of black masses were shown on television. The pictures on the screen changed with lightning speed, alterna­ting in rapid succession from familiar Christian ceremonies to nude scenes and Satanic orgies per­formed round an altar.
On May 12, 1973 a West German television station televised a documentary film on 'Religion from the Underground', which included portions of a black mass. The consecrated wafers were passed round to the words, 'Become part of the devil's body.' During 'cultic rituals'incense was mixed with hashish;

whisky and other alcoholic drinks were handed round. The most infernal music provided the background for these vile scenes.
For centuries now Satan's policy has been to spread the belief that he does not exist. Today as he comes out of hiding, he betrays his existence in his passionate hatred of God, of Christians and their churches and meetings. In 1966 he used Anton LaVey to found the Church of Satan as a counter-church. Previously such occult groups had to meet under the cover of secret societies; whereas now the Church of Satan is registered as a religious body in America. In the past Satan kept his devious plans well
well hidden, in the underground, but now they are being openly displayed.
Nowadays Weishaupt's secret objective is being openly proclaimed in Satanism – 'the overthrow of the government by revolutions and chaos!' Com­munism has the same goal, because both Commu, nism and Satanism are fed by the same source of inspiration – hatred of Christ and the Christians. That explains the striking similarity between their plans and methods. The Communists were ordered to create chaos so as to seize the reins of government. While posing as peacemakers and heralding peace, they were to set the torch alight for the revolution. And beforehand they were to make the preparations by circulating large quantities of pornographic literature so as to destroy the moral fibre of the youth. As one of their mottoes runs, 'Corrupt the young, get them away from religion, fixate them with sex . . .'26 They also smuggled in huge quantities of drugs – one way of breaking down the resistance of those
outside their direct sphere of influence. All these measures were to lay the groundwork for the revolution and help the Communists attain their ends, for to them 'peace' is none other than Commu­nist world dominion. This is a well-known fact about Communism.
But what does the Satanist LaVey say about his goals? In his opinion Satanism will lead to a totali­tarian world government. In this police state the leaders would practise black magic; the weak mem­bers of society would be eliminated and Satanism made the state religion. 21 It is no surprise to hear that LaVey has the appropriate flag to fit these statements – the flag of the USSR – hanging in his lower cham­ber. Furthermore, books about Satanism are pub­lished by a Communist-run press and sold in large bookstores on the West Coast of America that are operated by the Communist Party. 28
Thus, contrary to common opinion, Satanism is not merely 'underground religion'; it is highly politi­cal. The startling similarity of the philosophies of Satanists from Weishaupt to LaVey and Communists from Marx to Mao reveals their affinity. With the rapid pace of the end times, both ideologies hasten towards their ultimate goal of a Communist, Satanist world dictatorship.
By what means will this world state be established – this 'kingdom of peace', this pseudo-utopia of pros­perity and justice? By peaceful means? What bless­ings and joys does this future world religion hold in store? Freedom from fears? True brotherly love? And who will be the object of worship in this religion? Iniquity breeds iniquity. The instigator is Satan who
`was a murderer from the beginning' (John 8:44). So it is impossible for him to create a kingdom of peace and paradise. Communism in its various forms has already shown its true self with the grotesque wholesale slaughtering of over 120 million lives; and now Satanism is beginning to lower its mask as well. Beneath it we see murder, carnage and sadism!
In Los Angeles the murder of a teacher caused a sensation. When her corpse was found, the heart, lungs and other parts of her body were missing. They were used for a sacrificial ceremony to the devil." In another instance, a 21-year-old murderer told a criminal investigator, 'Satan's my master.' He cut off his victim's arms, legs, than ate his heart. A week later when he was arrested in Salinas, California, he was in possession of a Satanic Bible and several finger bones. 30
In 1971 in New Jersey two boys killed a third at his request, for he said that Satan would bring him back to life as the leader of a legion of devils .3 1 A young female Satanist, who 'swears she once saw the devil himself during a black ceremony, was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing a 62-year-old man to death. "I really enjoyed killing him," she said ... in her Miami jail cell between elaborate rituals to Sa 
The notorious Manson 'family' who practised black magic and group sex made the headlines. They murdered seven whites in order to put the blame on the blacks; their fiendish scheme was to trigger off a revolutionary race war between blacks and whites. After this atrocious crime they sat down to eat dinner in the presence of their victims.33
In various cases of this type, the accused were tested by psychiatrists and found to be completely sane.
Does this give us a glimpse of a future world religion, when Communism and Satanism are united in the hatred of God ? A student who visited a Church of Satan in California told us, 'At the entrance there was a mosaic of Christ on the floor. Everyone who entered the church had to step on it and spit on His face . . .'
That which should be preached from the pulpit comes, from a secular magazine instead. Time, for example, comments on the vile manifestations of the devil's cult, 'Recently history has shown terrifyingly enough that the demonic lies barely beneath the surface, ready to catch men unawares with new and more horrible manifestations .. .134
The rise of the Church of Satan is an unmistakable sign of the times we are living in. The day has come when Communism and Satanism are achieving their common goals – revolution, chaos, persecution of Christians, the take-over of power, a world state, a world monetary system, a world government and a world religion.
Now for the first time Satanism, the religion based on hatred of God and His Son Jesus Christ, feels free to come out into the open. It is asserting its influence throughout the world, even making in­roads into television. These are all indications that a new era has dawned; the hand of the world clock has moved forward, and Jesus' prophecies for the last times have begun to be fulfilled. As we read in Scripture, 'You will be hated by all nations for my
2 27
name's sake' (Matt. 24:9), and indeed Christians will soon be persecuted in all parts of the world. These are highly crucial times. The Satanic spirit that once took hold of Weishaupt Robespierre and the Jacobins led to the blood bath of the French Revolu­tion. Countless Christians ended their lives at the guillotine – but that was only in one country. At that time Satanism, which was behind it all, was kept a secret, whereas today this Satanic spirit holds sway almost all over the world. Consequently it will end in a:-blood bath of Christians throughout the world, which will be a thousand times more atrocious than that of the French Revolution.
The jigsaw pieces are beginning to fit together.. Now it is obvious why strikes, revolts and riots are reported on all sides these days. Revolution – this one thought possesses every nation, whether it be China or Japan, the USSR, or the 'Christian' nations in the West such as France, Great Britain, Italy, West Germany, Finland, the Scandinavian countries, the United States and Canada, Australia, or the countries of Latin America and Africa. Institutions are under­mined to a large extent by Communists and manipu­lated by revolutionary agents. In many cases the Communists have already assumed control, gaining more and more key positions in public life. Many brains are working for the official day of take-over, which can come either as a coup d'itat or by 'legal means', i.e. by gaining a majority in parliament with a fraudulent manoeuvre. New governments, which are then formed, can remould society according to Marxist doctrine.
Where Is the Church Heading?
Do we still remember? In the mid sixties a strange silence fell upon the various Christian churches throughout the world on the subject of the world­wide strategy of Communism. A priest from Venezue­la wrote, 'It seems to me as though shop-keepers are withdrawing from the window the goods that don't sell well at the moment. The Church is withdrawing her anti-Communism and the Communists, their anti-religiosity. The result has been confusion; and resis­tance has been weakened by the hope of peaceful co-existence, of dialogue and of a genuine renewal of the Church.'15
Never before in history has there been such a situa­tion in the Church. In the course of time the attitude of the institutional church towards Communism and atheism has changed from that of mere silence to marked sympathy – a development which indicates that the world clock will soon strike midnight. The victory of Communism is imminent and Christian persecution is about to break out. Of course, in the Christian world there is no open talk of brotherhood with Communism; but the possibility of a humanistic world government is being discussed. A full-time worker of the World Council of Churches in Geneva spoke about the aims of this organization on October 28, 1972 on the West German television station SFB. `The World Council of Churches ... a possible model

fora future world government.' The possibility of a universal church leading to a world government is being considered by others in the Protestant Church.
To achieve a syncretism of all religions and ideolo­gies – including Communism – the Great Commission to preach the Gospel is being reduced to a mere `dialogue' with the heathen religions. Reports about the World Mission Conference of the WCC early 1973 in Bangkok, Thailand, demonstrate this trend. In a preparatory document for this conference the programme director of the World Council of Churches in Geneva said, for instance, that the problem of dia­logue meant learning to respect the work of the Holy Spirit in the whole world, not only within the realm of religion, but also within the secular beliefs and ideologies .36
At the Bangkok Conference even Maoism was presented several times as an acceptable, if not superior, alternative to Christianity. And the contri­bution of the Chinese Cultural Revolution to our understanding of 'salvation today' was discussed. The ultimate results of such dialogues with Marxists and Maoists are illustrated in a 'litany' of a modern version of the Beatitudes, which was cited in the re­port of Section I of the Bangkok Conference. 'You found all the traditional language meaningless and became "an atheist by the grace of God". I rejoice with you, my brother.'
Thus the decision of this conference comes as no surprise. The plenary session recommended that the churches in the West should refrain from sending missionaries to the Third World for the time being and to use the money saved, to support the liberation
movements – that is, revolutionaries that advocate tl use of violence. As early as 1969 at the Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Uppsala Sweden this tendency could be seen clearly. As a guide and introduction to this assembly a brochure  published with the title, Renewal in Mission. The document freely used the great words of mission, but in radically new ways. For example, changing the social order by revolutionary methods (apparent heedless of what the revolutionaries believe about Jesus) was called reconciliation of man to Go, Consequently, supporting a revolution in Brazil or Chile is regarded as mission. In a WCC book call( Salvation Today, one article is entitled, 'Saved by Mao'. 37
As early as 1966 Dr John C. Bennett, president New York's influential Union Theological Seminary a leading figure in the National and World Council of Churches, proposed that the West change its attitude towards China. 'The Chinese revolution calls for awe initially rather than condemnation. He continues, 'Communism needs to'be seen as an instrument of modernization, of national unity. greater social welfare.'31 At the World Council Churches Conference on the Church and Society , Red China was described as '. . . the new savior of the poor nations of the world.'39
What attitude are Christians supposed to take?  A universal church at the cost of truth and love? The World Council of Churches as pacemaker for a humanistic unified world state? Mao's aims and methods acceptable for Christian churches? Because the spiritual renewal of man and society does not
appear to be successful any more, the support and advocation of violence.are regarded as legitimate to attain renewal. Such views can only be held by a Church that has largely lost her Biblical foundation, her Christian hope and her relationship to the cross and to. the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and now shares the ideals and methods of those who deny God and hate Christ.
Marx and Lenin tolerated 'Christian' ideas, if these seemed to further the cause of Communism and could help towards world conquest. If the church in general has such an antichristian spirit, she will turn into a godless world church. No doubt such a church in her initial as well as in her later stages will be convenient to a future world government opposed to Christianity. The Biblical prophecies in the Book of Revelation are beginning to be fulfilled : the Church is falling into a state of apostasy, becoming a harlot – and when the Antichrist appears, she will join forces with him (Rev. 17:1, 3).
What we are experiencing in the Protestant Church is also happening in the Roman Catholic Church. Her foundations have been undermined and her views have been partially altered, because the Communists have been to a large extent successful in infiltrating institutions. The seeds that were sown in secret by forerunners are now germinating for all to see. At their Eleventh Party Congress in 1964 the Com­munist Party of Italy made the following statement about the Second Vatican Council, '. . . A hitherto unforeseen opportunity has arisen. By making the right manoeuvre we can draw closer to the final victory ... Free of charge the Vatican Council has
placed the best means at our disposal to reach the Catholic public . . . The conditions were never so favourable for us.' Roman Catholics themselves write, 'The Pope is right; the devil has broken into the Church.'40 In this case the apocalyptic signs are also evident.
It is nearly midnight and Christian persecution is on the threshold. Thus as Christians we cannot evade the issue. One question is important: 'Am I ready to suffer for Jesus and to lay down my life for Him?' Jesus' command, 'Be prepared!', is His summons to His disciples today. This command is like a trumpet call to startle us out of our sleep when we are too involved in the everyday affairs of life. The Lord wants us to practise now for tomorrow so that we can stand in the hour of trial. Yet many Christian groups, even those that realize the dangers of the current leftist trend in the institutional church, neglect their intensive spiritual training for the time of suffering, although we are standing on the brink of Christian persecution, and disaster is threatening the whole world. Looking through some of their magazines, one does not get the impression that we are living in a highly crucial era. Although some groups are concerned with the literal interpretation of the Bible, others with liturgical matters, and others with the charismatic experience, they are not gripped by the most important issue that will determine our destiny tomorrow. The sense of urgency is missing, as well as the fervent entreaty, "Lord, prepare us!"
What could be the explanation? In order to keep us from spiritual preparation the devil resorts to another
method to lull us into a false state of security. A certain teaching, which prevails in many Christian groups, asserts that the believers will be raptured before the great revolutions, the persecution of Christians and the nuclear war. The more alarming the daily news becomes, the more this teaching is relied on. Thus countless numbers of believers are diverted .from the real preparation – a life of contrition and repentance – which will make us ready for suffering, for the persecution of Christians and the world disaster that will follow.
Jesus said, 'If they persecuted me, they will perse­cute you' (John 15:20). In our present age His words are being fulfilled in lands under Communist rule and will be fulfilled in every new country that comes under their dominion. Why should we suppose that we can escape persecution? Jesus prophesied per­secution for the end times, which we have now entered, when He said, 'You will be hated by all nations for my name's sake' (Matt. 24:9). The last times in particular are characterized by the hatred against believers, the blood of many martyrs and the severest Christian persecution in history. So let us not deceive ourselves and rest in false security and complacency, saying, As true believers, we shall be raptured before the persecution.'
Such notions come from the enemy. The Apostle Paul made it plain to the Church at Thessalonica, who expected the rapture to be earlier than it was due, that it could not possibly precede the time of suffering. 'Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a
falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed( the son of perdition' (2 Thess. 2:3 Av). Here the apostle is not referring to apostasy as a gradual development, a current trend, but in connection with a significant Antichristian personage who has not yet appeared. Furthermore, 1 Corinthians 15:51f. indicates that the believers will not be raptured to the Lord until the last trumpet is blown. That means they will have to live through the severe sufferings brought by the first six trumpet judgments, which have yet to come upon mankind (Rev. 8 and 9). However, (It does not imply that these believers will have to endue the great tribulation during the Antichrist's reign.
But it is the suffering of the coming persecution that will prepare the Christians who survive, for the rapture. Although a disciple of Jesus lives in joyful expectation of the rapture, he realizes that only those who have walked with Jesus on the way of the cross will be caught up to meet Him in the air. Suffering had prepared them to meet the Lord and. behold Him
in His glory, for no one can see God without holincss! (Heb. 12:14). Suffering alone transforms them aan brings them great glory; neither conversion nor baptism in the Holy Spirit is a guarantee for the rapture.
Jesus' summons applies to our times more than ever before. 'Be on your guard! Prepare yourselves. By the time persecution breaks out, we must be ready to meet suffering – everything depends on that So let us prepare to suffer; let us surrender ourselves ever anew, dedicating ourselves to suffering.

And we shall be prepared by
Constantly renewing our trust in the heavenly Father,
Surrendering our will to God ever anew,
Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus,
Resisting sin and fighting the battle of faith daily,
Realizing the privilege of
suffering for Christ,
Remembering our vocation to make up what is lack­ing in Christ's afflictions for the sake of His Body.


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