Tuesday 30 December 2014

Daniel versus Chris a year on.

For those interested/empathetic/hearing the beating heart of the Body which is Jesus have a look at 2 emails at 180 degrees and see if you can see what is going on?  I suppose unless you have genuine discernment I don't really want to hear from people who haven't lived quite extensively and seriously in covenant community, what God calls church but man calls too much....but those saints who have can reasonably sense things.
We were all 12-25 of us using a Facebook private Thread system based on a private message shared between a group.  One basic unspoken rule of New Covenant life is....if you have a problem with someone and most of us do...sometimes rightly sometimes wrongly....you don't behave like the devil does and just walk off. maybe you say your piece and walk off....but just walking off when we are members of one another is in human body terms......certifiable...akin to cutting yourself....it's psychiatric material.

In highlighting this basic precept that we(a different we) had learned in Amersham , Emsworth and Havant....people all left.It was like a frightened rabbit thing....and everyone bolted.  Then wishing to get the bottom of it all I sent a message on the same Facebook system, because it wasn't a public status issue....but ofcourse I was not thinking this would appear like locking people into something they wanted no part of.  So that was weird. To have your good buddy (Daniel) accuse you of cult leader issues. I can understand it from their reverse angle, because of the way PM private message threads work....but that took some working out...because it wasn't in my heart.

So if you want to relate to me long term heart to heart....all you have to be aware of having done years of this stuff the right way.....( and yes...I was the teenager who slammed doors on well intentioned folk and walked out or rather stomped out)....is that we discuss issues then if not resolved we go our separate ways until such time as the Holy Spirit has made us into a viable working unit.  But we DON'T DO what so called mature ministries do(not Daniel here but the others I was flagging up)  and after 40 years as pastors accuse me of manipulations without grounding or explanation and walk out saying nothing. That's not how the Body works.
This is what I addressed.
 Everybody left.....and  you now understand why I put on the Timeline...believing Galatians 2:20 in Genesis 15 context. As we experienced in real church life, we fully expect to have our lives split open like carcasses but have the hovering burning torch of the Holy Spirit pass between all...revealing, healing,empowering and covering. It's not a nice cosy place but by the nature of Psalm 91....actually it's the SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH.

I can hear various members now in my spirit saying....Oh Chris, that was a year ago....move on.
Do you know something? Jesus hasn't moved on. Because this was Christ me stuff...not pique stuff. This was Jesus addressing His Body about how we build in the Body. If it was just personal I am not sure I have a strong enough feeling of self worth to make an issue.....because generally in life we just pick ourselves up and move on.  But like Kadesh Barnea....you can't just move on. God didn't allow it then. He insisted.  You do it the right way, in My timing....or your generation die off until the next obedient generation come through.

More specifically still i am getting more light on explaining how Chris Welch seems to operate in the Spirit. And it is as much news to me as anyone else. If you honestly examine all the tiny issues of your life I am sure you will be aware suddenly of all the recurring patterns which are normal to "your species" of ONE...but that don't necessarily tie in with the PC behaviour prescribed by Brussels or Washington or wherever.
Think of the lady who consistently has babies1 week late. Well, they clearly aren't late then are they?
I posted an image the other day of 4 boxes describing the main inner positions that people operate from, and this relates to my Spirit Rottweiler approach which alarms everybody...including me...but because it is absolutely consistent  and proved time and time again to be accurate....I am not bending to other people's PCdom. This is Christ Chris in this specific area when given unction to do so....and He is not changing because that is how he was made before the earth began. There isn't another blueprint....and it isn't "flesh" life any more than that lady is a malfunction with her babies arriving 9months and one week.

Daniel Yordy writes


I don't read your posts; I had not read this until now because I cannot
trust you. You have broken by your actions any trust I may once have
extended towards you.

I read only a ways into this before I stopped reading.

You see, Chris, I have not been able to give up on you. Thus I have
continued carrying you before the Lord in my heart.

Through all this, there seems to me to be a blindness upon your own heart
that you cannot see your own reprehensible and ugodly actions against
others, including against myself. I say that straight, not as an
accusation, but in the hopes that you can see how kind and good people
weep over your words. Though I did not read your comments on my post, many
wrote to me in tears over your words.

We cannot walk with you, Chris, because in our own perception, it seems to
us that you will not walk with us.

I left the thread in the joy of Christ as me, yet you have turned that
into something religious on your part and on mine. This email makes me
angry, Chris, because so much in it is not true. You do not know because
you refuse to ask, though I have pleaded with you to do so.

God orders your steps; God closed down the thread.

I left the thread because I saw in your words and in Rich's words every
sign of religious-cult building for which I, as you re-iterate here, "left
the move." When you re-started the thread, forcing us back in against our
wills, you were moving in religious manipulation and control, practices I
cannot condone let alone participate in. Saying, "God told me to force you
back in" is simply awful, something the brethren in the move learned the
hard way never to think or say or do. The statements of those who left the
thread the second time, as they left, were God speaking directly to you.
The fact that you did not come to sorrow as a result of such godly and
dear people speaking such things is beyond me.

Listen, I know this stuff and I abhor it. What we need from you, my dear
brother, is not more and more endless explanations about how you "see"
what we don't see. What we need from you is honest words from an honest
heart facing up to your public accusations leveled against others and
expressing sorrow over the devastation you have wrecked against your

I'm sorry, Chris, but your contention here that "our actions" (say what?
leaving a Facebook Thread?????) caused you the same levels of grief that I
knew through years of trying to live under ministries in the move doing
exactly what you are doing here, your contention just bamfoozles me. Yet
those same people, for the most part, learned that God is something
entirely different than treating people with disrespect.

No one I know of has spoken against you as you have spoken publicly
against us. I will not walk with anyone who speaks accusation against
others, especially publicly. I removed you from my FB feed when I read you
and others speaking evil of Joel Osteen. I will not be tied to such
conduct. It is reprehensible and intolerable to me.

When God takes away your work, what is your reaction? A ministry of the
third feast will justify God, blame no one, give thanks, and speak only
blessing and goodness to others. When you are ready to be such a ministry,
I welcome further communication from you.

I have stated from the beginning that I will not walk with those who do
not bless people in their leaving MORE than in their coming. That is
entirely the difference between a religious cult and Christ. Your comments
continuing here about Nancy and Ole are abhorrent to me, as I have made
clear all the way through my letters. Yes, I wrote "Two Women or One"
pleading with you, my dear brother, hoping with all expectation that the
Spirit of God would use those words to turn your heart away from that
practice of "ministry" that I will not walk with.

I respond in this way, Chris, because in this circumstance where your own
actions have caused such hurt and grief in the hearts of many, you
continue to justify yourself and blame others for wrecking "the great work
of God through you" on FB.

I entreated you with all care and respect in my previous two emails to
you. Your final reply left me so very sad inside, but not as sad as these
words at the beginning of this email.

You see, in this bit here, you present me as the "poor foolish brother,"
and yourself as the one who sees out from the throne room. Yet at no time
have I read the words, "I am so sorry, Daniel, please forgive me, I was so
wrong. I don't know what I was thinking."

When you can write those words to me with NO explanation of self, then I
will know that you are someone I could walk together with.  A person who
cannot say and mean, "I am so sorry; I was so wrong, please forgive me"
cannot be inside any place where I will live.

I am not offended, I am not "muttering." Please, stop saying those things
about other people. Those comments are part and parcel of "how to build
your own religious cult."

I did not leave FB. Your actions have forced me into the condition of
Jesus, "He opened not His mouth." You seem unable to hear gentle entreaty.
The only other option is a strong email such as this that bears far to
much the tone of "accusation" than I would speak.

If I did not "believe in you," I would not write this email.

I am unable to have any further relationship with you until I see the
words "I am so sorry" in the subject line, with the very short email in
the same vein and without any more explanations of things that are totally
irrelevant. More than that, as you have spoken against many publicly, I
would expect a public apology to all asking for forgiveness.

I know all about people with anointed gifts. I know all about third feast
anointings and "discernment." Yet I have seen underneath of that in so
many, many, a heart that will reject God's scourging Hand and strike out
to blame other people for what God Himself has done. In the end, all the
spiritual gifts and perceptions are simply worthless.

I do not ask of you anything that I have not already done myself in the
Christ Our Life posts.  Yet, until I see such a quality in you, I cannot
take you seriously as a ministry of the third feast.

Blessings, Daniel

My reply
Chris writes:

Daniel,I can see others being upset when they felt themselves forced into a thread.
I wasn't thinking of it as another thread...though you are right ofcourse, the Facebook machinery makes it into one.
I was simply replying what was on my heart.
My this has escalated.
All I can do is reply simply in the Spirit that the type of relating espoused by the Stradwicks, Ole and then later Nancy showed me we are in something different. In Emsworth we pressed through on things in the context of worship and finding God.
That's the point I raised. If I said things about Joel Osteen and other believers...particularly the Union Move, then it'll be in this context.
It's unfortunate with Aspergers because the incredible pressure you were already under in your coursework means we shall never know unless God does the "playback "in the Spirit for us...how much your departure was just inocuous, and how much "evading" what is currently going on. In the life in the Body it becomes clear over a period...because if we evade things the first time round, they have a habit of coming round again. I know I felt to address you very strongly on it in that moment. I have no idea how much this is an endemic thing in you...or just a thing for when I wrote it.

In my Spirit environment we speak against that which is not Christ going on, and we hopefully take it down, dismantle it before it has done too much damage. Sometimes our failure doesn't always reveal what would have happened if we had not at least tried. Because when the troubles happen  people are already at least one step nearer in flagging up the real problem.
I believe this was so with Bonhoeffer's stand(in the Lutheran church against Hitler)....but the general voice of history would say his was a futile stand as no one appeared to listen.

I hold everyone in high regard. And especially you. I honestly don't think I 've ever read yet anyone who has clearly explained so much of what Christ is about here in our world.  It doesn't daunt me either that Annalize didn't get what I said to her angrily.
Perhaps it will come back to her later. For me it's just the same Jesus who looked at the disciples at one point in utter frustration and said " O ye of little faith, How long will I be with such a generation?" Well i can't say the same about any of you because you have much faith.  But what Annalise heard was a flesh condemnation as though she wasn't doing anything in Stamford.
What I said by the Spirit was very like Jesus with the man talking about fulfilling the law.
Annalise has a wonderful heart, reading and reading, and doing amazing things in Stamford. But what God was saying was if she is to see the "more" that she seeks, He is asking her to engage with Stamford at a level of authority that she is not doing currently. I as an outsider can't tell what that will look like....but it may not involve "doing " anything in Stamford at all.I don't think Rees Howells "DID MUCH" in Britain...but that didn't annul his bringing down of the three dictators by word of faith.

And this is the Spirit I speak to all in. It's not out of pique. It's addressing the Tree of Good. The veneers. The onion layers which are strongholds for us, covering who we really are and what God is really doing.

The devil can frame me with "you said such and such"...and to that I will say...If I said that in such and such a spirit ofcourse I would want to beg forgiveness. But there is escalation here. The points I have made are very simple. And not one has addressed them.
This is my walk as with all of you. Christ as me. Certainly while you receive me as an ogre of Buddy Cobb proportions and apparently greater ...well...our walk together in a meaningful way  began breaking down when you nolonger received me in Christ. And I assure you it is Christ...and He is in man's terms a eunuch who simply doesn't Lord it over. Ofcourse I walk away as I have for 40 years to move onto the next Melchizedek connection. Hopefully it will be a local 3D one and not so hampered by leftbrain restrictions of writing online. If you are genuinely walking in the same order we will again meet. But I am betting the beauty of this relationship on Jesus taking you through a course on rebuking in the Spirit first.

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