Wednesday 3 December 2014

So Where Are We? (Freud,Tavistock and Mind Control)

Bottom Piece written for Hairy-tics Forum on Facebook.
BUT  FIRST...the context, which was a general status in response to Google's Homepage reference to Anna Freud's 119th birthday.

Today as Google announces, is Anna Freud's 119th birthday. In real terms, this is similar to announcing Hitler or Stalin's family birthdays, but because it has been kept from the public, we still celebrate these individuals. The Freud/ Bernays families are so integral to the suffering of the 20th Century, normally speaking you would now feel a desperate pit of the stomach pain at the mere mention of this dynasty's name....and the reason you don't, is because of what they fathered. Mindcontrol. They have mindcontrolled their family's importance out of the public eye, but if you knew you would have the same aversion to them as say to the Nazi swastika. 
Sigmund Freud Fathered Tavistock Institute under Rothschild and Rockefeller funding. Edward De Bernays is responsible for Americans losing their money to the Private FEd. He got women smoking in public after 1928, and he got Americans to have shrivelled pineal glands becoming a lot more controllable and passive under fluoride introduction.
Read Dr Coleman, Fritz Springmeier,David Icke.

The History of Tavistock Institute

Bernays book: Propaganda

Tavistock Mind Control

The influence of mindcontrol in this group(Hairy-tics) is staggering. And this is just one tiny microcosm of world thought....people who by being pleased to contribute and subscribe here are already a lot more free thinking than in other settings.
The staggering sameness of the repeated assertions here coming straight out of books and television is really frankly worrying....and this as I say , from what you would think were a bunch of people most able to come up with original thinking.
The circularity of the arguments just to avoid the simple truths.
What's the simple truth?
If you, like Abraham go deep down and honest enough into your self...
and this is to be a good deal more honest than a Buddhist...
you will find the One Father, and in Him you will find your own unique authenticity as designed and purposed before this creation was thought of.

But you  (unlike the Gentiles heaping up an appropriate amount of prayers and words to somehow appease their god/God/gods into action) when you pray
Go into your inner room
Shut your Door
and meet with the Father in "the secret place"......

I don't have to convince you that there is a God....I have to convince you to do the same honest search that Abraham , Isaac and Jacob did so you will come up with the same threefold God package, which working individually seems to take three generations. It is like reinventing the wheel....because it's been done. Every generation has to fill it out more and more.
For any latecomers to planet earth this is where we are at....
God who is bringing forth His Hebrews Heavenly Tabernacle blueprint to be visible in real time in every country on earth...has reached this kind of stage in the process....
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a God package of revelation was rolled out corporately among the Jews....EXCEPT
The I AM the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob "thing"...or inward based only on an infrastructure of "individuals seeing".
SO IN CORPORATE TERMS....this whole Jewish thing covered all the Outer courts of the heavenly Tabernacle was Jesus who moved the whole thing forward to the FIRST BIT of the covered Tabernacle.....and in 3 years of Ministry established a church or as he also called it His a group that "sees in the Holy Spirit together".....but ONLY in the realm of the Holy Place....the midstage of the blueprint.
But already prophets would have longed to see Act2 and the first day of the church because they saw all these things but as individuals....the prophets didn't have a corporate bunch around them seeing the same things. Quite lonely lives.....
This whole "church" thing has had to go into the ground and die like a seed....why? because right within it somewhere was Cain SEED.
So a remnant under Luther began the whole Spirit sequence again....but this time every movement has been done connected with HEAVEN ITSELF. ie No Human headquarters.... SURE after the move died there were always St Peter's wanting to build 3 tabernacles and preserve things like stuffed armadillos in museums and call them denominations....
but the real priests in every generation since have been pushing the story ever onwards.
The first MODERN BUNCH to hit or reach where Jesus took His people were Pentecostals who rediscovered baptism in the Spirit. They went like seeds into the ground and were raised a whole movement in the churches worldwide called the Holy Spirit charismatic movement. This is where our 70s generation arrived, hunting these things down.

How do you do church in the Holy Spirit?
What is Church really?
What are the leaders like? How do you become leaders?
What is the vision of the Church?
How does it work in between nations with no human headquarters?
How do you seek God together?
How do you worship in Spirit and in Truth as Jesus said in John 4?
What is the restoration of the Tabernacle of David prophesied in Acts?
How do we ascend the hill of the Lord as in Psalm 24 and as described spiritually in Psalms of the Ascents 120-134?
These are the things our generation from 1970 - 2010 have been digging into. Which, after gazing long and hard at
Kenneth Copeland
Benny Hinn
Joyce Meyers
Morris Cerullo
before that the Hagins,Osteens,Oral Roberts etc....
we realised eventually the whole of this is ONLY the corporate 2nd level, the mid area of the heavenly blueprint...the Holy Place....
See, originally, and still, many Americans are convinced that this is God's ultimate.....
NOPE I can assure you it is only what St John refers to as "young man stuff".....
and it's really easy to see once you spot various things....
the young man stage is still getting their inner seeing, their Jesus consciousness sorted.
Christians are still coy....maybe less so in meetings...but outside they still blend in with the crowd living from he exact same spirit that everyone else ofcourse people call them phonies....
Jesus calls it the "half built Tower"......or the "Unfinished Army campaign"
or in Matthew 25....the foolish virgins, who have one flask of oil all right for the meetings....but they haven't been down the shops to get all the other flasks they need for the whole of life and living.
THIS IS THE UNEARTHING OF THE THIRD LEVEL OF CHRISTIANITY...and actually in proper's the only level that truly works because the INNER CHANGEOVER to Jesus consciousness is now complete. People give away exactly where they are at. They give away these things.....
This is Paul and John's list
1. They follow a few leaders but NOT the whole spectrum of God raised up leadership
2. They are still leftbrain locked.....(living in the futility of their minds like the Gentiles)
3. They still have low compassion and love thresholds
4. Paul is still praying that their inner eyes and ears are opened (they are functioning from their noddles as most do here instead of from real Spirit revelation)
5. They still think in terms of meetings rather than Romans 12:1-2 and John 4....whole of life. "Even the pots and pans shall cry holy is the Lord"
6. Their "figleaves" are still largely like a bat you are sending out Spirit signals and you only get muted responses because your frequencies are hiting figleaves and not hard or ROCK surfaces and rebounding back properly.


Samantha Wales said...

I like the word spectrum. How can the Spirit be a Spirit of Holy Fear and a Spirit of Wisdom? Is He two? Seven? No and Yes. He is One and He is seven. He is Light.

Samantha Wales said...

Like bats and moths...Oh Lord help me guide by the true light!!!