Tuesday 25 August 2015

Spirit is Spirit, neither to the left or the right

We can view most things Jesus says as enigmatic. But they are not. They are Spirit. That's the difference. When interpreted through our human thoughts and feelings they become tainted. We go to the left or the right. The Spirit is single eyed and walks straight ahead. This is the subtlety with proverbs by the way. It's not a Tree of Knowledge Book. Don't go left go right. Don't go right go left. It's a Tree of Life book....don't go left or right....walk in God, walk in the Spirit.
Let's take a real world example. Kisa Emmanuel Amos
Kisa is right in the thick of it!!!! He is ministering the gospel as an evangelist right in the middle of the new planned Muslim hub of central Africa ...Iganga. It's almost similar to St Paul wanting to minister in Rome, the centre of everything. Kisa was reporting back his success, and I said...well I am not concerned with your success in ministry...but I am really happy about what Jesus is doing in you and through you. Making the point that Jesus often did with His disciples.....no man can do great works....but we can be vessels for God to do His stuff through us. That's one side of the Truth. But the Spirit did say the other side of the Truth namely that because Kisa has identified with the gospel such that he has been willing to be imprisoned 38 times, be beaten such that he spent 3 to 4 months on crutches, and also was poisoned in prison, so that he had to go to hospital....the Holy Spirit Himself is making Him a minister of Jesus Christ in this precise place at this precise time. Jesus on location in Kisa's body as Nancy Gilmore would say.
This morning I was writing about apostles.
This subject too has two sides...both are incorrect.
Barnabas and Paul were called gods at one point, because of surviving lethal snake bites. As soon as Paul and Barnabas pricked this bubble...the hearers wanted to stone them. There is a reverence for ministry that is pure DOG'S BOTTOM. It comes straight out of Satan's Kingdom. And this is the spirit Paul and Barnabas were addressing. Actually God has a special type of person He has lovingly created to destroy DOGS BOTTOM spirits. He is called ST MARK. These are people people. They are the Darin Hufford s.
Their God given purpose is to remind all humans that they are in the end humans. Every ministry should have one in tow. They are like the kings who employed jesters who always cut them down to size.
But for St Mark's God has designed another beautifully crafted arch nemesis who reminds them....humans aren't just humans
although made lower than the angels....God crowns us with glory and honour
He puts on Transfiguration episodes which wow everybody
He reminds us ....actually we are spirit.....and spirit awesomeness squashed temporarily and awkwardly into molecular flesh and blood for a while.
He says if we say (in our hearts more than anything) blessed is he who comes in the Name of the Lord, then we shall receive a reward from the Lord, a blessing from the Lord. St Johns are hot on this one.
So ministry when described in flesh terms is always an enigma. Either over revered in a dogsbottom sense....or underrevered and people miss Spirit coming through flesh.
Can you see though....once you have a single eye you are able to see Spirit for what it is. Spirit is NOT enigmatic...it is SPIRIT going on. It's viewing things in separation....with a Genesis 3 hat on.....with bogus inner seeing which infected us all from the Fall....that makes things appear in a prism of enigma. WE ARE AT FAULT. It's not Spirit.
Elaine Waterfield knows what it is to be used by God as a nothing, so nobody is going to fool her that by putting on white sheets and various forms of bling and being "ordained" that that is going to add to anything Jesus is in her. It may open various doors for the ignorant in England who still have dogsbottom spirits, but in the Spirit of God it doesn't make any difference at all.

At spirit level everything is from Source Life or derived life, God or the devil. At soul level things are to the left, to the right, straight ahead, or shades of grey all over the place. Never mix the two realms.

Likewise on the other end of the spectrum I was writing about how the Anderseck's are SO INTO apostles they almost are at the other extreme and he probably needs to spend more time with the Union brethren like Merrill Thompson, Mikkel Thomsen, Sylvia Pearce, Brian Tandy Coatney Fred Pruitt Nancy Gilmore and DeeDee Winter . In the thirdlevel of Christianity ministry almost has no meaning. Why? Once you are all walking as Jesus Christ in you as you...all you can really do for one another is add or confirm the things God is at work and willing in you anyway. At any point prophecy,speaking a Word of faith,praise,worship, hospitality,love are in your life anyway and you will be well on your way in your own personal "impossible" commissioning anyway.
When you see "an apostle"....always look carefully in the Spirit. Do you see a pyramid? With the "apostle " on top. Or do you see a family of individuals being raised in Galatians 2:20 around the guy or gal who all know how to walk as Christ in their forms? Mostly what we see are pyramids of "charismatic apostles" who wouldn't know how to reproduce after their own Spirit kind even if it was an overhead menu screen in a Macdonalds outlet. So look carefully. Do you see family members all taking the main positions??? Yup. Thought so !!!! Flesh has tremendous leverage over its own!!!! Who is my family Jesus asked.....all those whose will is to do the will of the Father....so He was surrounded by a whole mishmash of different unlikely types. LOOK FOR THE UNLIKELY TYPES !!!! And that isn't quite the same as compliant, bespectacled quiet Luke and Mark characters that don't ordinarily say boo to a goose. No....LOOK FOR A REAL MISHMASH....people who wouldn't ordinarily be seen dead together!!!!!
That's God's family!!!!! That's ministry.

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love the apostle-pyramid explanation. will keep it in mind.