Thursday 27 August 2015

Triggering Open Heavens

In 1978 I had my first 2 week long foretaste of the thirdlevel. Some people call this revival. Kisa Emmanuel Amos is experiencing it now.
All of our life God is conforming us to His a sense all of life , all 70 years or more or less is waiting upon Him. But it's not that passive, iffy, empty "Waiting for Godot " stuff.....waiting upon the Lord means in Aramaic
entwining around/being joined as a strand of rope with....
kind of exactly like our DNA helix.
You have to separate the idea of spirit from soul and body. See you can be waiting for God in this active engaging sense spiritually EVEN while your soul is active in work or family or play. It's a secret thing. Your family will only see the results....but they can't see it happening. Jesus brother's didn't know Jesus was the Son of God until after He died.
What I am saying is, just as I was 20, you can trigger thirdlevel events right don't have to wait until you are 70.
Thirdlevel events are triggered by an elaborate series of "secret codes"like on a SAFE DOOR....if you go through the whole sequence the SAFE DOOR springs open....or you find there is suddenly an OPEN HEAVEN....people are getting saved....the work of God accelerates...a BURST of HEAVEN comes to earth. Yonghhi Cho runs his church like this having a PRAYER MOUNTAIN. Which is OK...but we really have to move on from here.
The ENTIRE TRICK of this planet is to ONLY DO what you see the Father doing. Since the Fall we have been doing GOD PLUS activities....doing more than He is doing, and GOD MINUS activities...NOT doing what He is doing.
All prayer was....was geographically having a shut down....stopping everything to reconcentrate on your innards....what New Agers call centering down. But in Christ this becomes specifically what your RECREATED YOU, in direct connection with the Father is doing.
When you learn the Galatians 2:20 walk you don't do much "formal praying" or sometimes like me, youcannot even get to visit a church because they tell you to be silent or worse chuck you little formal Christianity remains....and so like Fred Pruitt or Nancy Gilmore or tons of us on here we don't go to church....we walk Christ in us as us all the time. And this is the secret of thirdlevel triggering.
Kisa isn't experiencing revival in a main Muslim region because central leaders in Kampala have laid their hands on him and prayed big charismatic prayers over him. It's because Kisa REFUSED to run when the police came 38 times to lock him away and beat him and poisoned him.....and Jesus Kisa wasn't Kisa didn't run. Each stupid thing was unlocking spiritual doors in the heavens. This is how St Paul operated. To the world he just looks clumsy being locked up in prison all the time....but in the Spirit you can see Jesus unlocking the whole of Asia Minor for the gospel!!!!
My foretaste happened when I was going to France, because I refused to do what all the other students were doing....which was picking grapes...or going with student organisational the Holy Spirit said...for you I want you to contact the most live church you can find....rue de Musset in Paris . That was November 1987. They wrote back and said you cannot stay here we have nobody to stay with. But the Spirit didn't say to do anything more. So months went by. The summer holidays came. I looked like an idiot....which is why I am now quite skilled at this!!!!.....then on the very last 2 weeks, as I finished my parent's huge hedges....a phone call came from Northern France....We used to be in rue de musset and heard of your request....come tomorrow."
People know that on the first morning God came through my fingers to electrically zap the mother so she lost her epilepsy in 10 seconds and got her driving licence back one year later from an atheist French government.
And the two weeks kind of went on like that!!!! It worked because Christ was opening doors....but ALSO this family RECEIVED THIS 20 year old student in the name of the Lord....and literally sucked all my Jesus out of me.
SO instead of Prayer Mountain which is still a bit formal.....
3rd level church gatherings should be collections of
PEOPLE who have walked all week long in the righteousness of God according to Galatians 2:20
and secondly....
EVERYBODY HUNGRILY Receiving each other in the Name of the Lord and not in the independent self delusion....AND SUCKING ALL JESUS OUT OF EACH OTHER.


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