Wednesday 12 August 2015

Franz Kafka on Truth

"Truth is seen in the grimace on the Face of a retreating Lie." Franz Kafka
Written in the context of a German speaking Jew in Prague (Bohemia)
What does it mean?
You can see truth in two ways. In all its gloriousness, boldly in your face.
But also in a kind of reverse double negative in the crumbling edifice of Darkness posing as SUBSTANCE.
I studied Kafka at Exeter University. He was a part of the contemporary (1920s)EXPRESSIONIST Movement which sought to expose the HIDDEN DRIVES and AGENDAS that up until then had been plastered over with the veneer of civilisation. It was contemporaneous with Freud who began to open the inside psychology of the human condition.
Why mention it?
Because many of you of sunny disposition, and not a few of you used to Christian settings, will find many of my statuses very dark indeed, and some have doubted that I have the Holy Spirit at all.
Anybody read the psalms lately? Anybody read phrases like "And even if I make my bed in Sheol then YOU ARE THERE."
By outlining the very edges of conspiracies and dark histories I am doing two things. I am saying everything is purposed in God. Even the dark underweave is doing something.
But secondly , if you stare hard enough, you see the cracks in the joins of Satan's fake constructions. These things, that were meant to be the foundation of our opposition to God, the base upon which we curse become the HUGE we see God peering over Satan's shoulder, showing that these are small black boxes of Satan's own construction, that far from meaning there is no God, now show us the sort of balsa constructions, painted black, that Satan has to come up with to trick us, since GOD ACTUALLY IS IN EVERY SQUARE INCH OF HISTORY AND THE CREATION. It is like the moment in the Wizard of Oz when the curtain is torn aside, and this huge powerful god like figure turns out to be a small elderly man with lots of loudspeakers and gizmos and light effects.
Juri Lina's book Architects of Deception is a potted (still 600 pages) summary of recent history....and "how the devil pulled it off".
I hope, rather than see me as this forlorn bowed figure forever rooting around the poisoned extremities, you will see I have a delighted grin....GOD IS IN ALL THIS RETREATING LIE.......the KNOWLEDGE OF THE (ALREADY PRESENT) GLORY OF THE LORD SHALL COVER THE EARTH AS THE WATERS COVER THE SEA!!!!

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