Friday 11 December 2015

A 90th Degree Freemason Speaks - Bill Schnoebelen

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90th degree freemason

Here is the LONGER session.   These are MUST SEE VIDEOS because if you weren't sure before, these should pile drive you into seeking you....the HOPE OF GLORY.
He is ofcourse extraordinary because he has been round all the houses so to speak. Now while many do, very few have managed a return to Christ midway in their life. So he is a treasure of Darkness and able to fill out our picture of how the world system is truly an interlocking pyramid built around the common denominator of the false independent self delusion. But this talk is more than that in that it digs into Jewish and Christian roots and the whole of history, and we can see how different forks in the road have occurred.....very similar to the paths the Israelites took in the Old Testament. After this there should be no doubt in your mind about the true nature of the Psalm 2 Conspiracy. We are talking SPIRITUAL fact clothes in different garbs and we are not meaning what the CIA coined by the term in 1967 when it introduced the phrase conspiracy theory to mean wacko rumours.
Understand with mindcontrol you can shape everyone's the same word THEORY is applied to Evolution theory and that suddenly means fact, when as my series Evolution versus science shows there isn't a shred of evidence anywhere for the theory of evolution, but try speaking to the western world about it? This is how Freudian mindcontrol works. Frightening isn't it?

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