Thursday 3 December 2015

No more 'Alf in 'Alf out religion

People raised in the Anglican Church will know the phrase Alpha and Omega as a description of God.
There is a huuuuuuuge irony here, because the Queen and the Anglican Church represent the God ALF.
The Anglican Church like the Catholic Church who still own them via the franchise organisation of the Order of Malta, have no intention of finishing the vision of God and barely even start properly . So they represent the first part of Alpha which is Alf. That is, they recognise a distant God that sin separates them from, and each week they mutter....I who am unworthy to take the crumbs from under your table......
first stated around the Canaanite woman with Jesus....
it is ofcourse meant to be a statement of humility....but it is ofcourse fake Cain religion

Why the Blood, I asked my 12 year old school friend in a ski lodge school trip in 72? But received no sane answer, because Baptists don't know why...they just do things. And there is a wisdom in that too........
Well this is why.

To get beyond the religion of Alf Jesus states quite clearly in John 3 you have to be born again by the Spirit of God.
This He states has all to do with following the Spirit of God, who like the wind, blows this way and that,,,,,but you CAN perceive it because you are a spirit, with a soul and with a body.
Out of the heart flow the fountains, the issues (as in issuing from a source) of life.
So asking Jesus into your heart as Moody Institute would say, is really making a connection from your spirit centre at the base of your own surface whims and desires and emotions and connecting with the Holy Spirit, the Word which is more like Ruach the Hebrew for breath, and the Blood of Christ shed on the Cross.
Why the Blood, I asked my 12 year old school friend in a ski lodge school trip in 72? But received no sane answer, because Baptists don't know why...they just do things. And there is a wisdom in that too........
Well this is why.
When God breathed into a lump of clay it....or he became a living soul. A BREATH that has soul clothing. We are not soul in a selfpowered sense. We ARE spirit-powered but clothed in soul.

"Want to be a self-powered soul, face the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil, do God's work for Him, and become free selfdeterming agents?" said the devil
"Yes rather" we said through Adam and Eve.

Let's do a slow motion video.....
There's Adam and Eve powered by the ONLY REAL SOURCE LIFE in the Universe in their spirit. They walk in the glory of the Only Creator God, Now see them stretch forth their hand for this so called Tree of Knowledge....knowing the was probably just a tree that the devil and God had decided was the ritual through which rebellion could be authorised.

Like Freemasonry today or witch craft initiation....demons are not allowed free passage, they have to legally elicit our own freewill support so they can take possession.

Like some bait and switch, what the devil never said was if we chose "his socalled god status.....or false delusion of selfpowered independence"......the power settings or battery settings at the rear of us were going to be permanently reset
to separation
to a form of ever dwindling God life.....a life derived from the One source of life in the universe....but twisted back in on itself to become SELF for SELF
grabbing at any last remaining universe with life in to survive
if God is the eternal fire of self giving love for others
the devil is the feverish self- getting fire of self love and desperation in a death environment to survive.

Secular life is basically a whole skewed way of inner seeing described in a few main abbreviations in Genesis 3.
We are infected at the deepest part of us, but being in the West now locked into believing we are soulpowered....we can't actually get down deep enough to know what is wrong.

The buddhists and New Age and mystical eastern religions try, but they too are still hooked up to what Ephesians call principalities and powers. They are in many ways more enlightened than westerners.....but ONLY ONE MAN could legally reverse the bait and switch.
He had to be perfect.
He had to remain perfect.
And He had to be prepared to carry our virus out with Him into the very DEATH that this virus instituted.

Jesus was not scooped up from the ground.
He was not born in the normal cycle of conception and birth.
Mary gave birth to Him....but He was the ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of God. Adam wasn't begotten. And all of Adam's relatives were begotten.....BUT NOT BY GOD. The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary (in a very similar brooding overshadowing incubating way that He moved on the waters in Genesis 1....check out the Aramaic root word) and brought forth the Cornerstone of a totally new Creation.
In the likeness of human flesh....but without sin.

What's tougher? Creating the clayball that is earth, scooping a bit and breathing into it....
or collapsing the process....cutting out the "middle man" and bringing forth the Last Adam?

So if LIFE is in the BLOOD, and Jesus was made sin who knew no sin......Guess why Him shedding every last drop of blood is important?

Because the very next infusion of life, when He was raised from the grave with a brand new resurrection body....
WAS WITHOUT any reference to death
without any reference to sin
without any reference to Satan's spirit power
without any reference to sickness and disease.

OUR LIFE.....which is primarily spirit.....
Is hidden in Christ in God.
The Word hidden means interwoven , interleaved,bound up in,threaded together like cords of rope......

THE MORE you can see that inwardly....the less Death of any type has a hold on you.....

John Wilbraham of Havant church may have corrected his theology by now. He was a two peas in the pod man. He was stating we are schizoid as Christians.There's an Old Man and a New Man rattling around inside our bodies.

This is Satan's gospel.
This is the gospel of Cain.
This is the gospel of Alf that the Anglicans and Catholics preach.
This is the gospel of the distant and angry God who must at all times and in all ways be appeased like Thor.

The real gospel states that the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD , who became sin for every man, shed every last drop of Satan infested blood, so as to be able to fill you full with a complete unblemished Christ, fused, bound up with, interleaved with a pure authentic you.

So who is for Alf religion with the Queen of Britain?
And who is for being born again from above in Christ?

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