Monday 14 December 2015

Third Level Excursion

Everyone has their stories. Usually the technique God gives is prayer and fasting. In the charismatic move many are the men and women that pray and fast then launch forth in the anointing.

But I want to break it down a further level under the microscope.
Here's how it happened for me when I was 20.

1. Doing something normal but God's way
I was a language student.Language students get practice by visiting their subject's nation in their summer holidays. In France, students pick grapes....or join student collectives that farm you out to different a family....extra English tuition to French schoolchildren.
God said NO.
He said find the most lively church in Paris and write to them.
This was November 77. Rue de Musset church Paris.
February, they wrote back and said there was no one to stay with.

2. Waiting
Absolutely convinced in my knower that my leading wasn't wrong. I waited upon the Lord....carried on my Exeter studies.
3. Waiting until egg on my face.....waiting until it was stupid
Summer holidays themselves came.
Still felt God was up to something. That internal excitement that has nothing to do with visuals.
4.Just do what is in your hands to do.
My parents thought I was completely stupid. They needed their huge hedge doing, so I did their hedge. It was now two weeks before Dales Bible Week at the end of my holidays
5.BANG!!!! God moves
I was just on my last section of hedge when the phone rings from Northern France. "We used to be in rue de Musset, are now in Normandie and need some help with a student.Can you come immediately?"
6. Thirdlevel Portal wide open.
From that phonecall nothing was normal for two weeks.
Arrived as a 20 year old student to help with English and help round the farm....until the next morning.
The family were Christians converted was 80% paralysed by a heart attack and in a chair...and pensioned off as disabled by the French state. The Dad had then been 100% healed, converted, but the french atheist state wouldn't believe it and continued paying him as an invalid!!!! This helped them set up a "Ville de refuge" as God called them to build a city of refuge through Oral Roberts .
The mother had an epileptic fit the first breakfast. The anointing hit me like lightning and I zapped her, she fell asleep, came round two hours later 100% healed. This family didn't do half healings!!!!
A year later the Statedid recognise this and gave her back her driving licence.
We had an episode with angels singing outside our car which the Dad and myself both heard and sang to....thinking it was the other person's song.
We networked with leading french apostolic types. We travelled up and down the country. I was received as a prophet so this pulled my Prophetic anointing out of me.
Loads of answers to prayer....and then believing to get back to Dales....but the plane was had to believe for a space....which suddenly occurred.....

Just another realm. And as those who pray and fast know...this is how the portal opens....

But I now want to tell you something more shocking...
Because up until now we only knew the first and secondlevel Christianity which is
IN and OUT of the anointing.... referring by the way to 1 John 2

Thirdlevel is even more dynamic.
You see it's not the fasting that is the point. All fasting does is centres you down to living very sensitively from your KNOWER within. In the Old Testament the verse is
Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

In Aramaic renew means two things
EXCHANGE.....your strength...
AND like ROPE....entwine your cord with God's Cord.

is entwining God's DNA around your DNA. it is much more specific than Buddhism.....which gets you to blank your mind so any which demon or principality can entwine round you and possess you, ultimately capturing you.....
God is always about freewill....
And far from feeling trapped....
If you entwine round His Psalm 19 frequency.....Day to day pours forth speech.....
You open portals of great power for God's divine blessing...

Here's the shocker....
The thirdlevel walk....which is Christ as you Galatians 2. 20....does this full time.
Romans 12 1-2 is this continuous thirdlevel walk.
You don't go where you want to don't do what you want to do....but permanently in your innards Christ is imprinting on you

I come to do THY WILL O LORD....behold it is written of me in the scroll......about this state of just doing what the father is doing...but in your own Christ branch form.

In other words the "fasting thing" and the "all night prayer meeting thing" and all this feverish activity of the secondlevel is now swallowed up in a
24/7 Freefall of faith
where you are effectively "risking" or "betting with your whole existence"....because each of us only has one life.....that God will show up and do His thing through our bodies.

We sow in weakness....but we reap in eternal glory.....and also the odd revival portal opening up in our time space world.

As the whole church adopts this thirdlevel walk we get to
Kick the Illuminati
Kick princip[alities and powers
Kick the last enemy which is Death
off the planet.

God's Grace Power is made available in weakness.

One last thing....Paul let me in on something when he wrote this good to all that in the Day of visitation all may glorify God on behalf of you.....

Do you catch the inevitability of Revival in that phrase?
Ed Miller proved it. He triggered at least 5 in his lifetime beginning with Argentina.
This is the outworking of the thirdlevel teaching regarding the Gates of Jerusalem......
Gates no 2 and 9 are revival type Gates. Revival or Ingathering Gate 9....the Eastern gate is the POSHEST GATE.....
It is what was going on in the Spirit in the explosion in Acts 2.
it's inevitable. If you do the Spirit cycle of the other Gates an egg timer revival goes off automatically in the Spirit when that point is reached!!!!!!

it's like a woman after 9 months.....she doesn't have to wonder whether it's 12 months or 13 months.....when 9 months is reached the egg timer goes off and her body does what it does!!!!!!

Can you start to see why the devil hates thirdlevel teaching....and why although I have 1700 acquaintances on facebook , only 2 or 3 at any time comment???? The devil doesn't want any of you knowing this stuff or the planet will be set free......
And then GUESS who comes for TEA in the 9TH GATE when everything is completed?????

YUP.....Our Bridegroom comes rolling in!!!!!!!! See, the Bible has nothing to do with American Christianity at all. They can go on believing their cult ways as long as they like but Psalm 134, Ephesians 6 and psalm 149 say completely different things. Leave the Americans to their popcorn, we Brits, Africans and Asians will get on with opening thirdlevel portals!!!!!

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Chris Welch
Chris Welch John Edwards Well I'm one of your three Chris. Great piece, I love this and try to live it. My journey has been similar, I can't find any presence in most of what goes on in 'Church' these days, Third level is where we are meant to live, move and have our being. A question, what's your thoughts on present things in the world regarding 'End Times'? God has been speaking to me re world happenings this last week or so and it crossed my mind to ask your slant. you know Russia, Turkey, Middle East, Isis, USA etc. I'm not sure so that's why I ask, so many conflicting teachings out there its hard to know.
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch The protocols of Zion which Barry Smith never really mentioned by name, but was the blueprint he worked to....state that thir aim is to produce consternation and precisely the confusion we all feel.
They set off alarm clocks to all go off at once.
Obviously the Wars and Communism were three....
but the 60s was something different....the Cold War was obviously like the "rumours of wars" that Jesus speaks of....
but we weren't actually at war. Yet they set off loads and loads of things to go off in the 60s and look natural. They effectively cut the old order with a knife, right through the West. From then on we nolonger treated those in power deferentially, religion became "irrelevant", they launched the youth explosion in order to weaken the old Guard and bring in their programming. Women though liberated provided a secondary source of income so mortgages could double and triple, against which the credit card was born. Kids were then taught by the state from age 3 destroying all belief systems which now didn't have long enough to pass from parent to children......most of this is also in the Protocols written in 1880 we think by Lionel de rothschild.

So in answer to your question, loads more alarm clocks have been set to go off in our present period of such complexity....(which they actually talk about in the Protcols in terms of fine watch springs) that no one person can get to the bottom of the sets of DUALISMS they have built into the world system.
ISIS....causes wave of immigrants....and also kills and displaces Christians from all Muslim countries.....which means as Trump says we cannot but help but take in destructive forces to our nations.

In 2009 a German reliable Spirit filled prophet warned that a huge explosion was going to go off in the desert of Syria and we are not to be alarmed. So whether this will be nuclear or made to look nuclear.....
Nuclear doesn't help much if you want to take over the earth shortly like a Tom Cruise film....I guess it will appear nuclear but be harmless.....

But as the plans of Darkness reach their height God IS PREPARING a Gideon 300....this time all over the world....and obviously in my jargon I call it thirdlevel.....many use other names....but in the Spirit it's about a mature overcoming church.....quite different from the fat lazy Jabba the Hutt type Blob that is
non born again denominationalism
Bless Me "Ra Ra Ra" Charismatic merrygo rounds.

John, just like God got hold of you
In Iceland in Rekjavic God suddenly got hold of a pimp mafia guy who became a street pastor 3 or 4 years ago....

and in the last few months God has done the same here in Bognor Regis with a guy who was a major UK drug trafficker and who was about to machine gun down a roomful of rivals.....when God zapped him and said...."don't you dare pull that trigger....."
He then was converted and has become a new leading pastor down here.....

All these new guys are being zapped direct with downloads on thirdlevel principles without having to go through the years and years that we have been through....

So watch out for these guys....they are this new church God is building out of wrecks and Mary Magdalens!!!! They come pre-broken!!!!! straight off the conveyor belt.
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