Monday 28 December 2015

Faith Machines and A Proper Denouement

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Faith Machines

We 've never been here before........errrr....quite.
We are to be confident that everything we need for the works that we are to walk in have been planned since before the beginning of Creation. Like one of those computer games where all the tools for.the mission are.somewhere around if you hunt for them.
Every stage had its tools, had what was needed.
Gracers don't get that God isn't just answering needs......He is building us into machines that answer needs. That weird sentence that is a bit like a seesaw with a fulcrum in the middle. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word.of.God. Gracers are at that simple.stage where Daddy does it all, so what they hear is faith comes by hearing the Word of God.....But that isn't what the Bible says. Gracers also hear.....the earth shall be filled with the glory of God. The Bible doesn't say that either. It says the earth shall be filled.with the knowledge of the glory of God. It is there now but through hardness of heart and circumcision we haven't got single eye vision yet.
So God isn't just supplying answers....He is making us into answers.
He builds spiritual hearing into us so we can receive the supernatural faith for.stupidly enormous things on our newly built antennae.
A gracer just sees around his baby environment and sees when his or.her needs are.met. What God is really doing through pushing us forward by the Spirit into Christ's own Isaiah 53 walk......out of parched ground kickstarts our own earthmoving machine that resides in our inner parts. We are led into the most gruesome raising......Like the Bible characters.....Moses 40 years in the desert alone.....David's years in the desert as a fugitive.....other prophets excluded like Elijah.....or Jeremiah in a prison. And we know exactly how they felt for David's psalms encapsulate his thoughts and feelings minutely. Why do the heathens do so well without a care and here am I grubbing along just because I said I.would follow.God? What Gracers don't get is that unless you pass through these exact experiences.....this birthing pool....God can't excavate His huge earthmoving machinery In your insides. We have to share His own huge heart and suffering as He lives and breathes through every fallen human with spirits that are in prison.
Oh God isn't like that say the Gracers.
Well this is exactly how He moves us into different stages. He engineered that Adam would feel.desperately alone as he named every pair of reproducing animal. Hey.....they have counterparts. Where is mine? God engineered that Adam feel exactly what God feels out of eternity as He desires His Bride. And that very intercession birthed the next move.....of.Adam being put to.sleep and receiving a wife pulled.from his own body.
To a gracer all pain, all negativity is entirely a mistake.....either of God or the accuracy of the history or the written word. While pain is not great at is the fulcrum the launch pad for a cry of.such intensity that we bring forth or God fused to our innards brings forth the solution. And in this way we are.schooled.for the future in how we.operate in our new priesthood before the Throne.
To a gracer the mistake. They work backwards from their childish view.of the world and construct answers like..... the Old Testament is bad. Is a mistake. The law.was.thought up by controlling committees. God.was not in the all. the giving of the Law to Moses. You try surviving with no food and water for.two.lots of.40.days!!!!!
No.....we need the seriousness of the Law to up to the severity of our plight and our total bondage to.sin and the Misusing spirit that indwelt and empowered our bodies. Like the cry that went up under Pharoah to be released.from his clutches and leave Egypt......So the Law.itself brought forth the cry of the human heart that makes people.receptive to the real Jesus our Saviour and Redeemer.
So each stage of.history brings forth the unfolding plan of God. The mess of the church was Meant.....
Not as the devil.says to show Jesus is useless....
But to bring people to the realisation just how.deep the New Covenant cuts before it's up and.running. Read Hebrews 4 :11to 12
But don't be will be up and running and not just in a few.
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Andrew Thurner
Andrew Thurner No divorcing the Incarnation, the word that became flesh, from the legacy of His investment ... for God so loved the world.
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Andrew Nwauzu
Andrew Nwauzu Beautiful and insightful!
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Kimera Betz
Kimera Betz Spot on, Chris Welch!
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Sarahlyn Joy Betz
Sarahlyn Joy Betz Yes& yes!
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene So much truth. I kind of see it like an electrical circuit. You can receive the power, yes, and that's good. But at some point you need to throw open the circuit and let the power flow to and through you!
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I knew someone who used to say that all liberal (i.e. left leaning) beliefs and actions are aimed at one thing and one thing only: The avoidance of pain at all costs. (As if the planet owes them pleasure and nothing but!) The 2nd half of your treatise ...See More
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Universalism could end by being totally true. Who knows the inner global heart of.God. But so far my observation of universalism is people in armchairs talking among themselves without reference to anything else in the Spirit at all. Like grand theori...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Speaking of people sitting around thinking big thoughts... I was fascinated the first time I heard about this:

Karl Marx Lived In Filth And Neglected His Children
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I think there's going to be a flipflop on the people who end up in heaven - I mean, flipflopped in terms of expectations and how it's been preached by some. God hasn't forgotten, nor does He neglect, His people. All Israel will be saved (and I take tha...See More
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch I'm glad Paul.wrote this phrase
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Do not say who will.ascend for that is to bring Christ down and do.not say who will descend etc..... In the Spirit it's the yea and amen and next Rhema Word we concern our self with and leave God the right to govern and operate His Kingdom. One thing I am aware of or can now articulate this Christmas.....
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Because people live in the Linear Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil they receive us in this spirit. And to remain true to the Tree of Life we have to wriggle out of their expectations. We have nothing to do with the Tree of Good. So while they bus...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Bringing out the symbolic meanings of the two different trees has opened a new world of thought for me. I had been trying to tell people (believers and unbelievers) that we belong to two different families (and of course we do), but I think the tree ...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Oh yes and the bloodline thing. I believe this is why God may have ordered some of the slaughters that seem so incomprehensible to many of us today. It especially makes no sense to folks who reject the supernatural - all they can see is that somebody g...See More
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Andrew Nwauzu
Andrew Nwauzu Kim did you say "essentially fixed"? Actually in the Tree of Life, even forms are in a fluid, dynamic state and, in that state, even the essentially fixed sycamores can be commanded to move to the sea!
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene I am talking about the difficulty for most people of imagining something, of going from one realm to the next, from Satan's kingdom to Christ's kingdom. Since most trees that we see every day don't march around - they stay fixed and rooted - and since ...See More
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Chris Welch
Chris Welch Many seem to connect the bloodlines with Babel. Certainly the Bloodlines by their admission do. It is amazing to think what kind of world would have occurred if Israel had actually done what they were told. Some say the very Herods were from these lin...See More
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Kim Ilene
Kim Ilene Exactly Chris, the whole "blaming the victims" thing which runs so rampant today, while the instigators sit on high and chuckle. I try not to think about that part too much - there's no need for me to waste energy by being mad about it all the time - the injustice of it - when I can focus on love and the things God has set before me to do.
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A Proper Denouement
The reason why the American gospel is a travesty of the real one is that God is the Alpha and Omega. In America their God is Alf and O me !
He doesn't finish jobs as we can see with their wars on so-called terrorists and Iraq and Afghanistan. Once they have their poppy fields and pipelines and once Bush's Halliburtons Has the building contract they are not bothered really and leave, never having had the money for the warmongery in the first place.
The true God is the Alpha and Omega of the whole project. In plays it is called the denouement. The unwinding of all the knots. The American version is as pathetic as those kids stories that get fiendishly complex then end in one sentence with an alarm clock and then I woke up. Jesus came and captured us all out. Pathetic.
No vision of the church. No conception of the arcs that are being fulfilled and compounded on one another to make a glorious finish .....a table prepared in the midst of our enemies....
No.idea that the same type of thing that happened at the Cross that the land of appearances completely bowed the knee to Jesus as He strolled out of that tomb and ascended after 40 days to the the same basic pattern that is being.worked.out now in the Church with an Antichrist. There's an arc for the Jews and the khazar mishmash that they are. There's an arc for the evangelicals who will.learn Spirit. There's an arc for the Charismatics who.have been saying more Lord for.ages. There's an arc for the world who know that the church has never been really it and so have hived off into atheism in one direction and New Age belief in the other. All these arcs are superimposed like clocks at different speeds waiting to hit 12 o clock at the same one massive tidal.wave of integrity.....BONG.
There is no.denouement in the American version. It's half.assed. God is the Alf and the O Me!!

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