Thursday 17 December 2015

God moves in Waves

God does things in waves like the sea.
Read the return from Babylon. They returned in waves.
Read Acts....after killing Jesus Jews returned in waves. 3,000 the first day, what was it 4,000 or 5,000 by the next wave in Acts 4.
Then when the Jews smashed up the first church....individuals already had enough LIFE that when they scattered, like dandylion seed they transmitted the Kingdom everywhere they scattered in new churches.
So whether through natural growth and scattering or through persecution and scattering,the Word moves forward in waves.
And so on through all those groups the catholic church have torn out of the history books....the Bogomils, the Waldensians, the Lollards,......down to you dear reader on the internet.
I was lucky to be in an early prototype wave of the Melchizedek Order. This is church run in the Holy Ghost with leaders who are spiritual eunuchs....where many sold their own private houses to buy 12 acres of land and a big house. Where like Acts 2 we could live in Acts 2 style sharing everything.....our very existence. If I didn't sell the gifts(to be sold in UK gift stores/gift trade) they were making in the house.....then we starved. So I learned sales the hard way and God was good, we sold £30,000 worth in 18 months or less, but sadly divided between 20-30 no one got rich. But hey, we were young inexperienced and like the disciples thrown in the deep end.
You haven't missed out. Why? because the next wave every single thing we learned will be rolled out bigger,more comprehensively and with greater anointing. I can get angry about this....but Jesus told a parable. About vineyard workers working all day and then the owner hires more late in the day and pays them just the same. The original hired workers get angry. You have paid them just as much!!!! The owner asks "Did I or did I not keep my word with you?" "Yup"...." Well I am the owner here and the contract I sign with new workers is none of your business!!!!"
In the next wave, it will be normal for everybody to function in the Melchizedek Order.
In the next wave there will be masses of preprepared workers, whereas for our generation you could almost count them on one hand.
In the next wave, the way the Church acts in the Spirit as a womb for the next Manchild/ the next revivalwave, as we see in Revelation 12 will be a normal concept.
In the next wave, the way the Spirit broke us down....both in our individual lives, and in worship settings, that is through the use of gifts of the strip our false seeing, our figleaves, our worst fears, our poor self image, our addictions, our general independent self DREAMWORLD DELUSIONS...the high speculations of our inner psyches raised against the knowledge of Christ.....
in order that the true Christ Person from before the beginning of time , our Person from above, take root and grow fast.....
all this will from now on be normal.
Everything takes so long now because people are mostly moving in the leftbrain. It's like being told about stereo music but only listening through one speaker. We know it exists but it is still theory because nothing really is stereo.
Ephesians says when each part is working properly really is stereo....then the Body is joined by that which each joint supplies.
So instead of one preacher/teacher squeezing his bottom out to try and just get one genuinely mature saint!!!!!!
It becomes a doddle because so much Christ is being imparted from all over the place throughout the whole Body.
Quite apart from the 10 days prayer, and also the fact that the 120 had seen Jesus rise into heaven....I mean that helps uh!!!!
The demonstration of the Spirit upon the newly anointed 120 plus the fact that the 12 actually did stand together in Fatherhood authority and actually could stand each other's guts!!!!! (which is debatable on most platforms if you look at elders today with Holy Spirit Xray glasses on)....this yes....was a DEMONSTRATION of LIVING LETTERS that could be read by all.
You didn't need posters, and music bands, and newspaper ads....because this stuff was so real people felt and saw it.
This is what a wave is.
It's the Jerusalem 9th Gate open day....the Eastern Gate.
It's the direct equivalent of the FEAST of INgathering in the third Jewish Feast of Tabernacles which has all these component feasts.
This is revival.
It's natural's not induced labour....or Caesarian section by Rome!!!!!!
You don't need to fake God's get on a surfboard and just hope you can hang on!!!!!!

  • A colour blind man thinks he is seeing colour like everybody else until it is pointed out to him.
  • A person with one ear thinks he is hearing stereo like everybody else until he gets his other ear working
  • Jesus said repeatedly He that has ears to hear let Him hear
  • If you listen to Spirit people and all you can hear is rather simplistic leftbrain facts and illustrations, it means your spiritual ears are not bored out yet. You think you are hearing...but you are only hearing on a surface level.
  • Faith comes by hearing....and HEARING (itself) comes by direct access/confrontation with the Spirit Word of God Himself.
  • If a man is preaching in what Paul calls the futility of the mind....basically leftbrain stabs in the dark at what it attempts to build of the edifice of truth.....then nothing of Spirit just happened and you get a continuation of the last 2000 years of stagnant stone church increase of faith, of revelation, of impartation, and exponential growth. God's human families...grow exponentially because God's Seed gives birth to REPRODUCTION machines.
  • Man forms idea movements which peter out.

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