Saturday 30 April 2016

Almost there but not quite : ISHMAEL

Shahrukh Khans,Tussauds

These are two related Facebook posts on the subject of Ishmael

Anything that isn't Jesus going Ishmael and will come back to bite your bum later big time. I will build My church says Jesus.....Get your filthy hands off.....

What is an Ishmael ? There is no real concept of this in the world.system, but even in my days as a non born again person I was kind of aware of things that just don't flow. So it's as true in real God settings as it is outside in the unselfconscious life flow of people moving from their inner heart.
The Bible version is that Abraham felt under pressure to make the Promise.of.God to him happen, and time.was.running out. Sarah his wife couldn't have children already, she was too old and he himself was running out of mojo, so better use a maid quick. This was all.done with Sarah in the frame, so no.sneaky stuff. When God gives a Word it is usually big and impossible to fulfil humanly so we come under pressure to try and help it along by manipulation with the emphasis on Man. When God gives.a Word He is speaking future into being because He is seeing it. He is outside of Him it IS HAPPENING NOW. God's power is in the Word itself to bend the universe round it. The mystery is, if it is a Word to us, we have to midwife it by believing it. Later, the more.we understand the quantum nature of things we will have a better handle on how this works.
When we act in the independent self , we act outside God faith, and.we.create awkward realities that we have to cry out to God to make.a.way through. But amazingly, God who.knows.the end from the beginning works all things for good with those who love Him. With the real Ishmael, God loved him too, tenderly.....But that didn't mean he was loved into the initial Word trajectory that was to be the physical line of Jesus. Me neither. So Ishmael and I are not members of Abraham's promise of sons of the sands of the sea shore, but if we want it, we are included in the stars of heaven.....those heavenly reborn ones from above. It's important to get God's angle on Ishmael, because it wasn't to crush him.without mercy, but no, he was not Abraham's own child of promise either , because the Promise of God.was to Sarah and Abraham, not her servant.

Ishmael is a huge tale( this is part two) . Yes Ishmael is the attempt to fabricate God's own work for Him. Ishmael is Adam and Eves figleaves. Ishmael is Babel. No Ishmael starts as early as grasping the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve didn't need to do that to become.something.....they were God's Life already....but they were sold the idea of "adding to God's Life". The nonchalant teenager who is.determined to look cool. He is cool already. All selfconsciousness is Ishmael . You are OK.
Jews working Laws on acid and missing the important ones....and then missing Jesus Himself all this is Ishmael. If I.can just do God' for Him.......
The Catholic church has to be the world's greatest Ishmael. The attempt to be the church, to fulfil the tasks of the church with the Vatican army, the Order.of Malta, Jesuits ,the CiA, Freemasonry, and thereby with unbelieving Jews and the world's unbelieving banksters and intelligentsia elite forming this huge Antichrist Ishmael to try and work the global rule instead of.believing God.
The charismatic Move, like the Jews themselves....being the vehicle of God into the earth are themselves the most giant Ishmael.
Daily I.go up.against Ishmael in the Indian And African continents. It is not really their fault. The gospel they have comes.from America. America Ishmael. Full stop.
But the charismatic Pentecostal move builds brick built churches and then fills.them with genuinely born again people but they really have no clue or.insight that they are the Temple. Oh yes they mouth it. But it's hollow. What you hear in the Spirit is.....we are the Temple and of course the bricks.....and the apostle and our pyramid and lording it over one another as the gentiles do.
No this is massive.
Anything that isn't the new born Jesus going on in you now......even if it seems like a mustard seed and hardly seems to be doing anything......certainly not enough to impress.a Pentecostal with his orphanages and old people's homes and great crusades and meeting after meeting after meeting.....Anything that isn't Jesus going Ishmael and will come back to bite your bum later big time. I will build My church says Jesus.....Get your filthy hands off.....
A Temple not built with hands!!!!!! This is the work of God that you believe in God and Him He has sent.

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