Friday 29 April 2016

Jigsaw pieces surrounding Deep Underground Bases

So this is either more disinformation or Donald Marshall is telling the truth.
if disinformation, then he is either acting extremely naturally, or is programmed to think this is real,

I mention Disinformation, because another man with theories that fellow archaeologists largely discount, is Zechariah Sitchin.  Why Sitchin is wrong
Like Noam Chomsky, both it seems are products of Tavistock Institute, which have a department given over to constructing new theories and thoughts to keep people amused, enough truth to keep people thinking they are onto something, but never enough truth that the full murk becomes standard knowledge, indeed, rather to divide and rule. Create category after category of belief systems that can never be easily exposed, and indeed as the original 1880s Protocols of the Elders of Zion states, is more about creating a general and widespread consternation.

Those new to this scene should know that this man speaks in a tradition of videos, including
Cathy O Brien
The Bases Series with Miles Johnstone  (Just one series of over 200 on the net)

DUMBS or Deep underground military bases hide a total alternative reality

I should also say that through Fritz  Springmeier's Facebook page I have personally talked with another person going through Holy Spirit restoration from childhood mindcontrol abuse

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