Thursday 14 April 2016

Israel : Why the other notables are wrong and why God is as usual RIGHT.

As I said the other day...if you want to do a Dance of the Shulammite between two armies get God's message on the Jews.
IT DOES INVOLVE A DIRECT DOWNLOAD because you are talking of something intensely holy which defies everything you now see with your eyes.
IT IS HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE. And actually the same could be said of God;s other house, Gentile believers...or US, the wild olive plant He has skilfully grafted in.
Until I had that direct Spirit download I was just like any other Christian brought up in the housechurch movement in the UK. We were totally Body centric. Church centric. And no bad thing in that, it's just not quite the whole picture. As Lance Lambert spent his whole life trying to convey to Britain on his visits.
READ Lance Lambert and me
Now Lance matured in his inner seeing and one of his last great books is virtually thirdlevel teaching without the full clarity of Norman Grubb on Genesis 3. (Jacob whom I love by Lance Lambert)
I have come to digital blows with Daniel Yordy on two issues.
One is spiritual violence.....Jesus in the Temple with whips....and Paul specifically naming names that all may learn even the named ones. This is extremely uncharismatic. There, they only name you behind your back like gossip!!!!!!
And the second thing is Israel. In learning some of the full horriffic detail of modern Israel, Daniel ditches the whole lot, like most of South African Christianity too. I get extreme reactions in my spirit when Daniel talks about Israel, because he has not had the "download". You can argue with these guys until you are blue in the face...but this stuff is revelation. You either have it or you don't. It's a bit like baptism in the Spirit.
In a handful of paragraphs this is the download...but this is only need to get this in the Spirit like set concrete in your tummy.
We learn from Jacob and Esau that though Esau begged and begged Isaac could NOT reissue the lost birthright and blessing.
You have to grab that in your gut. When God commanded Abraham to kill Isaac....and then stopped him....He was getting Abraham to KNOW something, something tiny...but nevertheless humanly massive.....of the PAIN God felt at sacrificing His Son. Abraham's total commission apart from warring with a few kings....was to believe for THE SON through whom God would bless nations. When Abraham and Sarah were as good as dead.
Years later, was it 40??? Abraham was asked to take his mature son and slaughter him....then He stopped him. Who do you even know would obey God in either of those demands? Believe for an impossible son and then kill him.
THAT is why Abraham is our father in the Faith. That is why when God makes a promise to Abraham concerning first sandgrains and then can go to the BANK on both happening.
DANIEL YORDY IS JUST WRONG in this huge area, and also concerning the rise of Antichrist. The two issues are related.
because the Jews are still waiting for their Messiah, and this is the leverage the devil is pulling as they build the Third Temple.
What Daniel is 100% accurate about, and all of America, and Benny Hinn Art Katz and John Hagee is absolutely wrong about is that present Israel was brought into being by House of Rothschild banking and Zionism....which is Freemasonic SIONISM and is the devil's domain. Only 10% of world Jewry have the least bit of linage from Abraham. They are NOT SEMITES. Read Henry Makow the Jew. Shakespeare. Dickens. and James Joyce in Ulysses are NOT being racist. They are describing this other Jew, this Kabbalist Jew type who are bent on inheriting everything...rather say "snatching" everything out of God's hand, without having any relationship with Yahweh whatsoever....Kabbalists worship another Morning Star."Lucifer". Ask any Orthodox Jew. Any Semite Jew. They don't recognise current Israel. Read Ezekiel 28 for yourselves. Get it from God. Art Katz, David Hathaway, Morris Cerullo are in total denial of what Daniel and others share. John Pilger reports on the annhihilation of various Palestianians. Remember many Palestinians are born again Christians. The rest are Muslim or of Arabic descent. Many are Semites from the dispersals.
Daniel denies God is big enough to do His final denouement.
Art Katz doesn't understand the problem at all.
Both are 80% or more wrong.
We have a situation here which is very very very dire.It's one of these typical devil attempts at tying history in knots. He does it very very well. He has done it with your life and mine and also the Church.
God declares over Israel through David in Psalm 48. However it looks Israel IS ETERNALLY the joy of the whole earth.
We Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
WHY? Because the Jew is the picture of the whole earth.
Jacob was the picture of everyman.
The priests of Baal gathered for Elijah and poured water all over his wood, even making moats of water round the whole pile.
This YEAR...and you couldn't make this up.....the secret conspiratorial forces who designed Isis in the first place, used Isis to seriously damage an old Assyrian Temple to Baal. Why?I thought the conspirators wanted that? Aha....but nobody would suspect them if Muslims extremists did what they find natural...destroy Baal Temples. Aha...but the |Hegelian trick is then to wheel out some mobile Baal Temple adoration "In defiance of these extremists to show them"...except this is in London and New York. Two of the three places that have these Baal Egyptian obelisks anyway.
I digress.
It didn't make a ha'p'orth of difference. The fire of God fell as Elijah promised.
It doesn't matter that Israel is as jumbled up as it is literally boobytrapped into the "heart" of the devil's entire world conspiracy. Mossad is right in the thick of it.
But the Devil's people or Luciferians can do what they will.
God has said to Abraham what He is going to do and He absolutely will carry it out....for the natural and the supernatural lineage.
God is far far far bigger than any evangelical says
bigger than any charismatic like Benny Hinn or Art Katz says
and He is bigger than Daniel Yordy says.

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