Wednesday 6 April 2016

Who are Serco?

Notice these overall trends?
Farming the nation's jewellery out to commercial bodies since the 80s.....rail, water, utilities, the mutual savings companies lost for ever on the stock exchange having survived quite happily as they were since most of them were established in the early 1800s as direct reaction to the profiteering of the banks through Napoleonic wars.

Noticed Queen Alexander Hospital's building projects farmed out into a binding link with the MILLSTONE called Caerillion.  When I was in there at very short notice there was no food for me because I hadn't booked it and it came from Swansea. I was told if I ordered a sandwich on special it would have cost the NHS £50.

Notice Tory's announcement of schools to be all converted to academies? The commercialisation model?

Noticed that prisons in the States are all run by corporations who effectively extort slave labour out of prisoners and vastly profit from their products. Crime is an more ways than one.

Notice that NHS has effectively been terminated in a longhaul shutdown while politicians protest the opposite, and this is to make way fro the French or US Insurance driven model.

Did you know that the firm which runs the admininstration for US Healthcare in the form of factoring bills and applying to the Insurance industry for payment is called Medicare. It is the largest employer in California.   They present a doubly high bill. The insurance company rejects it and sends a proposal for half the money. After more toing and froing  like haggling in a Moroccan market, the Insurance company foots the bill. The bill has to be met within 2 years, and this goes for those who have no insurance policies.

I was shocked, how about you?
All the essential characteristics are there....Nazi style profiteering, or similar traits to the Marxist takeover of Russia then China.
But it has all gone on under our noses. We saw no direct Communist or fascist clash, so we assumed it wasn't happening. But everything is essentially the same blueprint as these previous Rothschild/ Illuminati endeavours.

Posted 2017

Blackstone agrees to acquire majority of Serco’s private sector BPO operations

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