Sunday 10 April 2016

Tired of Being for Others? By Norman Grubb and Where I am at by Tony Maden

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Now the danger arises of us thinking that we must rush about being not for ourselves but for others. By no means. Just go on being yourself and don't give a thought about being for others. Just run your own life, accept yourself, be yourself, love yourself! Appreciate that you are a special person, specially gifted by God. For what? That's not your business. Don't try and run His business! Get on with your daily occupations and putting all your heart into them. But of course, there's a catch in that. You are not really yourself, but Christ in you, Christ the real you. And He is for others and He knows exactly how He will reach others by you in your special life's situation and with your special equipment, of which you may not even be conscious, and probably good that you are not! If you try to fuss around being something for others, for your neighbors, for good works in your church, your town or out to the world, you may be so occupied in the wrong direction that He will have to do some more work on you to get you where He really wants you!

He is love in us, other-love, so you just can't help yourself. Without any kind of human effort, you just find yourself drawn into maybe love-contacts with naturally unpleasant neighbors; you find that folks somehow get in touch with you, because you are free from fussing about your affairs or theirs, just free to love, not to condemn or judge or try to change them, and one or another will be coming to you and pouring out their burdens. But when folks do find that you are available, you have to beware against being back under the law. The Spirit is original in each of us and He will get His original plan into action by you in some way which frees you from man-pleasing. So, we are back on the usual paradox: do nothing which stems from self-effort. But in being a do-nothing, you will actually be a do-everything, because the Real Doer whose aim is to get the world back to Himself will surely be busy by you in His own way and time. Yet watch even there when we say "He will be busy by you," because times will come when you will appear to be useless on the shelf, as if God has forgotten you (how crazy can we be!), and the only word left which can suit you is, "Be still and know that I am God." Very well, then, be still; and if God wants to be lazy in you, let Him be!

Excerpt taken from Who Am I? by Norman Grubb

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NB Tony has been enthusing about all the different centres of teaching /training/sharing.....about moving in the gifts and the supernatural in evangelism combined with the teachings about no independent self and Christ now being our sole Life.

Dear Sweet Sue (Maden,)
I know i've been like a firehose for a while, and its overwhelming to you to have to listen to me talk about Jesus and His ways through me in every minute detail, however I hear the Spirit remember this post to me from last year.
To some with whom we used to walk, I may seem to have gone back from fatherhood to young man stage, however, I've gone back from the security of the other-lover within to without for a season or two of fishing in the waters awash with children and young men that equip the saints, and of course to be fisher of men for the lost, as Christ did - as He is so are we in this world.
The Spirit in me wants to bring all his children into the fullness or who they really are, to know and walk out their true identity without having to go through the pain of the 43 years of Chris Welch and so many others frustrated when they read the scriptures and see the box doing religion, and tradition, not abundant life in Christ alone.
So I see The Last Reformation, The Pioneer School blended with Royal Family International University Identity teaching 'back to basics' and all of Norman Grubbs ( last intercession poured out through Linda Bunting, Harriet Warren and DeeDee Winter blended together to make it easier and quicker for people to grasp the truth that we've held dear in our hearts for many years.
I love you,
Tony xox

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