Wednesday 5 October 2016

Emmanuel and the Kingdom Nigh Thee even in thy mouth

This is nothing less than the Word that defines the muddled mess of the Kingdom "at the end".
You recall the question about the Kingdom field that had been overrun by enemy's weeds?Shall we remove tthem Lord?
No leave them to grow together until the end when the angels.....
The angels the separating.
When do we also hear about the angels?
In Jacobs Dream about the ladder and angels descending and ascending.....
Then later when Jesus said.......hmmmm if you think the ability to point out Nathaniel being without guile is something, how are you going to handle the Son of Man with angels going up and down from him?
The defining Word that separates all religion, all aberration, all pyramidal worship, all that calls itself Jews but is not......from the spontaneous REAL of the deep that calls unto deep of psalm 42

Is one thing repairs the old or seeks to,
The other calls in the New.
Leave the dead to bury the dead.
Transhumanism messes around with the old creation like funeral orderlies fussing with cosmetics round a corpse.
The Kingdom is not Lo Here nor lo there.
It is not a geography in the old.creation set apart for God, like Cains collection of a bit of his harvest from fields that all belonged to God anyway.
The Kingdom is like God in Genesis chapter one surveying a whole tohu bohu chaos of Darkness and speaking to it.
The Kingdom is nigh thee even in your mouth.
Why is that so.defining a Word?
Because it means the good plants in the field of harvest have become full grown sons. They have become this new priesthood that operates in these new protocols rather than fussing about repairing the old creation or walking endlessly round a mountain.
If they walk around anything then it is to purpose, like Jericho.
The time of the end with the angels separating the wheat from the chaff implies sons activated and full grown as the Son of Man, speaking to the angels and declaring things in the Spirit as priests who now know heavenly protocols

Jesus announced this new way of working in John chapter 3.
Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.
We are NOT in the repair business.
If we were in the repair business why would God say we needed to be born again? We would just work with what we've got and make good.
That which is born of flesh is flesh. That which is born of Spirit is Spirit.
To hear an American talk you would think that God's way of repairing the old creation requires the special power of being born again.
He didn't say that. We are not in the repairing game we are speaking another Kingdom.
This Kingdom is so over and above that nothing can withstand it or prevail against it.
But we have to learn the Psalm 123 protocol
we have to see what God is doing and get in on it
we HAVE to follow the wind that blows this way and that and no man knows this....only those born of the Spirit
and finally as Paul writes
we have to set our minds on theSpirit

Isaiah 58 is about stepping into the gap. Yup it's about fasting....But not fasting and aimlessly beating the's about positioning yourself in the awkward place while also calling upon God with all your being in your hunger. I said earlier we are.not about repairing or.restoring the old.....for.that we don't need to fast or pray....or need God at God because.we are finding Him and His Kingdom in the middle.of the awkward spot.
Norman Grubb describes the awkward spot at first caused by our own messes......and we return to God and hear Him again. But later, we have simply been burned too much to continue with our own go to find other mountains and other beds of both are described in Song of Solomon 5. up on everybody then under the excuse that we are not here to repair the old.creation but to speak in a new one. No.....what it is, is more like a Sat Nav after we took that wrong turn......the voice doesn't make good our ignores everything and.concerns itself with our destination from the That's what I mean by not necessarily repairing's taking fresh bearings of how we bring in the Kingdom from where we are now.
...the voice doesn't make good our mistakes like some groundhog day film endlessly rehearsing the old creation to improve it. That is to endlessly circle.a mountain in the wilderness. No it realigns us with the Kingdom again..

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