Wednesday 26 October 2016

Why Anglicanism and Islam as inferior religions need dropping like a hot brick

Here are a few reasons why Anglicanism and Islam are inferior religions.
They both conduct themselves like an Old Testament religion.
They both treat the Bible like a manual.
They are both completely prescriptive about corporate worship.
They are inferior because neither religion accepts what Jesus was teaching, which was to lift religion out of an "outer courts" religion, and to lift belief into the realm of the Holy Spirit, of regeneration in experience, and inner knowing and definite experiences with the Holy Spirit. Both of power, and releasing all the graces into men and women's hearts at once. In Jesus form of Christianity you can lay forth your hand to heal, you can speak to situations and see them change, and bind generational holds, curses and demons upon people's lives to set them free. Prayer is nolonger an Old Testament rote or facing a direction five times a day, but a Living relational contact by means of "bowels of compassion" or bowels of mercy deep inside your gut by the power of the Holy Spirit, either with sighs too deep for words or with the supernatural ability to pray with other languages whether of men or angels that no man has taught you.Romans 8. The way of the Spirit is prosperous at all levels, although while learning to be an overcomer, the initial experiences are often full on attacks.
Anglicanism and Islam don't give any conviction of salvation and the Koran makes it clear that this side of death you will never know.
Jesus teaching says if you call upon the Lord He will save, and you WILL know it. Where Jesus standards of believing in the Holy Spirit are preached in Anglicanism, for a while people can flourish within its boundaries, but really they have entered into a new Covenant relationship with Jesus Christ Himself and not the denominational infrastructure known as Anglicanism.
Islam prides itself on being the Final message of God. It is a hugely inferior message, just as Anglican practice is inferior also.
Both religions need dropping like a hot brick in the reality of the LIght of the True Jesus Christ as He makes Himself known supernaturally to a heart that is turning towards God the Father, Jesus the Son in the Holy Spirit.

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