Sunday 30 October 2016

What Happened to the Flat Earth?

Nobody can accuse this generation of not exploring off-limits areas.
When I was born nobody on earth recognised homosexuality as legitimate. Now states and kingdoms are recognising same sex couples committing together as exactly the same as marriage and calling it such in law.
Nobody would have even thought in the terms of trying to improve humans genetically, or by mutation, or by the addition of machinery.
But the one belief that is surely unassailable is that the earth is a globe that goes round the sun.???
This video is a summary of the flat earth position to date.

  • Admiral Byrd in 1928 did an expedition to Antarctica and discovered the land to be virtually endless. The Antarctic Treaty was signed in Washington on 1 December 1959 by the first 12 countries whose scientists had been active there, making it a protected land. The signatories now number 53 countries.  The countries of earth agree about nothing else so consistantly and in so great a number. WHY?  Is anybody so concerned about Greenland? or the forested and wild wastes of Poland that have scarce known any human, as one Pole told me.Trespassing Antarctica will get you arrested or killed. 

  • The Bible talks about the circle of the earth, built upon foundations that shall never be moved. Not a spinning globe

  • 1000 year old  Japanese Buddhist Temple map  contains the countries we know as well as 33 continents outside. But the section we know as earth is the same as

the flat earth map

the 1781 world map

Gleason's 1892 Standard World Projection

The azimuthal equidistant projection is an azimuthal map projection. It has the useful properties that all points on the map are at proportionately correct distances ...

the logos for the United Nations, International Maritime Organisation, World Health Organisation and World Meteorological Organisation.
(Not part of the video but included for relevance and because Ellen received her Queen's Award the very same day as my father Alan John Welch received his MBE, and James Galway the flautist was knighted to the illustrious sound of  Monty Python - Liberty Bell March)

  • NASA

1) admits they never sent anybody to the moon talking about Orion as the next generation space rocket.  They admit that at present they can only operate in "low earth orbit"

2)NASA admits the earth is flat

Heliocentric model has these probems  : 1. LIGHT DARK SCHEDULE. We are taught the earth is going round the sun. So what is daylight today, in exactly 6 months to the minute should be facing away from the sun and not towards the isn't is always day.
  • (There should be a day to night slippage allowed for every 6 months)
    2 NORTH STAR visible in northern and southern sky
    3 TWENTY FOUR HOUR SUN  would only be visible at the poles,
    any offset would cause a zigzag. Because the earth is flat, places quite a bit down from the poles experience 24 hours of sun for many months of the year.  Remember....the earth is meant to be a globe and on a tilt!!!!
  • Gravity -1. Many equations. Proving that it is still a theory in flux.
    2. Gravity is frequently broken . Our western records are all of Catholic saints, but doubtless there are records in all civilisations.
    Royal Astronomer General George B Airey "On the whole we must express our opinion that the general cause of the earth's magnetism remains one of the mysteries of cosmical science."
    Nasa's pictures of Venus
  • All Planets are Luminous Bodies
    Venus as it actually looks through an earth telescope
    Several other examples on the Youtube at the top of the page......

  • Lens Curvature
  • Only on a flat earth can a sundial work
  • "Impossible photographs" if the earth is a globe

  • We should be able to see the undersides of planes and clouds if there was earth curvature
  • 200 Video proofs that the earth is not a ball   Eric Dubay
  • Missile Aviation Expert admits no curvature is ever taken into account even though they use a 2 degree pencil beam/illuminator, until the object is in line of sight and locks on 50 miles away.
  • Bible again has many many verses stating the earth does not move and founded upon pillars.

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