Monday 31 October 2016

The NEW Holy Spirit Order.....A GIVING ORDER

Three related Facebook Statuses from today, from the same train of thought by Chris Welch


Smith Wigglesworth used to get told off for giving away clothes and money that he and his wife needed to the poor. It would be very interesting to go back and see if Smith was always acting in faith...or just emotionalism. Remember, he only came into his true anointing after he made a covenant agreement with the Lord at his wife's graveside.
I gave a gift to a brother who works with the really really poor of a mobile, and he was asking if he was free to sell it to be able to feed people. From my point of view everyone must be free in the Lord to do what they feel He is saying.... but here is my reply about some of my own experiences.
"well don't let me hold you to anything if you feel that is what God is saying.
However you will still have the same problem next month....what is next?
Are you going to sell your wife?
At some point you have to say....hey
we need this and this to function....
maybe you don't need a mobile....but It sounds like you do to be able to co ordinate things with other pastors and new believers....
Now if God is saying me....give me the mobile OK....
I once gave my mother's 21st birthday present to me which she had saved for. In today's money it would be £200-300.
I gave it to a young man from the streets of Paris who came to live in Bible Hpuse.
I felt that was what God was saying....but now I am not so sure it wasn't just religion.
It certainly didn't bless my mum. And the man didn't continue wih the Lord....and frankly probably just binned it, threw it away when he got to Paris. He used to rob banks. I think if somebody's heart is honest and open God moves all sorts of things to help a person....
but some people are not really showing themselves worthy of such honours....not by fleshly merit...but I mean, actually their heart is closed and they remain in bitterness.....and no matter what we give them nothing will ever change.
For many months local young people would come to our church and we would preach. Soon it became clear that they were purely coming to tease us and to have fun at our expense. Really we were casting our pearls before swine.
After 3 months or so it was like God said to us.....enough and no more. About that time one of the youngsters died in a car accident and suddenly things got really serious, and I think more of a fear of God came over them...but they never came to make fun of us any more. One of the late comers did get to know the Lord and he is still my Facebook friend 30 years later.

Social Media, the First Glimmers.....

Naturally speaking you would think....Aha....we have social media. Now rich nations can speak and share with poor nations. What could be simpler?
Except that African bogus pastors and Asian bogus pastors all have socalled orphanages coming out of their ears and no Westerner now knows who the scam artists are and who are the genuine ones. their fruit you shall know them still applies....and gradually be developing friendships you get a feel for real situations and ones which are no more than a front for scamming. does seem to me....without the Lord's overall birdseye view....strange that those who are genuinely practically burning their own furniture to keep others alive....are simply not receiving any help from Westerners who are actually swimming in possessions, income,which weekly is pouring out to items at the highest retail prices, that will hardly be used, and will probably end up being binned in a few months or years as rather stupid purchases.
But maybe God's Birdseye with the to "train David's hands for war"...."to give people experience of shoes that never wear out"...."training people to stand alone with their God as overcomers"....and "training up a people to be able to subdue their own Land of Promise from scratch."
Nobody can accuse the Jews who escaped from Russian pogroms to the West of not using their skills learned in poorest of poor conditions....they practically own America and the terms of High St retail....poshest of tailoring....many many banks.....practically all the media....
Huge tranches of the most cutting edge science inventions....
So instead of getting bitter at how mean we perceive people to be...perhaps we just have to bless God for having a purpose in absolutely everything....
THAT ALL SAID.....I still stand by Facebook and social media as the very very early seedlings of what St Paul meant when he foresaw NOT democracy...(that killed Jesus)
no, leave that to the Americans to plunder the world with
NO...St Paul saw Ephesians 1:9-11 an administration suitable to the summing up of ALL THINGS

Lords and Serfs,Democracy, the True Administration

Lords and serfs don't work, and although St Paul and Jesus ministered during that period they both had their eyes on the Body of Christ in the earth.
Lords and serfs was effectively ditched by the 1215 Magna Carta but has died a slow death.
Democracy doesn't work, as we saw at Jesus trial. But it IS better than lords and serfs....because one lord is usually twisted....and the voice of many is slightly more accurate....although as we see with abortion and many can make people pass any which law if you lie to them long enough on TV.
Democracy is the "uncircumcised" man of the flesh herded into great congregations and expected to come up with the right answer.
So they come up with Trump versus Clinton.
This could probably be the death of democracy worldwide.
The Luciferian / witchcraft notion is that you need an enlightened Elite to guide the ignorant sheep. For "enlightened" read that back as
Totally demonised through 33 esoteric and secret initiation steps by which the person is now nolonger their own man or woman, but totally controlled by Dark forces.
The LAST GREAT ADMINISTRATION.....while acknowledging the need for initiation....
it is a full baptism into holiness.
Instead of 33 steps into Satan....
It's one great Spirit baptism into Christ and His Spirit led Body....
so that rules out the whole of the charismatic movement !!!!!
The depth of this initiation is so profound it took 12 disciples living hook by jowl for 42 months with the ONLY PERSON EVER who was totally free of and night.....7 days a week training by the Spirit.
In other words what Norman Grubb calls
A bunch of such people is true democracy.
We don't have it on Facebook yet, because even the vast majority of Christians on here are still wading through Romans 3 to 5.....and although that is something.....
St John still refers to it as Children Christianity, spiritually speaking. (1 John 2)

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