Sunday 9 October 2016

Kingdom Portals

Billy Graham had a set sequence using Cliff Barrows and the singers as warmup people. Songs , well known hymns.
Now, it's always difficult to tell if the media response is genuine or just masonic-Luciferian posing as "concerned". You should know Time Editor Henry Luce was a Freemason in the pocket of family Rockefeller and very influential in crafting the first big attacks on fundamentalism in America. Then you have the ACLU like Liberty in England, which, posing as agents of freedom, attack anything Christian that moves and breathes unless it is Jesuit and dead as a corpse.
So this "manoeuvre" of Billy Graham began to be seen as hackneyed, dishonest,
Once humans hit on a system they tend to keep using it, and in the worst cases manipulate with it.
But the positive vewpoint is....
to create a Kingdom portal we have been instructed how we do it.
"I will enter His Gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise."
We recognize music as the interface in our materialistic reality with heaven. King David just had to strum a bit and King Saul's demons quietened down.
The Kingdom of Darkness has portals. That's why programmers use mirrors. It's why fortunetellers use crystal balls. It seems to be the underlying reason....forget the Higgs boson...why the Illuminati have pressed for 13 billion dollars to build Cern right smack on a former Apollo/Apollyon/Abaddon centre at Pouilly France.
Jesus has portals. They are called local churches. Believers gathering in the Name of Jesus where He says He comes to be in the midst.
It would stand to reason in the enemies attacks against "that which will prevail against the gates of the enemy"....
that the devil's primary goal is to shut church down.
1. He invaded the entire Kingdom, Jesus says in His parable with rogue seed.
2. So for every born again child of God, there is alongside someone mouthing the same stuff without ever having a born again experience.
3. All seminaries have been infitrated by Jesuit "scholars" posing as Higher critics purporting to explain away every miracle of God in the Bible.
4. These same "agents" frequent evangelicalism and steer evangelicals away from baptism in the Spirit.
5. In Holy Spirit circles they encourage the people to veer off towards "the godless mystical", the "third eye", Eastern religions, meditation...but NOT on God's Word...."because it can't be trusted"
5.1 John breaks down the test for all demonic spirits, which is the refusal to acknowledge Jesus came as God in the flesh.
The agents of Darkness are used continually to attack
God coming in the flesh in Jesus
the possibility of Jesus coming again in the flesh which is central to thirdlevel teaching
and the attacks are against the value of the Body death and Blood being shed by Jesus Christ. The reason being these are the hinge, the cornerstone of the coming Kingdom. They are the foundation of the PORTAL of the Kingdom of heaven and believers gathering in Jesus Name.
Catholics will say....ah....but the Mass is central to our believing.
The Mass is Christ being offered up again weekly as a "work" in order to "get to heaven". John 4 and Galatians 2.20 make it clear if everybody on earth was believing correctly UPON the one time sacrifice, and walking in that faith....
you have no need to enter a building or location nor to say "the Kingdom is Lo Here or lo there", but instead is NIGH YOU even in your mouth.
Neither here in Samaria says Jesus, nor in Jerusalem shall people worship me...but those that worship Me shall worship in Spirit and Truth.
The pots and pans shall cry holy to the Lord
Surely as truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

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