Thursday 10 August 2017

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This is one of Kay Fairchild's most recent articles on Facebook, and I put some of my thoughts to Sylvia Pearce.

‎Chris Welch‎ to Sylvia Pearce
Just now ·
Kay Fairchild wrote this and I think Andre Rabe would be more or less here.
I am kind of here but I will put my comments afterward.
I Cor. 15:22 records: "For AS in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall (The word 'shall' infers that it 'exists'. in Greek It is #5409-5411 to bear or wear as clothing or a constant accompaniment; we wear/ bear the image) all be made alive." What this verse is conveying is that we thought we were in Adam, but always existed (wore/bore His image) in and as Christ. For example, if one were going to a costume party and dresses up as a character that they really are not in real life, we would say that they went AS a certain person. We would know that the person that they went AS is not who they are. How could we exist as two people? Jesus spoke a parable and said that there would be two women grinding at the mill, one would be taken and the other left. There would be two men in a bed, one would be taken and the other left. I recall hearing teaching many years ago that stated that we are no longer an old man (of course it was taught erroneously that we were an old man, but Jesus' crucifixion killed the old man), but it was taught that since the old man is dead we still have an old woman; meaning that we had a carnal mind. We have since learned that there is only one Mind, and that is the Mind of Christ. It may look at times that we have a carnal mind, but in reality it only appears that way from appearances when we act or think carnally. Scripture records over and over that we have the Mind of Christ. The old woman concept was only a false awareness. Thank God that false idea has been taken from our awareness/thinking as Jesus said in the parable. It was taken through the proper understanding. Then the old man being taken was the false awareness that we were in Adam, and Jesus went to the Cross to take us out of Adam and put us into Himself. When a person BELIEVES himself to be in Adam he will live out of a 'sense' of adamic life, because 'as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (ruled by) in his experience'. Jesus' going to the Cross, in fact His incarnation, His life, ministry, death, burial and resurrection REVEALED that we were eternally in Him from before time began (Eph. 1:4 & II Tim.1:9). When a reality is revealed we then can fully experience and walk in that which was always true of us. Heb. 9:12 states that His blood OBTAINED eternal redemption for us. The word 'obtained' in Greek means: To see, To perceive and To find (or to discover), that which is eternal, or was always true of us where redemption is concerned.
The Jews were the ones that believed that man was conceived in iniquity and born in sin, therefore David penned those words of himself; and religion has adopted it as the reality of all mankind. That which released sin, sickness, poverty and death into the world was not what Adam did, but was the universal belief in good and evil that man believed, apart from what Adam did. We had our minds conditioned from our parents and religion. We came here knowing all things in our spirit, but were conditioned mentally. That is what Col. 1:21 records; that we were alienated and enemies IN OUR MIND. Ezekiel said, 'don't say that the fathers ate the sour grapes and it set the children's teeth on edge'. In other words, do not say that we inherited a sin nature or Adamic identity from what Adam did. That doesn't even make any 'good sense' that God would allow what someone ELSE did, to cause us to inherit death. Dt. 24:16 records: "The fathers shall not be put to death for the children; neither the children be put to death for the fathers; EVERY MAN SHALL BE PUT TO DEATH FOR HIS OWN SIN." Ezek. 18: 19-20 records: "Yet say ye, why? doth not the son bear the iniquity of the father (in this case Adam)? When the son hath done that which is lawful and right, and hath kept all my statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live. THE SOUL THAT SINNETH SHALL DIE. The son shall NOT bear the iniquity of the father." The inference is that we did not inherit anything from what Adam did. Our own carnal awareness of sin which is mistaken identity, IS death.
Eccl. 7:29 records: "Lo, this only have I found, that God HATH made man UPRIGHT; but THEY have sought out many INVENTIONS." The word inventions means: To think and imagine vain imaginations. In Matt. 4:16 where it refers to the people who 'SAT in darkness', the word 'sat' means: TO SEAT ONE'S SELF. Adam didn't seat us there, we sat ourselves there by believing the lie about our identity.
Eph. 2:3 records: "Among whom also we ALL had our conversation in times past in THE LUSTS OF OUR FLESH, FULFILLING THE DESIRES OF THE FLESH (legalism) AND OF THE MIND; and were (Where?-- in our mind Col. 1:21) by nature the children of wrath, even as others." Rom. 5:19 records: "For AS by one man's disobedience many were made sinners (Where? IN THEIR MINDS according to Col. 1:21 and Eph. 2:3), so by the obedience of one shall (Meaning exists) many be made righteous." The words 'be made' infer realizing who we are-who we have been from eternity. So in other words, man believed himself to be AS one that he was not, while all along existing in/as Christ. Go figure!
My thinking goes something like this (Chris Welch)
The condition known as the world, the flesh and the devil which is a linked condition around the spirit of sin....
Daniel seems to be saying in his prophecy is that that condition, that Government, will be struck at its clay and iron feet, and the whole lot will come down.
Prophecies speak of the devil being driven off the earth.
I think its generally true that most union believers were largely evangelical in belief and like Brian Coatney and Roel Velema relate this with Jesus return.
Those of my generation felt the voice of the Holy Spirit stripping all that former belief system out mostly by the phrase in the Bible which says
Sit at my right hand UNTIL all your enemies are made your footstool....
which implies Jesus doesn't get let off the hook that easily and has to take His new Lordship position seriously, and do it all from the Throne room....
Giving Himself as it says in Ephesians as Head to the Church.
The Government is not (on earth at least) on the HEAD
it is upon His shoulders.
The traditions of man made this the Catholic church's heirarchical structure of rule in the earth. They firmly believe that their "Inquisitions", their secret orders military and religious, the CIA the FBI....all their religious wars against any "heresies" not submitted to them.....are God's rule in the earth. They are largely responsible for the slaughters in the earth either, solely or shared responsiblity. Much of the history of the Balkans comes out of their false belief system that they have the mind of Christ other people's not submitting to the Pope don't.
I say that to state they take seriously the fact that the church are involved. For me it is all an incredible Ishmael. A work of the flesh.
The Government shall be Upon His shoulders is taken I believe, though no human has told me, from the type of the mechanism by which the Ark was transported. Upon the shoulders of the Levitical priests.
Now that has become Romans 12.1 and intercession.
Christ is our first Lamb operator in the earth.
Then Paul is our greatest Biblical prototype, as well as the other apostles. One may call this
But to cut a long story short
Just as Goliath was no more and Israelites didnt have to do their daily line up.
just as the Hittites and Jesbusites and so on DID get driven from Canaan
so....Daniel says.....the whole of the Beast system is going tobe driven BY THE ROCK into oblivion.
Now imagine what Kay is writing about in such a scenario.
Imagine a world where
the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea
imagine a world where we know that there is only One sole source of living....
it's surely going to be more like what Kay is writing.
As our identity is spirit and not soul or thinking or feelings....
I believe Kay is wrong.
I believe certainly at present we NEED to be born again
we NEED to have our false identity at spirit level kicked out of us, we need to be born again from on high.
This doesn't make sin any more a real existence.
Satan's entire false delusion that he can be a god in his own right and run his own reality is totally bogus....well it's real...but it includes theft, lies and murder to try and cover tracks....
it's cobbled together
it's manipulated
it's clunky....
More and more as we see with a single eye we will see everything God does is totally alive and organic and develops out of itself....
everything the devil does is cobbled together like Frankenstein's monster
like Tussauds waxworks
it LOOKS real, it has the apparence of being real....
but its as dead as a door nail.
I think Kay is seeing the authentic as being from the beginning in God, but it's like she sees evil purely as wrong thinking.
Well you can easily get someone to change their wrong thinking
that 3 plus 14 plus 56 is not 79
but by demonstration 73.....
but as we all know engaging somebody about the independent self or some aspect of behaviour caused by it.....
you are entering a bear pit....
you really are engaging in Ephesians 6 spirit warfare....
it's not just whoop de doo changing your thinking.
It really is like third world war....and who knows may yet turn out to be what it's about......
Anyway my thoughts.
Kay's teachings and Andre's teachings are gathering pace , so they'd better be right or people are going to be disappointed if their newly built houses crash in storms.

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