Thursday 10 August 2017

What's so big about the Dark?

Just heard someone preaching on God Channel......saying if you see the Dark....that's observation....we must see the Light.
I really believe this is a secondlevel rally call to faith , to those who are discouraged.
But can you step up one level?

To the level where your spiritual and heart hearing is circumcised, feel and perceive Light and Dark intensely....without freaking out in terror.....
There was nothing good in the immediate future for Jesus in gethsemane...but he stared it down....he stared everything he saw down and sweated great drops of blood.
Actually Philippians says for the joy before Him He endured the Cross
despised the shame.
Those are the two main forces internal and external.
It's seeing the Dark as it is but seeing the greater God.
We know now from the Bible all manner of God coming through
Build it yourself...the Noah deliverance
Speak to it yourself the most common Moses technique
Walk round it....The Jericho technique
Losing your son and God NOT answering....David and his fast, then surprising everybody and dressing immediately and getting back on course straight after when God dint answer his prayer
The Jesus deliverance through relocation in Egypt
The Jesus deliverance walking through all his home town people as they tried to kill him
The case when James wasn't delivered....the first martyr
The case when Peter and then later Paul was delivered from jail with attending angels or not, but thunder....
Jesus said....don't fear him who have power over the body
Face terror down
In the Old testament Heth means terror. Thats the meaning of the Hittites....sons of terror.
Also don't give me that garbage about observable Darkness...
Thats not what we have to worry about....
it's the Darkness in the bushes that Gideons 300 were looking for
It's the truth about the conspiracies emanating out of Psalm 2 and the devils notion that he wants Jerusalem for himself.
Very very very few charismatics ever attended Barry Smith and Grant Jeffrey don't give me that rubbush about you being prepared.
God builds characters over their lifetime especially to warn the people of God and be prepared for utter rejection. David Wilkerson. Basilea Schlink.
Don't now try to tell you me were didn't want to hear a word of what God's servants were saying.
God prepares servants to feed the Word of Christ and He prepares those with natural answers and supplies, and He cares about our futures so much He sends servants in ahead of time.
Jews openly admit now that God sent in so many people warning Jews to get out of Germany. They have no excuse.
The only Armenians on the planet are those who heard the prophecy of the boy in the Pentecostal church and fled.
The Kaiser and the Turks killed all the rest in 1915.
We engage with reality as it is, not the fluffy thing we want it to be. The world hasn't really changed. The devil is the same devil....roaring around yes....but he will try to take power over where he can.

It's seeing the Dark as it is but seeing the greater God.

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