Tuesday 8 August 2017

Push Button Priesthood

Not what you think, this Facebook post. This is about the new energetic priesthood that works proactively to materialise the Kingdom
Paul's" set your mind not on the flesh for that is death set your mind on the Spirit for that is life and peace "
Madame Guyon's do not fight your conscious thinking just lay it gently in the back burner as you focus centrally on God His attributes and character, for the mind is like a serving butler having to learn it is not Lord of the house.
Me going on about the leftbrain frontal cortex.
School learning produces this incredibly authoratitive voice in newly broken registers.
Psychologists doctors scientists learned men of letters speak with incredible authority about " the usual things that occur"
We are swayed.
But all they are doing is quoting back to us facts about what usually works pretty much like clockwork
As we live from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil, according to an unwinding universe, according to the laws of sin and judgment, according to natural seasons and times and boundaries set in place.....
So while the schoolmaster is leading us to Christ, we know roughly what is expected, and we don't get too damaged by gravity, by momentum, by laws of cause and effect. So leftbrains give what they assume to be absolutely immutable laws....
Then comes karma or whatever the people call it
Acting in the laws of eternal supply
Give and it shall be given you
Fast/ don't eat in order to concentrate prayer and spirit
Prophesy and declare things by the Spirit
Get baptised in the Spirit
Gather as a church for a period of time in the genuine Name of Jesus.... and as Gerry Andersons Stingray programme announced
ACTION STATIONS!!!! Anything could happen and probably will in the next half hour
People getting straight in relationships as both sides come into intimacy with the Heavenly Father
Machinery just starting up again of its own accord ( read Mary Sisters Realities book Darmstadt Frankfurt
The Holy Spirit poured sovereignly over our teenage generation just about the time " these authoratitive leftbrain know it alls had announced in the World Council if Churches 1966 Congress, that with all likelihood Marxism would have taken over by 1990 and there would not be a church or Christianity.....
And right on cue in 1989 and 90, the whole of the Iron Curtain falls instead.
Very similar by the way to Voltaire's proud declaration through the Deist Move. "100 years from my death the Bible will cease to be read!!!"
100 years from Voltaires death to the day, Voltaires house was a Bible publishers!!!!!
But the five measuring senses don't do the Kingdom as it comes....
As it materialises...
For that you need to be born of the Spirit to see the Kingdom
You need to be baptised in the Spirit to operate the Kingdom
We are drivers
Press button operators
The posher phrase is kings and priests
We are a regenerated race of them.
Denominational people mostly aren't because they were never told you can experience being born again and being Spirit filled.
I was 12 years in a METHODIST church without hearing the gospel more than once from a travelling bunch from Cliff College.
But no the leftbrain can't handle give and it shall be given you, nor that the universe is set up for abundance and not death,
Nor can it handle
" whatsoever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall have already been loosed in heaven.
So what are you going to believe
rather a stiff jumped up over primped little shrivel of a leftbrain front cortex spoken through someone's lips like it's total truth....
Or the Person who set everything up, and even micromanaged the second temporary state of the law of sin and judgment, of a universe subject to vanity?

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