Sunday 27 August 2017

Explaining why the last phase is taking some time.

Lara Croft passed through an unimaginable series of graphics until finally being reinvented as a feisty every day look female that both men and women would feel happy working with, and not just hormonal young men .

Anybody ever play computer games?
Or platform games on the older consoles.
The idea is you have to complete one level before you have collected enough skills and equipment to even think about the next level.

So think about the Israelites leaving Egypt. Now it's one thing bringing forth one family prototype in three generations.... Abraham Isaac and Jacob....

But rolling the whole thing out among was it by then 2 million including kids?
That is quite another thing.
Are you all aware exactly how long the Israelites were in Egypt? 390 years was it? I know the exact no. Of years prophesied to Abraham was fulfilled to the day!!!!

There's a tendency in bless me Christianity to forget that God Meant those years.
And back in Genesis, Frank Viola has pointed out God meant Adam to be face to face with animals that all had male and female as he named them....
But errrrr..... where was his female????
That cry that went up in Adams soul WAS Meant.
The cry that went up in Rachel and Leah's hearts as each taunted the other was meant. And they produced 12 progenitors of tribes between them.
Samuels mum was MEANT to cry to the Lord over her barrenness
In Isaiah 54.... Israel or the church is meant to be crying over her barrenness!!

And this was the real birth of Israel the nation. The birth of their faith muscle.
The whole scenario was the womb, the necessary womb.

This is such an important understanding. The way the devil drills into our mind, all day long the Lord is being cursed for all the groaning and writhing of this current creation....
For all the things that go wrong....
For how hard sometimes basic processes are....

But this is all to squeeze us like toothpaste into the next stage.
See Romans 8.

Then, we get to the second stage, where it's not just a long protracted cry for deliverance, but after Passover and the Red Sea, much like our own Christian lives we enter into specific test after test after test.
This builds a very specific faith....
For God the I Am to manifest Himself according to whatever is needed.
But overall El Shaddai..... the supplier.

It's only 11 days journey.
11 days nothing!!! What takes the time is building faith on the insides sufficient to be able to takeover a whole Land..... up and running.... current....and take it over from giants.

The first generation never dealt with their bitterness ..... their capacity to see evil....
So they ruled themselves out when faced with Giants....
They just didn't go up when they were meant to go up.

So you see what I am really saying about the Feast of Tabernacles.... going up into our corporate Land....

Our generation when faced with this message, fresh out of the charismatic move in the mid 70s...... no way were we ready for the next phase. And we found our own level, refused all the people bringing the thirdlevel message in the late 70s.... and there our generation has stayed walking round praise mountain for an endless 40 years without actually engaging with the thirdlevel..... as described most articulately by Norman Grubb in the book Yes I Am
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Following on from what I wrote this morning......which has now magically reappeared....
I was.talking.of.Israel's history in terms of a computer game......Where is complete then there are the necessary begin coping with t he next step change.
Here's.another way to think ...think Kingdom materialising.
You remember, like the cloud of.rain that appeared.first " the size.of.a man's hand." to quote the description of.Elijah as he prayed.
Now think of dimensions.
First a singularity.....a dot
Then a line
Then a plane
Then three dimensions......a in 3D. have Abraham.Isaac.And.Jacob faithing in the concept of.Kingdom on earth
But died without ever seeing the city that comes.down.from above, as it says in Hebrews 11.
Then this single dimension of.the Kingdom.was.drawn not as.a dot, but now.a.full.fledged one.dimensional.line, as the rest of.Israel adopt the lifestyle.of the patriarchs.
Then eventually.Jesus.came. But there are.almost two Jesuses. There's the Jesus of.Nazareth Jesus.who.had an earthly ministry and who announced the Kingdom is at hand.
He.was taking the linear version of.the Kingdom and.yanking it kicking and.screaming in t o a.full two-dimensional longer linear but two.dimensions.....a plane.
Still not real life.though. Definitely on its way through ,because the midst in meetings.And.gatherings after Acts 2.
But Jesus isn't just the earthly Jesus. He sowed this form into the ground and.rose.again with a new.body and.a.New.form as the heavenly Jesus. In this way the Cross stands as the hinge point.
Jesus is.eternally the cornerstone of this.New Temple.
But guess what.....if.Abraham Isaac.And.Jacob be the people to bring in the nation their believing
And if.the nation of.Israel were bringing in the Messiah and the whole new thing of the Kingdom in two dimensions...
You've now.guessed what the task of.the supernatural born church is.....?????
To believe in, to faith in the final.dimensions. of.the Kingdom......the full three.dimensions by which the Kingdom manifests in real time on earth.
It takes a mature church to be tasked with birthing it.
Now.can you understand the resistance against attempts at killing it by religion......the temptation to get altogether here online.
But no, nothing less than a unified.psalm 133 church is being tasked with calling into being the cry of the ages
Lord. Thy Kingdom Come on earth as it is in heaven.
A.3D city in every locality on earth

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