Wednesday 9 August 2017

Why the perfect has come does not imply Cessationism.

A reply about why the perfect has come does not mean cessationism

The perfect has come refers both to the full nature of what Christ has completed,
Ofcourse the nature of our spirit DNA in being now literally
Hidden or Greek intertwined or layered with Christ in God. There are not two people an old or a new.
But fully come, like any materialisation process involves our bodies.
Just as it took Adam 900 years to die in the first place.
Paul fully expected resurrection from the dead. It was within his gospel.
Every bit of the New Testament is in alignment with the victory of the Cross.
But if en route you shortcircuit Gids work by suddenly declaring
Not by might not by power but by my Spirit says the Lord is an Old Testament scripture under the old covenant and now it's all about sitting and studying " the perfect has come " Bible.....
Well you will soon realise that you cannot match up verses like
I came to you in fear and trembling wanting to see only the power of God among you
Power as we know from repeated history after history, wave after wave, and the Bible itself in revelation and Paul's own conversion
The power hits a gathering and many if not all are falling to the floor too weak to stand.
In Revelation the Angel has to keep supporting John.
And the elders seem to have spent their whole time interceding and crying holy is the Lord and either bowing down or falling over.
When the power of God is moving as Jesus said, it is often manifesting as the Presence if God to heal....
It's like a wave. You pray for everybody and they get healed.
Similarly there can be waves of specific types of healing or deliverance as the spirits behind those conditions are confronted.
Or the worship can rise to staggering levels then declarations be made over families over wrongdoing.
We had years of one man terrorising the northern part of Britain. The Yorkshire Ripper then mocking the police by phoning them after killing yet one more. Obviously phone tapping wasn't what it is now.
But one incredible time if worship the Lord made it plain that this was the time so led us in a declaration that he would be stopped in his tracks.
I forget the details whether it had been 5 years 3 years or what but within hours or perhaps two days he was banged up in prison.
I have story after story of examples from the church I was in.
Things like Jesus praying and at that instant the centurions boy was healed in a totally different place.
The gospel is the power of God unto salvation.
God comes in power 1 John 2 to save us out of our sins impressing the Blood upon us
In the young man stage he leads us in the baptism of the Spirit and real world victories
As we enter the Father level via Romans 6 and 7 God brings us low to strip every last bit of Genesis 3 consciousness then His power raises us in all of our life here to be able to show forth the praises of God.
It's all real world power
without which we would genuinely be stuffed....

This is the gospel that we preach not just intellectual table tennis.

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