Thursday 22 February 2018

Flesh life manifestations :Overpolicing

One of the deeply ironic things about “flesh life””the independent self” “ living without Jesus “ what would Buddhists say? “ the over aggrandised soul”.....

Is actually in the realm of health itself.

It’s the same sort of “ over policing “ problem that Jesus had actually.

Firstly let’s look at health.
Practitioners of health using natural substances in or out of our culture may have been working decades
May have consistently treated queues worth of people with simple repeatable procedures
Let’s keep this simple, say treating nettle stings with dock leaves
( please understand I really mean cancers, severe deadly conditions inside and out, but this is Facebook and these words will be seen in America)
So for years these doctors have been healing people with nettle rashes,
But as soon as they reach the shores of America or write to be read in America
They have to use the “ May” word.

Now please understand there is no “ may” about it. For millennia people know that dock leaves do sort out the pain of nettle stings.
But because of the FDA anything with dried dock leaves and supplied in a pot off the shelf has to be done so in the realm of nutrition if it is to be sold and ( in this case eating dock leaves doesn’t sound good) and has to have the phrase
This is not intended as a medicine but may in certain cases help.

This is a lie on two fronts. The nutrition industry rises or falls on whether the products work.... well... other than ones you buy once... but many of those have buy back clauses...
They are entirely being sold on their efficacy to heal or prevent disease....
And it’s a lie on the part of the FDA, who let’s take an example, hemp, they are well aware of its efficaciousness, why do you think they took out a cancer patent on it in 2003?
So you could use it freely?
No. Not at all. So you couldn’t use it, and so they could keep you in the dark while they isolate the compounds and sell them under a completely different name Like say IQ170.
So two lies are going on just so Big Pharma can bully everyone else around.

Has Big Pharma done a published study on the cancer healing properties of “kale”?
According to medical doctor Michael Greger
No not ever.
But in the back rooms you can bet your doodle dandy that they have researched it and isolated the phytochemicals decades ago.
Will they submit that? Will they publish that it releases some of the most powerful immunity building chemicals known for staving off colds flus and bacterial infections?
Not on your nelly.

This is a case of over policing and here quite deliberately and nefariously.

I began this referring to our health as ironic.
Because overpolicing is exactly what allergies are. It’s when our own immune system wrongly ascribes danger to something that isn’t dangerous.

“ Fleshlife” is always doing this.
1. Mistakenly
2. Purposefully

MI6 and CIA know what they are doing. Their whole purpose for existence is to wage war by disinformation.
Right now the cleverest of graduates are being headhunted and offered absurd amounts of money for disinformation purposes. To invent new and totally misleading but believable lies.

Big Pharma do this
The tobacco industry do this .
In 1980 Phillip Morris deliberately employed people to quash all studies showing the categoric link between passive smoking and cancer.

The reason Jesus was never a real rabbi in the official setup was overpolicing.
There was a question of who he was. It was known Joseph was not his Dad. For the Jews Jesus was a bastard. Kabbalistic publications put this in books to this day.
Either that Jesus never existed when as has been refuted, there is better evidence for Jesus than Shakespeare.... or that he was fathered by some Roman soldier.

So this post is not to isolate health , it is to isolate how big and broadly encompassing in all forms of “ flesh life” overpolicing is.

Overpolicing is expending useless energy in a misdirected way which actually lets the real criminals pursue their actual crimes.

The best criminals of all are actually part of our system. They are the lawmakers of the FDA stopping people knowing about the readily available healing means so they can sell many of their highly questionable procedures at exhirbitant cost through a broken insurance industry that also has their members managing it.

The DEA is exactly the same when it comes to managing the drug trade routes while declaring they are closing them down.

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