Saturday 10 February 2018

Success : Attitude,Ethic,Character and Responsiblity

by Esther Gayfield
Success isn't about being the smartest or having the best education. It is about attitude and ethic, character and consistency. That is too much work for most people, unfortunately.

Yesterday I sat in a class taught by a company that trains in almost 5000 hotels around the world. I met the lady who created the training at the beginning of my career. I learned from her and applied everything to the best of my ability consistently. Doesn't mean I did it perfect, but it means I was always striving for improvement no matter how short we fell. I didn't do it perfect but our efforts made the difference and helped make me successful in my role. (That and applying wisdom from various other people as well). Despite the fact that she has grown her training to something that is in 5000 hotels, I cannot believe the people who sat there and had a negative attitude about it and many had the training but weren't using it. All of these people have the opportunity to be successful in this area because they are receiving training in something that helps control the largest hotel operating expenses and still they roll their eyes, make sarcastic comments and talk about why it won't work. Here I am, a VP at an ownership company, same age or younger than many of them and I know all the reasons why it did work. The training offered is now far more developed and refined than anything I received in my career. It is attitude and follow through that makes the difference.

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