Saturday 3 February 2018

The ailing Rheinhard

This is an angry post. Not against dear Rheinhard, just the current awful state of play in the socalled health industry. (From Facebook 3/2/2018)

Rheinhard Bonke, (evangelist whose organisation has seen 75 million converted in 40 years) in the right picture is more how he looked when he laid hands on all of us in Birmingham just before I began this blog in 2008. The picture on the left in Lagos this year is nearly unrecognisable.
I want to flag something up saints.
Rheinhard is of the generation that will believe for his own health, then at the very last resort go to doctors for treatment.
Sadly we are in a very peculiar time. With all our advancements we are so so seriously hindered by the disnformation that is in the health industry.
Chemo and radiation do NOT WORK. The health industry relies on them for earning big bucks, but as many of us can testify of our own friends and personal family....Chemo and radiation KILLED the people we loved. Or at the very least shared the task with cancer itself.
So we live at this very odd time where we who have tasted of heavenly power will to some extent be successful in seeing miracles....but when nothing has moved we go back to doctors and an industry that is plagued by a bottomline profit issue, even at the expense of health.
Even the pharmaceutical giants are not going to be able to hold off the onslaught of truth seekers everywhere and those who already are finding real cheap alternatives to these issues. But currently it is all too easy for us to lose some of our best people to an industry that quite frankly is not worthy of going anywhere near these men of God, and wrecking their lives with absolute ignorant therapies, that at best chase off symptoms for a few months and years, but are as much instrumental in the damage as cancerous tumours are.
I guarantee you, if Rheinhard had had his health problems in ten or twenty years time, he would still be preaching. People are destroying this man, not deliberately , but because the health industry is plagued by such rubbish disinformation.

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