Wednesday 21 February 2018

The New Creation is built differently

(Facebook Post today)

Yesterday’s revelation never got posted.
So maybe not everything gets to Facebook as it used to.
The Body is built by that which every joint supplies

Is a different way of working from the first creation

The first creation God formed and then we got into living from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil and purely moving things around by our five natural senses.

The new creation in Romans 10 starts by us “ supplying”
By believing in our heart by confessing with our lips and by it activating Gods salvation in us

( actually wasn’t so different with Abraham) his faith was accredited to him as righteousness

But this accounts for the crazy madcap way of training the 12 disciples

In university you study under professors and receive lots of knowledge and then this knowledge becomes your authority.

With Jesus, early on He sent them out proclaiming the Kingdom.
The Body is built by that which every joint supplies.
But I haven’t got anything Lord
Just like a pipe conveying water, we are instructed to begin by opening up our pipe and letting the Kingdom flow through from source.....

And by it somehow we grow, and the Kingdom is established in us too....

And accredited to us as righteousness

It accounts for the deluge in Acts 2.

How did the New Creation Church get established in one day....
Everybody was endued with power to begin speaking proclaiming , even if it wasn’t their own language.

That day the new Body was being joined from scratch by that which every joint supplies.

Amazing no?
Also helps you understand why the first two gates of Jerusalem are those two gates.

You become a sheep- the sheep gate

Then almost straight away you bring in more fish
The Fish Gate

Certainly was our experience. We barely knew anything but the four spiritual Laws verses, but we shared that didn’t we?

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