Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Fading Dream of Secularism

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Let me be clearer on my conversation with my Jewish customer. If a Jew can be moved at all by Christianity (and an unprecedented quantity have become Christians in 2 crusades this past year in Israel), then we know our Christianity is beginning to look like reality and not a religious theory that gets you out of jail free.Secularism is an alternate belief system that is presented to us as reality.It has no answer for the complex and beautiful Earth, and why everything has developed so well. It has no answer for who we really are as people...cont
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    • Chris Welch It has no answer for how so many people through all ages can have a relationship with the same Being called God, and be in a developing relationship such that everything we knew remains true, but each truth is unfolding in incredible depth and fulness. It has no answer for how a people could then originate from one person of faith, through to a people of faith, and be told specifically how long that people would be dwelling in Egypt before escaping with the most incredible of stories.In the same way, secularism just has no answer for how a Messiah could be predicted thousands of years beforehand, and that His Messiahship take the exact form predicted in this people's scriptures of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22., even when to this day the people themselves dont even make the connection.
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    • Chris Welch Secularism has no real answer for quantum physics, though anyone who is baptised in the Spirit, according to the sort of experience described in Acts 2, and who has discovered the reality of naming things by faith and calling them into being, knows this is more in keeping with real physics than the secular dream picture we have been living in for 200 years.
      Secularism as a faith is extremely shortsighted and in no way is able to encompass the broad range of life truths experienced researched and formulated by all the world's faiths and peoples. Christianity does not say everything about these other faiths is true, for they all contain many directly opposing beliefs. Muslims do not believe in reincarnation, Buddhists do. Only one religion can be right on this matter. But what we can confidently say is that all peoples and faiths have observed portions of the One Truth that in the Light of God, the One True God, become clear.

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    • Chris Welch Buddhism gives enlightenment on the difference between leftbrain thought, and interior monologue,prayer,contemplation,believing,calling things out of the unseen level into the seen.
The Muslim faith gives us glimpses in a rather formulaic way of what a Kingdom occupied by believing souls who take their faith into all areas of their life will look like....not individual faith, but the corporate experience of faith.The Muslim faith honours prophecies about the rise of an Antichrist, all of which fully concurs with Old and New Testament prophecies.
Aborigines Dreamtime beliefs and similar beliefs of Red Indian peoples and Northern Inuit peoples, tie in with the prophetic and supernatural practices of Christianity, though the claim of Christianity is the experience of the One True HolySpirit of God that prophets of the Jews had to do with. Secularism as a narrow myopic belief has nothing to say in any of these quarters, yet loudly proclaims itself through adherents such as Richard Dawkins as the only real truth, and sets itself proudly in the highest places in education,BBC ,the Western nations as if it is a fait accompli, there is no other possible way for the modern human.
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  • Chris Welch Secularism's main truth can be summed up like this.What exists now,can be measured in physical terms,can provide all the answers of our past present and future. Reality and quantum physics say that our external reality is entirely governed by our inner reality. Since a secularist has no belief in the full measure of man, and only believes in selective parts of his or her makeup, their "reality" makes approximate sense , since the Law of Greater reality states that we "get" what we believe for. If a combined set of people have been neutralised in their ability to exercise any faith whatsoever, their externals will always appear unchanging , dependable, and in full support of the secularist belief.
    Christianity and Judaism proclaims in the Proverbs that what a man fears (negative believing) shall befall him. Such a connection between interior and external is never made in the inferior world view of secularism. But you can never prove things otherwise, because the Law of belief states a person sees what he believes.
    Secularism so perfectly reflects its own 666 nature.
    It is locked in on itself by virtue of its padded cell quality. By excluding all exterior input from other parts of the self, it assumes the high , godlike status of opinion-maker, parameter measurer, observer, re-interpreter of reality, history twister and redesigner, domination expressed politically through fear and extortion, bullying,threatening all other visions than its own slender vision.
    It is truly the number of 6 (meaning man to Jews) taken to the triple limit of its own godlike belief, while in actuality only having the slenderest grasp on a narrow portion of reality.

    Chris Welch Modern secularism is designed and controlled , it says in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, by people who do not believe in it at all. Its major constructs like Das Kapital by Karl Marx were commissioned and paid for by Luciferians. English covens.Secularism is its own Truman Show, since its own real designers control it from outside its bubble.

    It was created quite deliberately by promoting unbelief in all Christian and Jewish theological colleges, and in financing the same in all high centres of learning to control the decision makers, politicians , movers and shakers of all subsequent generations. Some of the most significant changes were brought about in Harvard University which began as an evangelical institution.

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    Chris Welch Secularism's greatest coup has been to create a shield between Christianity and its true nemesis Luciferianism whose true goal is the promotion of this belief and the strategies for welcoming him into a newly rebuilt Temple at Jerusalem.All of us Christians have spent our entire faith life engaging with a smokeshield rather than the actual battle. This has been superb for the Luciferians, leaving them "carte blanche freedom" to redesign our greater existence as nations.

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