Tuesday 7 February 2012


What is wonderful about Jesus is He is in the process of proving the devil wrong. We do not know the exact details. We can read Job Chapter 1. Now if Job had heard chapter 1 first it'd have been easier!!!
Jesus did whisper something to Paul in Ephesians3:10"so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.". Jesus LET the Church, His precious possession fall into the Earth and die. He EVEN let the Muslim empire spring up in the interim. Then the first shoots of His real church, raised up by revelation alone started again in the late 1400s.

So we came in to what we thought was a complete message through Billy Graham of forgiveness of sins, and knowing Jesus within us, but we keep seeing, no, this was just the vestibule of the Tabernacle in the heavens.
This is barely front doorbell.
And all the time Jesus is grinning broadly with pride.
For we see failures, misunderstandings, fallouts in churches ,families,nations.....but He sees something incredible.

He sees a priesthood being raised up, here a verse, there a verse.Here some Light there some Light. What is to us hundreds of years, and us personally as decades.....He just looks right through it.
Because it IS a MIRACLE.
It began with Peter's first confession.
But you...you...you are the Son of God!
Blessed are you Peter,for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you ...and on this Petrus/ Rock I will build my Church.

What is the ROCK?
The fact that Jesus is the Rock, which He is. Maybe.
The fact that Peter has had a revelation.Perhaps this is closer.

OR PERHAPS it is the Revelation that Jesus is the Son of God on which the whole thingwill be built,but more than that
that FLESH and BLOOD has not revealed this.

Now we're ticking Jesus thinks. He whispers to the Father. "You know, I think we can pull this off."

Well when Satan built something he had to manipulate, cajole, lie,get into the whole scene himself as a snake. Tell lies about God. Spin a yarn about being independent. Spin a yarn about being God....and create this enormous ramshackle house in the earth that has to be pyramid shaped, or it will fall down. A building without it's own life. Where people have to be amused by Madonna dressing up as him, cavorting around with symbols that speak of him, and pictures that speak of him, and music that has to rise and fall like some incantation that speaks of him.

In short...the people themselves don't matter. They are impersonal bricks in his pyramid.

But Jesus looks instead at His building that builds itself. Doesnt have to be pyramid, can be polomint shaped. Or shaped like an emu.
Built entirely by revelation.
Built entirely by personal one to one revelation....even if the Word is initially spoken through another. It is the Personal revelation, uncovering within a person  the Person that is Jesus, manifested through all that person is, and could ever be.

That's why Jesus nearly fell over backwards with joy. "Now we're rocking!"
"Father, THIS IS THE MELCHIZEDEK ORDER! THIS is the thing that the Gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST."

It's not run by flesh and blood. It's run by ME, in every single one of them. IN UNION WITH THEM AS THEM.

This is the manifold wisdom of God made known in the church to principlalities and powers.
LOOK OUT Principalities and powers! The clock just started ticking!

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