Friday 3 February 2012

Letter to Morris and Theresa Cerullo

In Reply to
2012 Legacy Project

Dear Morris and Theresa
How can I ever thankyou for what you have done for the Kingdom. I learned so much through the schools of ministry.

I am however in something bigger now, that you were the John the Baptist ministry for. Imagine Paul Trulin’s message taken to the “nth” degree. Christ in us as us.

This is the 3rd Level that is written about in 1 John 2 :12 ff
1.Children level. Know about the precious Blood for forgiveness
2. The young man level... Those who have overcome the devil as it says in Revelation standing on their Word of Testimony
3. Fathers. Those who know Him from the beginning .

3rd level Christianity has been with us since Acts 2.

Individuals have always known this level. But now at the end of time God is birthing a whole corporate version which is the actual manifestation of what people have prayed for for 2000 years: Thy Kingdom Come

I know you had Ern down in SanDiego in 1979. Well Ern Baxter, and particularly “Thy Kingdom Come “ message in Kansas City Shepherd’s Conference 1975 was the word of promise, but now is its time for actualization.

Like Jesus’ days in the workshop for 30 years, the third level message looks very boring to Pentecostal ministries like yourself, but like Jesus we will wipe the floor with anything God has ever done in your ministry. Why, because we are better than you?

Was St Peter better than John the Baptist? No. It’s just the message is better.

It’s what Paul Trulin would have been preaching by now in your schools of ministry had he still been alive. (Thankyou so much for being so openhearted as to have such a wide range of ministry at your schools by the way. You were a real precursor to what God is doing now.)

Love Chris Welch

PS I did pay Portsmouth council for all your flyers floating around the city....never thought the wind would cause that damage! It was one of your quick adhoc meetings in Portsmouth Guildhall. Loved the way the local musicians were having trouble getting the meeting going, and you graciously stepped up to the mike and sang something simple about the blood of Jesus or something and the Presence of God came down. It’s fun watching these things! Ed Miller (of the Argentine Awakening) used to do it with us in the late 70s when we were struggling!

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