Sunday 12 February 2012

The One Valentine, and bleeding into One

 Joan Reilly this weekend: 
The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes has turned my attention from the One Lover I’ve been seeking since the beginning of time. 
My Creator. 
I found that He has desired me above anything I could ever imagine or create in my own mind.
I now know that He is passionately and madly in love with me and His original intent was to meet my every need. He has always wanted a close, loving, comforting and intimate relationship with me, His created being he made in his very own image.

He wanted not only to talk with me in the cool of the day, He wanted to make passionate love to me and wanted me to be His and His alone.
He wasn’t willing to share my affections with anyone else. He wanted my undivided attention. 
He wanted to be on my mind day and night. 
Wanting Him only, desiring Him and no one else. 
He wanted my heart to beat a little faster every time He walked into a room…every time He came to mind. He wanted to be my True Love forever fulfilling every longing throughout all of Eternity.

Now that the Son has made me free;
free indeed, I have more love, acceptance, appreciation, adoration and intimacy than I ever bargained for. 
He has given me All that I will ever need or desire.
He has given me His very life, Galatians 2:20. 
In me, through me…
Living, Moving and having His being.
Him In me, I in Him and He in the Father.
I Am His vessel,
His branch, 
His temple, 
His home. 
And He is mine. 
I am His and He is mine.
He gave Himself for me.
He is the object of my adoration and all of my desires.
He is my All in All.

 Godfrey Birtill Demo :Two Thousand Years Ago We Bled Into One

Chris Welch
‎35-40 years ago we spent hours singing of our unity....first in they'll know we are one by our love...which ironically became a big lawsuit over songrights. We sang Dave Bilbrough's songs about being built into a Temple,and the housechurch move in the UK split in two down the middle. Our Argentinian churches had their own songs of simplicity and love about being One Body,many of which I wrote,before they threw me out. Why do we still proclaim Ephesians truth ? Because it's true. 2000 years ago we did bleed into one. But Jesus never said the Unity of the faith was the same as Unity of the Spirit. Real unity has a different foundation. For real Unity each individual has to know Unity at their spirit centre...they have to know "I have is nolonger I that live". We really did and do bleed into ONE PERSON.

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Teresa Dennis Couldn"t express it better than that Chris Welch...thanks :)

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